Saturday, September 24, 2005

Jara hat ke -2 :Nature or Human

I like watching Sci-fi movies and sometime they are thought provoking. Artificial intelligence is much verbalized topic nowadays in any Sci-fi movie and in “technological high society”. Ultimate aim of scientists and technologist is to make a complex and intelligent system such as us (human beings). How much time it will take is just an estimate. Anyway, robot companies are try to make robots that will be able to challenge the football world champions and for this they are setting a target of 2050 A.D. Kinematics and dynamics of robots (especially legged robot) is very complex in nature and so this target if achieved will be milestone in development of automated system. But here I want to talk about Artificial Humanoid.

 Some day robots will be as intelligent as human beings. Some of the recent developments like blind man driving a car, cloning etc assure us that someday it will be possible. Some day human will be able to create life and intelligent systems. But still there are many things which show how inefficient we are. Human eye lens (one) can act as both concave and convex lens. Humans are still to manufacture that kind of lens and it is just a simple lens. Human body is full of such miracles. Does that prove that nature is better creator than us?

Many of us think that man will never be able to compete with nature. For those people I have some stats. Life first appeared on earth about 3.6 billion years ago and first man appeared on earth not more than 500,000 years ago. That means nature took around 3.6 billions years to create and perfect complex system like human beings. Human have just started. Give them a fair chance and I am sure they will be able to make much better specimen in much shorter period of time. The main problem is artificial intelligence. We can think about abstract things, even we don’t have any prior information about it. Like if I force someone to describe what is SWEGMA@#235 and where it is, he will be able to tell me something about it. He might be wrong but this is something which robots and even super computers will not be able to do. But someday man will bestow this power to machines and then what will be its consequences. Will man will be able to control his ultimate creation or the history will be repeated once again. Nature gave power of intelligence to man and lost control of it. Will the same thing be repeated once again in future? Well, some other time….

Monday, September 12, 2005

Illusion in a dream

Now this happened last Tuesday. I had a test that day from 7.30 am. I tried to read in the night but I was not able to concentrate. So I decided to sleep at that time (2 am) and I thought I will read in the morning. I set an alarm of 5.20 am. Next thing which happened to me in the morning was, I woke up with the screaming noise of the alarm. I rubbed my eyes and tried to see the time on the clock which was at that time 3 meters away from me. It seemed to me like 7 am. I pressed the spacebar (to stop the alarm) and rushed to bathroom with my brush and paste. I was a little frustrated with myself as now I won’t be able to study and also the fact that I got up late because I was having a nice dream. The day was cooler and after brushing when I returned, I again saw the time. It was 6 am only. I felt better now as I had atleast 1 hour to study (something atleast!!). Now I started thinking about my dream. It was a very nice and a very very weird dream… and I was doubtful that whether I will be able to remember it till 11.30 am. So I decided to write about my dream in brief first. Lolz!! And I wrote about my dream till 6.25 am and then only I started studying for my test. Now don’t ask me about that test but here is the dream. :p This all happened in my dream.

