Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Independence Day

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We celebrated another year of independence last week. Many were less enthusiastic this year because it was Saturday. Some, who have 6 days a week, still have reason to be happy for. Nevertheless, 15th Aug is the most important day for India because freedom has come after paying a heavy price.

We, I and my friends were thinking, how we never do anything for our mother nation. True.
Why? Not certain. There are many reasons which can be cited, why even a responsible and law abiding citizen of India, does so little for his/her country. However convincing they may sound, I know that, Love will find its way; everything else will find an excuse.

So many leaders, movies, activist etc try to motivate the general masses for coming forward, to share responsibility in building up the nation. I was wondering, why and where they fail?
Imagine an army in a battle field. Commander of this army, who happens to be a man of great stature and a very vibrant orator, is making a speech how the soldiers must fight for their nation. At this very moment, in the last row, feeble looking foot soldier is trying to sneak out of his rank without being seen. In this example, one powerful man is trying to motivate mass by his words and other hand an ordinary man is setting an example by his action. He is not even trying to motivate others. Still, many will follow him. Action speaks louder than words.

I hope we get enough good examples to follow this year. I want to end this with a prayer which we used to sing in class I-II,
“Humko man ki shakti dena, man vijay kare,
Dusro ke jai se pehle, khud ko jay kare.”

[God, give us mental strength to win ourselves].