Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Holi!!

Yesterday while searching for Holi pictures, I came across the most amazing picture. It seemed to be ordinary in the first glimpse. In the picture one couple was trying to color each other. The girl in the picture was smiling and she was busy in coloring her beloved. Her face was slightly tilted away towards left giving the feel of shyness. Both hands on the face of her boyfriend’s face trying to color him so well that not only his face but his soul also get colored. The guy (like a typical boy) had a mixed expression of eagerness and irritation. Girls have this habit of rubbing colors again and again to their loved ones while boys are more interested in other girls. After all your girl friend/wife will always be there for you, holi is the occasion which can be utilized. “Burana mano holi hai”. Ahh! I like this festival.

Anyway, let’s come back to that picture. So what was so special about it? Both the people involved in this picture were blind. They can’t even see the colors. God in His own wisdom has not given them what we called is the most wonderful thing… SIGHT. But instead He has given the .. SPIRIT. How unlucky we would we if we lack this jest. That picture made my day and so I decided to share it with you fine people. May this festival bring out all the colors for you. I have borrowed the seven colors from rainbow but the most important color is love and you have to find it within yourself.


Holi song for all of you...

"mere rang me rangne wali.. pari ho ya ho..pario ki rani"