I was sitting in my room. The room was bigger than the rooms we have in iit. There were 3 other people in the room. My friend (I don’t know which one) and a noisy couple (I don’t know what the hell they were doing in my room). Room set-up was like a small common room with only difference that I had my bed in the room in the corner. Now you all know in dreams location changes very arbitrarily. So don’t mind the minor changes which will happen now n then. The boy (couple) was trying to impress his gf by his foolish tales and the girl seemed to be totally impressed and lost in his eyes. The boy told her that he could stop the fan (at full speed) with his bare hands. And the girl's expression was like “WOW”. Irritated by his cheeto-chat, I challenged the boy to prove his words. Now the boy’s expression changed….and he gave me a totally frigid look and ignored me. But I insisted and this lead to an argument and since that was my room I made them to leave my room. I also threatened him that I will complain to DOSA that he is meeting with his gf in my room. At this time, one tall girl, well-dressed entered the room. She was beautiful and she was wearing black jeans and yellow stripped color top(probably, you can never be sure about the colors in your dreams). Her face looked familiar to me and I tried to recall who she was. She was drunk and she looked completely tired. She came and sat down on my bed as the only two chairs were occupied by us. After some deep thinking I was able to recollect who she was. She used to live near our hostel and during my first year’s summer vacation, I came to know her. She used to play with the small kids in the garden of our hostel. We sometimes used to have small conversations. (Nothing like this ever happened in reality and I stayed full time at home during my first year summer vacation). So this whole story was made up in my dream. I then realized that there could be flashback scenes in dreams too. Whatever!, back then that girl tried a suicide attempt (I don’t know the reason and certainly I was not the reason…!!!:P) and so her parents sent her to some other place so that she felt better. Flash back ends here. Now she was totally drunk and was not able to answer. I asked her many times, why she was here but she only mumbled in reply which was not understandable. It was dark outside so I decided to let her sleep there only and decided to question her the dayafter about the whys hows and whats. I had difficulty in recalling who she was…but she seemed to remember me. Anyway at this moment we heard some noises outside and my friend (yes, my friend was still in the room ;)) went outside to have a look. He entered immediately and looked scared. He then told me that DOSA was checking every room ( no he was not looking for that girl, it was just a sudden inspection, my bad luck!). Now we both were scared. If DOSA happened to check my room and if he saw some drunk girl in my room u all know what would happen. (Yeah ! for nonkgpians DOSA= Dean of student affairs). I started praying that somehow DOSA misses our wing. But my friend who had returned with more news told me that he was checking each and every room and there were a lot of professors with him. I shook that girl but she was in deep sleep. Hurriedly I picked her and was going to take her outside the room without thinking anything. My friend screamed what was I doing and I realized yes I couldn’t leave her outside. I put her back on the bed but I was totally freaked out. I started thinking about the alternatives. I thought that I will put lock on door and will stay inside. But this inspection was a serious one and this was not going to help. I then thought that I will put the girl in the balcony (we had a very small balcony in our rooms). Yes at this time my dream’s room has shrunk back to the actual size of my real room. But then my friend told me what if they checked the balcony too. Then I thought that I will put that girl under my bed but still it wasn't a very good idea. Then I thought of a better plan. I let her sleep on my bed but pushed her to the extreme side of it. Then I put some matching colored cloths and bed sheets over her. The girl was slim and just by hiding her feet and hands and head she resembled totally like a pile of clothes. After sometime DOSA knocked the door and the door was opened so he entered. I was acting that I was watching a movie on the computer with my friend. There were 2 other proffs. They walked through the whole length of my room and peeked in to the balcony. Meanwhile DOSA was talking gently with us. He was telling us this was a routine inspection and told me son that your room is a total mess…webs on walls, clothes on bed, tooth brush on the UPS..etc etc. I somehow faked a smile. He left my room and I sighed in relief and thanked god that we are saved. Phew!!. Now it was late. My friend told me that he was leaving and he left. I started thinking, what I should do next. Whether I should stay awake and watch movies and .... her, sleeping the whole night or should I just go and sleep on the other side. In this dual state of mind I came out of my room. There were a lot of people out in the corridor. There was confusion among all about this sudden inspection. One fat man was fighting with an elderly woman (probably his wife). By seeing all this I was totally confused. I began to think that I don’t know any people around here and married people (fat man and the elderly lady) could not stay in my hostel. It was not logical at all. And then I started thinking I had been living in this hostel for 4 years and never ever this kind of inspection occurred. It seemed all illogical to me. I tried to clear my mind and then I realized that …OH!! All these people and this inspection was an illusion and when I thought of this…everyone started to disappear (old and elderly woman too). I gave a big sigh and now I was convinced that no such inspection had occurred in the first place so I was totally safe. At this time, I was returning to my room, thinking about that girl and whether I should sleep or not. Suddenly, this thought clashed with my logic. I started thinking if the inspection and all these people were an illusion then it was possible that this girl was also an illusion because why would a “drunk girl” whom I didn’t know well should take refuge in my room. At this moment I was at my door and then I entered the room only to see my bed empty. I just laughed at myself. Now it was late and since there was no girl in the bed so I went to my bed to sleep (now there was no confusion). Slowly I was falling asleep and I was thinking what this illusion was. From some remote place I was able to hear a low screaming noise.

This dream looked totally real to me when I was experiencing it. So I wrote this in detail….isiliye thoda lamba ho gaya. I will restrain myself from making longer posts in future

