Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Market Buzz

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Last Sunday I went to market. I hardly go for shopping because I am too lazy. But market is always fun. Forget the new stuffs, lots of girl come there [unka to yahi favorite kaam hai], plus there are many interesting people there. “Thou shall listen”… and you will get to hear some unbelievable things. Here is some market buzz for you:

#A group of people (age grp 30-40) talking … (lets call them a b c d…)

A: “nitish jee ke ane se bhi koi fayada nahi hua. Power cut bahut jyada ho raha hai. Garmi ke kya hoga”.

B: (you can call him Mr know all….. why!! You will understand it soon). “nhi garmi me line itna nahi katega” (kyu bhai tumko kaise pata???) (btw line katna=power cut).

C: “chaliye fir thik hai…warna garmi me halat kharab ho jayega bhai”

B: “garmi bhi hum log hi badha rahe hai na”

D: “ha pradushan se”

B: “wooh sab to hai hi… aur ushke sath sath hum log rocket bhi itna chhor rahe hai” (now achanak se rocket ne kya kar dia!!)

A,C,D: (almost in similar tone) “kaise…. Usase kya hota hai” ( I was relieved to know that I am not the only person who was surprised )

B: (with a pleased look, he was expecting this) “dekhiye rocket jo jata hai na to ozone layer… naam to sune hai na ozone layer ka, ushme ched ho jata hai rocket se” (Ayeeinn!!!) “fir yeh ozone gas banana me bahut time lagta hai… aur us ched me se suraj ki ghatak keerne dharti pe pahuch jati hai… jisase aur tap paida ho jata hai” (tap=heat).

( great so suddenly manmade oraganohalogen compounds become totally innocent??).

D: (achanak se) “isiliye sunte hai amrika me ched bada hai”

B: “haan”

B: “waise baat nikli hai to hum ek aur baat batate hai aapko, aajkal suraj ki roshni se log jawan ho rahe hai. Shubah suraj ki roshni bahut achhi hoti hai.”

A: (interrupting) “ha yeh to hum bhi aaj news me dekh rahe the. Kuch log sun clud banaye….”

B: “are sun club nahi solar club jee”

C,D laughs. B joins them.

(I interrupt… here. I saw this news too . These media persons can do anything for making and selling news. It is true there is a solar club where people are watching sun in the morning and they claim this is giving them positive energy, but they are showing it with caption “ek admi jo 63 shal se khaye bina zinda hai”. Though nothing like this was there in the detailed report but they also know if the caption is flashy it sells. Lets go back to conversation)

B: “aur wooh admi 63 saal se khaye bina zinda hai” ( yes why not… he got chlorophyll in his blood).

C, D,A: “are yeh sab tv pe bolta hai… aisa kaise ho sakta hai …. To kal se solar panel ki jagah hum hi let jaate hai chat pe. Aisa nahi ho sakta aap hi sochiye” (they are right… kuchh to socho)

B: “are aap jante kya hai HUMAN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY ke bare me” (wait… human anatomy. The person who thinks ozone layer me whole rocket ke karan is actually pronouncing these words. You should not underestimate anyone)

ACD “ka bole…”

B: “are manushya ke sareer ki sanranchna ko human anatomy kehte hai. Per paudha kaise suraj ki roshni se khana banata hai. Waise hi unka bhi kuchh hoga aur dekhiye abhyash se sab sambhav hai. Baba ramdev ko hi ab le lijiye (for you info, camp of baba ramdev was going in patna at that time). Unka 5 saal ki ayu me paralysis hua tha. Abhi poore bharat ko wooh swasthya ka raaj bata rahe hai… blah blah” (finally he convinced ACD).

One thing leading to other, finally they came to MISS INDIA COMPETITION. In this topic everyone was having the full knowledge.

A: “haa kal dekh rahe the” (good who won???)

C: “delhi hi koi larki thi” (good so you people don’t remember the name. dekhe hi bus kya?)

B: “Ab yeh sab dekhiye paschatya sabhyata ka nateeza hai aur yeh sab galat hai”

D: (almost at same time) “are karan johar bhi aya tha judge ban ke”

B: “are film walo ka yahi kaam hai… fardeen khan bhi tha” ( yahi baat hai… we know it is wrong still we all watch it…. no no I don’t think it is wrong.) “blah blah blah..”.

