Saturday, March 04, 2006

One day I was thinking about the changes taking place around us due to advancement in technology. Surely one can write at least 1 million pages on it. But for now it is hard for me to write a single page. Technology has changed our life style and likewise it has changed the lifestyle of bad guys [for this blog let us group all the thieves, mafia, don who earn money in unconventional dishonest way, into bad guys; purely technical].

Earliest of bad guys came with earliest of civilization, because before civilization there were no rules and laws and when there is no rule or law then no way is dishonest. So in earliest days bad guys were working alone. They used to wait for the right moment and by taking the advantage of darkness they used to strike. After some time innocent people became smart. Now they used to lock their doors and windows. Chances were reducing for our thief and life was getting tougher. To counter this bad guys group together and formed gangs. Their tools were also advancing but the new generation of bad guys had found another easy way of action. By sheer number they began looting people. Innocent people devised new some new things to cope up with this new situation. Police, private security, mercenaries came into existence and their role was becoming important. Moreover they started traveling and living in groups. Number which was the main weapon of bad guys was now in favour of common men. With growing power, the intention of police and mercenaries was also changing. New rules were made. Government, taxes etc came into existence. With new rules, one new thing was emerging and that was “black marketing”. The whole picture has changed now. Bad guys now have more money and more power than they ever had. Another big thing was that, now it was not just for money. It was more now… for money plus for power. Still we are in this phase. Mafia and other great underworld dons have kept their big group united by oaths, religion, loyalty etc and they are having a good time. They are politically connected too. I am again deviating from the main topic. But it will soon see its downfall. Sooner or later this bubble will break. Technology has also advanced so much that it is going tough to keep monitoring the huge network without being detected. It will burst from inside pressure. Next generation thieves will be the one who have out mastered the advancement in technology. All transaction will be done electronically in near future. The one who can find the loop holes or hack this system can collect more money by working alone and he will work alone. Another dimension will be added to it. Now after money and power people will start doing just to prove themselves. To challenge their wits, to satisfy their intellectual lust. They started working alone and as far I can see they will again work alone. Is this the great circle of time? The advantage of anything soon becomes its limitation. Probably this is the course of development.

Being a student of manufacturing science I cannot help considering the resemblance between this and the industrial development. First people used to work in small groups for producing something. Then they group together to increase their production and add variety. Then mass production started and variety was lost. Now again things are changing. The new trend is of customization, personal customization. This has led to smaller companies which are agile in nature to again come to the lime light. Another circle….almost similar four stages.

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Phoenix said...

nice analytical thought.

The advantage of anything soon becomes its limitation
this happens only when, and definitely when, there is a "stagnation". change is constant, and a stagnant society with stagnant rules and dynamics is bound to rot. time always keeps moving on, and there lies the catch. Not everything moves with time. Don't blame technology. Blame stagnation.

Megha said...


we cant blame technology n everything blame to tht mind which misuse advantages of all this

after long gap u finaly write smthing :))))))

Sarry said...

i guess the best impact i have ever seen due to technology is in faltoo public of india which is mostly present in engineering and some other professional colleges..and some software engineers are also included into that..
i hope before technology they might be doin somethin whereas now condition is worse than a handicapped person..atleast he does something

Voice said...

this is the course of developement.if u change old things modify them then i will consider it new.

I am not blaming technology. I just tried to step wise present the developement of thieves.
thnx for waiting megha.

seriously what!! :P
u seem angry... mujhe to nhi ho gaya na.

It is supposed to a funpost... with different subject matter. :P
thnx for commenting all

saurabh said...

I feel the advantage of anything soon becomes its limitation because the group who is losing out tries to find a loophole in it.. which is provided by technology .
Well its difficult to say about the future trend.. but most probably your analysis is correct..
nice thought.. and good content as always..


Avinash singh said...

comment later .. running out of time...

Chitrangada said...

real good n crispy thought n amazingly written as always ..this is good post abt tech n its future :)
but i think everthing has two side n u emphasis on only one ..i think kuch aur jyada likhna chahiye tha .. i mean w/o biasing ur thought but its good one the point :)

n u know na i m fan of ur posts

sonik said...

Its more like a battle and technology is the weapon. Its available to all and you have to arm yourself fast before them. Like every thing in the world, technology too has two aspects. Its like fire, useful when we can control it, but a raging inferno if goes out of control.

