Monday, September 24, 2007

Some Guy I know

Everyone is special in his own way. But then there is something called general opinion. Fortunately or unfortunately, I met a lot of above normal people. To name a few:

Praveen: who can give complex to even his superiors/seniors

Avinash: everyone wants to be with you and even want to be like you.

Srinivas: one of the most popular characters of IIT Kharagpur

Biswadeep: put him in any group and he will be accepted as most responsible in the lot

Sunasir: cracked CAT without studying

Anurag: quizzing wizard and not aware of his own potential

Abhishek: silent assassin

Debprotim: industrial department stud

Saurabh: became famous in his final year at IIT Kharagpur and now recognized stud.

Rohit: Genius

Joydeep: Happy go lucky. His lady luck is too strong.

Niladri: Don't ever study with him.He will score decently and you will fail.

Shahid: Engineer by destiny artist by choice

Santa: Awarded medal from Indian Mining Society for his 'outstanding contribution to mining industry' plus he can beat me in nfs 5.

Vinay: who needs to be intelligent when you look so great... just kidding.. he is intelligent too


Well, it is not important to write all the names (anyway these names don’t require my recognition or credit in my blog). And also they are not special because they are my friends. But leave them. Stories are also always woven, songs are always sung for extra-ordinary people. In all these story of common man is left behind probably because we all know it too well.

But today’s tale is about a simple guy, some guy I know. I spent my four year with him, 4 long years. I know him too well. He can be read easily like an open book. He bugs everyone a lot even for his small decisions.

“Kya jee yeh thik rahega?”.. his very typical dialog … “HAAN BABA… THEEK RAHEGA”… used to be my nth response.

But what he lacks elsewhere, he makes it up by his immense zeal. Whatever he wants he eventually get it. Not because he is lucky but because he will keep trying for it for it.

His enthusiasm is unparalleled. Very recently he fell in love. Someone built Taj for his beloved what does he do? What makes his love story so special? Nothing!!

Once a monthly recharge of Rs 300 was enough to cover his mobile bills but now he requires a recharge of 300 every alternate day. So he talks a lot with his girl, must be good in talking with girls. No! He is a very shy person and all credit goes to that girl who tolerate him (yes in the beginning it is irritating but then you get used and he is addictive). One day he was talking with her and he thought he should meet her. That evening, he set to Jabalpur (1313 km from Bangalore) without any preplan and reservation to propose her. He spent less than 10 hrs with her there. Funny guy. Is the same person who used to be confused even on smallest decision? Probably this is love. I give lectures to others on love but he just awed me.

So friends! Here I present Amit Anand, his simplicity is his specialty. And for this Amit Anand, today I, legendary and ‘mahan’ Bhav bow in front of you.

BTW, he plays flute. Check my orkut video or this link.

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