After this, there was some discussion on regular politics and mobile services (B had knowledge about everything). You will get many people like them. They are everywhere. They are respected in their group and they are entertaining. I would remember this person for quite sometime.

Friday, March 24, 2006


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I have to write eight things i desire for my soulmate. According to me soulmates are are lovers who are twin souls or like a part of you—your other half. They are two people created for and with each other in mind. Unless they are together, they will always feel empty even in another relationship. Although women often discredit men by saying they only have one thing on their mind, but this fact is over-rated and over hyped.
Just for fact,there is an evolutionary theory which says that "Men are not as reliant on their mate as women are on men, so they may not be as strongly oriented as women to spending their entire lives with only one mate". The woman's desire to have one mate to help raise her children pressures males to be monogamous. If men do not want monogamy, they may end up with a lower quality of woman since the high quality women chose their mate based on his commitment to monogamy. So, follow the rule and then both men and women can be happy. Now the list:
I dersire her to be
*Honest with me.
*Beautiful and cute; attractive and athletic female figure. [she will definitely look beautiful to me.. majnu ko to bhaddi laila bhi sundar hi lagegi]
*Less weighty than me.
*Intelligent [my turn on]
*Tolreant to my stupid and crazy behavior and my continuous talking yet not saying anything. [tuff :D]
*Understand what i like and what i dont.
*Mine. [nhi bhi hui to chalega, "love is just for one time, one true time.."]
*Real, till now she is in my dreams only.

... "bus itni si hai dua.... main jyada nahi mangta" ;)

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

One day I was thinking about the changes taking place around us due to advancement in technology. Surely one can write at least 1 million pages on it. But for now it is hard for me to write a single page. Technology has changed our life style and likewise it has changed the lifestyle of bad guys [for this blog let us group all the thieves, mafia, don who earn money in unconventional dishonest way, into bad guys; purely technical].

Earliest of bad guys came with earliest of civilization, because before civilization there were no rules and laws and when there is no rule or law then no way is dishonest. So in earliest days bad guys were working alone. They used to wait for the right moment and by taking the advantage of darkness they used to strike. After some time innocent people became smart. Now they used to lock their doors and windows. Chances were reducing for our thief and life was getting tougher. To counter this bad guys group together and formed gangs. Their tools were also advancing but the new generation of bad guys had found another easy way of action. By sheer number they began looting people. Innocent people devised new some new things to cope up with this new situation. Police, private security, mercenaries came into existence and their role was becoming important. Moreover they started traveling and living in groups. Number which was the main weapon of bad guys was now in favour of common men. With growing power, the intention of police and mercenaries was also changing. New rules were made. Government, taxes etc came into existence. With new rules, one new thing was emerging and that was “black marketing”. The whole picture has changed now. Bad guys now have more money and more power than they ever had. Another big thing was that, now it was not just for money. It was more now… for money plus for power. Still we are in this phase. Mafia and other great underworld dons have kept their big group united by oaths, religion, loyalty etc and they are having a good time. They are politically connected too. I am again deviating from the main topic. But it will soon see its downfall. Sooner or later this bubble will break. Technology has also advanced so much that it is going tough to keep monitoring the huge network without being detected. It will burst from inside pressure. Next generation thieves will be the one who have out mastered the advancement in technology. All transaction will be done electronically in near future. The one who can find the loop holes or hack this system can collect more money by working alone and he will work alone. Another dimension will be added to it. Now after money and power people will start doing just to prove themselves. To challenge their wits, to satisfy their intellectual lust. They started working alone and as far I can see they will again work alone. Is this the great circle of time? The advantage of anything soon becomes its limitation. Probably this is the course of development.

Being a student of manufacturing science I cannot help considering the resemblance between this and the industrial development. First people used to work in small groups for producing something. Then they group together to increase their production and add variety. Then mass production started and variety was lost. Now again things are changing. The new trend is of customization, personal customization. This has led to smaller companies which are agile in nature to again come to the lime light. Another circle….almost similar four stages.

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