Voice said...

yes u can say so or might be it is just because people want changes from existing system....

ok i m waiting.....

everything has two sides... and i delibrately choose one side, that side which i feel is more neglected.
thnx chitra
ab itna bhi mat chadoa :P

yes true. in this blog my main focus was just the circle...

thnx saurabh, avi, chitra n sonik :) for commenting

Abhinav Somanchi said...

I remember a debate - " Is technology a boon or a bane."
No comments on the post .. i was moving in between the thoughts.
It was nicely written. And i guess u were trying to show the thinking of bad guys and good guys right from the stage of cradles :p. I don't know much about this concept good and evil. I say live n let live.

....R.A.J.A.... said...

Nice post, Bhav. I like the way you think.
(know what, you're capable of producing better conclusions)

kosha said...

nice post...
lotsa things to ponder upon...

but one thing...where is technology involoved into this...its just the eveolvement with the changing world...adapting to survive...

Voice said...

yes u r right [i was trying to show the stages. :)

i will try to make ending better next time. but this time too i thought that my ending is better than the post :P. i dont know when and what goes wrong.

technology ok... consider this...theif is having good time stealing from people. Now common people have locks and other safety devices whats that... it the product of developing technology. it was dark and safe for theives earlier and now streets having lights are more troublesome for them. Evolvement was everywhere... everywhere. thnx for pondering

thnx for commenting raja abhinav and kosha

Athena said...

nice post with a new theme :))) waise dekha jaaye toh technology is not only misued by these bad guys.. IT professionals also misuse the same a lot in one or the other way.. so u can put it as optimum usage of technological advancements.. :DDDD.

One more thng is tht its coz of these bad guys there is technology upgradations or new technological evolvements also specifically to counter attack the loop holes these bad guys have identified.. so can b taken a boon also :)))

Anurag said...

Thought provoking post Bhav.

Lets just pause and think for a moment.Lets not go much earlier in the history.Just 10 years back.What kind of life did an average IITian live or what kind of hobbies did he or she pursue.And then compare it with what we are doing today.For one,they were more outdoor persons and defo spent much lesser time sitting infront of a terminal.And what are we doing today..?Cant exactly say that its total loss or all gloomy.But I definitely feel that our over-dependence on internet is slowly eating into our persona.We are being bomarded with information from all sides and all sites.Do we really sit back and think over any issue.Do we seriously have any honest personal opinion over any issue.I will say NO.And why would we,everything is readymade and available at just a click of the mouse.

I am ranting over the issue and then will fold back to my normal routine of life.
Its a [b]vicious circle[/b] my friend ,one which is very hard to escape

Avinash singh said...

kuch jyada hi god level likh diya hai bhai... i am not sure i can comment coz really one must have some understanding or atleast a thought to comment..

thoda level gira ke likh... :)

samiranghosh said...

Hi Bhav,

Man, you end up proving the cricle every time you gave an argument in this post. First Single-Smallgroups-Big groups- small groups-single. Great to find that you are quite good in understanding the circle of the bad boys how they work. Now, what next, are you now proving a point by understanding the circle of terrorists!!

You should be knocking at the doors of CBI any time soon. hahaha!! Puns indeed, i hope no offence was taken. Quite a perspective but i was thinking about the possibility to actually venture in such individualism after living long enough in this plant.
BTW: Why does my blog in your link read "Samiran's Report", is it my status report, helth report or the ration report that i have.. or is it the silent appreciation report that i always get from you after you read my blog.

God bless

Voice said...

thnx !!! i guess every IT professional thinks like that :P. i agree technology upgrade like this... first challenge arises n then solution. but the other way round is also a good marketting funda.

long time. thnx!! Yups life has changed a lot and the rate of change is getting faster as information flow is getting faster. I totally agree with u. atleast we are not fully into net. we can live w/o it. i seriously doubt the same will b case with soming generation in future

isase jyada bhi koi level hai kya girne ka... ok will fall next time into that.

yes i know how u work :P. but still u remember how I tricked u.and no offense taken. hmm terrorists na... never actually thought about it.
it is report becoz i was not able to find any unique word for it. u can suggest something for urself

thnx all for reading n commenting

chandu said...

nice analyzing post!

LitmusTest said...
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LitmusTest said...

Well written ! But I find your generalization about illegal activities going solo a tad unfounded. Since even hackers have their network.. They have to fall back on each other in dire straits.

And sure customization is important but I see no end to mass production. Its an industrial reality that unless you mass produce its simply not economically feasible. So technology helps us both. Its a constant tussle between the people who want to make technology unsecure and others who want to make it safe. And this results in an entirely new technology again. So its that process of evolution where the various sides of humans (good evil) challenge each other to evolve.

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