Monday, November 20, 2006

To whomever it may concern

Height of flirting: To write a love letter with title to whomever it may concern. But it is not exactly like this. Actually I wanted to write a love-letter but I have no one to write to so I preferred this title. And, moreover I don’t want to break any heart, so let it be like this only. Again! You people are wrong, jiska naam likhta dil ushka tut-ta.


For quite a few days, I wanted to say you something. But I was not able to structure my feeling in words and secondly I was not sure about your response. So going by the age-old method, I am lettering this to you. I never thought that I will ever do it, but now today I am going to do it. Hey! Wish me luck.

From the day we met, I liked a lot of things about you. I liked your sense of humour, your style, your dressing sense even the pictures you put in your avatars at different places. I used to think that I like you only because of all these. I liked thinking about you all the time. In every moment I used to think if you would have been here how you would have reacted. Even while watching movies, commercial or cricket match, I always wished you to be with me. I used to think your funny comments would have made it more interesting. At sad moments also I used to think that your words can inspire me. I used to think that I want to be with you because you are interesting and inspiring.

Then, one day I was thinking of some joke [that too to tell you] I remembered a really stupid joke. The joke goes like this- Santa singh goes to doctor and told him that every bone in his body is broken. Doctor asked “tell me exactly which bone”. Santa pressed his index finger to his thigh and told see it hurts, so thigh bone is broken, then he pressed his index finger to hand bone and said it hurts too, so it is broken too and likewise he repeated this process and he concluded that all his bones are broken. Then the doctor replied “Stupid, you index finger is broken”. Until that day, I used to think it as a stupid joke of stupid Santa singh. But that day I realized if we think as metaphor this is not really a stupid joke. Many a times we fail to realize the most obvious thing. I suddenly realized that day well it not the whole body it is just the finger .. means it is not everything you do or put I like. Actually it is the finger i.e. you. I like all these because you do it. It struck me like an arrow but suddenly everything was making more sense… so much sense.

From that day everything changed. Life became more beautiful. I tried to say everything to you. May be I said and you heard it too. I don’t think that you are the most beautiful girl on this planet; I just think you are more beautiful than the most beautiful girl in the world and I feel it in my heart, in my eyes and in my mind everywhere. I want you to give me the permission to buy everything you want in this life [of course as much we can afford]. You may think like that you are not so stupid to accept me as your life partner. But who told you that wise people never make mistakes. Equally not every time fools make mistakes. For once, be a fool do this foolish thing and I assure you that you won’t regret it. If ever there was a reason I had already forgotten it and now I don’t know why but I love you and I will love you evermore.

Just be mine. I long for your company, your touch, your voice but right now I am waiting for your answer. Take your time but please don’t take too long to decide because I am holding my breath.