Saturday, September 10, 2005

हिन्दी दिवस

आजकल हिन्दी भाषा के घटते प्रभाव को ध्यान मे रख कर सितम्बर के इस माह मे हिन्दी दिवस, हिन्दी सप्ताह, हिन्दी पखवारा या हिन्दी माह का आयोजन किया जा रहा है। मैने भी इस आवसर का लाभ उठाने की सोची। वैसे भी किसी आयोजन का मजा लेने के लिये उसके रन्ग मे रन्गना ही परता है।इसीलिए आज हिन्दी सम्बधित बाते ही करन्गे। मेरी हिन्दी दसवीं तक ठीकठाक हुआ करती थी। उसके बाद हिन्दी लिखने की कभी कोई खास जरूरत ही नही पङी। इसका असर ये हुआ कि हिन्दी पढने, बोलने और समझने मे तो दिक्कत नहीं होती है मगर लिखने मे....ः(। यह हाल मुझ अकेले की नहीं है ये बात भी मै जानता हूँ। एक दिन जब मैंने "मैं जा रहा हूँ" लिखना चाहा तो मैंने देखा की अनजाने मे मैंने “Main Jaa Raha hu” लिख दिया था। सारा कसूर चैटिंग और ई-मेल का है। हाँ, एक बात तो मैं बताना ही भूल गया ईस सेमेस्टर में मूझे हिन्दी मिली हैं। (सर, देवनागरी के स्थान पर अंग्रेजी वर्णमाला का प्रयोग करने दे)।
ईस तथ्य को नकारा नहीं जा सकता की हिन्दी की लोकप्रियता घट रही है। इसके कई कारण है। प्रमुखतः -
1. अंग्रेजी भाषा की बढती जरूरत।
2. कुछ लोग तो बस दिखावे के लिये भी अंग्रेजी का प्रयोग करते हैं।
3. बचपन से मैने देखा है की, हिन्दी में हमेशा आध्यात्म वाली कविताये ही रहती है। वहीं रहीम, तुलसी के दोहे.. । अभी भी हमे यहीं सब पढा रहे है... ः(। अभी तो मधुशाला पढा देते, सर!
4. बोलीवुड की चलचित्रो का गिरता असर और होलीवुड का आगमन।

सभी को इस बात का ख्याल रखना चाहिये की वो हिन्दी बोलते और लिखते रहे वरना भूल जाने का खतरा है। अगर आपको लगता है की आपकी हिन्दी अच्छी है तो आप इसे आजमाये। इन शब्दो के लिये उचित शब्द(हिन्दी) बताये

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Jara hat ke -1

Inspired from somewhere…source unknown.

I was not busy …just lack of ideas and words and courage (for this blog I need some courage too :P) took me soo long to get my third blog. And also my life is a little mess and so is my room. Now both are in better condition. Well my kritik said, u should improve your beginning, so I am just starting ….

This entire animal kingdom including homo sapiens are divided in two groups i.e. MALE and FEMALE. In case of human beings girls, women, ladies (females) are considered as the fairer sex. I hold the same view. I find girls more attractive and beautiful and cuter than boys (Naturally!!). I don’t know what girls think. For a change lets take a look on other species of the animal kingdom. There are many species and in some species the physical difference between male and females is prominent. Looking the attributes of male and female, it seems Nature has gifted them equally. Female has got the wonderful ability of parturition, and males are gifted with other physical attributes, like strength, beauty etc. Now here comes the catch. In general (I don’t know about each and every species) males are more attractive than females. For example, peacock (male) has the beautiful feathers a wonderful bluish body while the peahen (female) has a dull brownish body and is also featherless. Male cuckoo can only sing. Cock has crown on its head. Lion has the beautiful mane. Male sparrow has the black coat. And there are countless examples (if any one of you know about any species in which female is more attractive then do write that in comments please). Now the obvious question is why this universal rule of Nature was not followed in case of human beings. Human beings may be exception. After all every rule has an exception (this is a rule too and so there must be an exception of this one also :P). Or there is something else. From the recent past, our society has been patriarchal in nature. Males were the rulers. Human beings are smarter than the rest of the animals. So it need more entertainment. Now the kings or the rulers need entertainment. They had poets singers etc in their services. Poets, singers use to write about the beauty of woman because that would please the king. Gradually in poems and songs this philosophy gets stronger that females are the symbol of beauty. Slowly and slowly this impression become deep rooted. Now everyone think females are the symbol of beauty (I change my desktop wallpaper everyday and most of the times these are pictures of actresses or sports-women). This can be the reason for our consideration. For confirmation we have to wait for Martians. (jadoo se puchha chahiye tha hrithik ko :P).

Here I am not trying to make any point. When I came across this idea, I was fascinated (because it was different). So I wanted to tell, or rather share this idea with you all and just have a reaction. For some this idea might not be new and some might not like this idea at all. I leave all this to you. Please comments and let me know how you all feel about this idea. Lastly, I want to say that beauty is not an attribute of some object, rather it is the specialty of the eyes.