Tuesday, November 03, 2009


She must be here any moment now. Dhruv is planning a surprise for Richa. Actually, not a surprise. She forced him to plan a surprise. She granted him 48 hours, Monday and Tuesday. Generous! He wanted to do something for her for a long time but it never happened. He was having a rough time at work, with project deadlines and other engagements. This time, he was having client visit on Monday, but she did not listen. Now, this is one chance, he has to impress her.

We want to do something perfect and like it happens, nothing seems perfect so we just keep postponing. We fear to take chances. It is true; nothing is perfect unless you love it. ‘She may not like it but it is better than nothing, and who knows it may turn to be perfect.’

As usual, he did not do much on Monday, except for planning. Today, somehow, he managed to leave office at 7 and bought her favorite ‘Kababs’ way back to his apartment. His maid ditched him today, so he had to do the cleaning himself. He thought of many things but in the end he settled for tried and tested way; flowers, food, ice-cream and a small gift. He had a plan. First, the flowers then they sit down and talk in the balcony, then dinner and ice-cream and finally the gift. Cliché, but trustworthy.
(He requested his friend to get ice-cream and a bouquet but she did not need to know this. This is what friends are for.).

'What he must be doing? He was in office till 7. Hopefully, everything went well in his office. He was really busy. May be I overdid it. I just wanted to make him realize that there is more in life than work. Life doesn’t mean living only in weekends. We start working in order to make a living but gradually the work becomes our life.'
Richa was thinking on her way to Dhruv’s apartment. She had her expectation set to lowest level. She did not intend him to do anything fancy for her. Anything he will do will impress her.

Oops, I forgot to put those Kababs in microwave. He hurried to kitchen. He was enjoying the moment.

May be next time, I will plan something better. He was slightly nervous only. He checked. Everything was in place. One question remains ‘Whether she will like it?’.