Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Larki Kyun?...

I also think about it sometimes… (Ok! more than sometime). The thing which amazes me most is that girls think all men, barring their dad, brothers and boyfriends (only current one, ex is the biggest dog); are dog, mean and bas$#@#$. How it can be true because all men are dad, brothers, bfs of some girl. After giving it some thought I come up with two theories which may explain this paradox.
1. They tend to overlook faults of their dad, son, brothers, bfs. (Which will eventually lead to the corollary that all men are really dog mean and bas$#@#$.)
2. Natural defense. Fear is the natural defense. Like we fear all snakes although most of us know that only 5% of the snakes are poisonous and hence dangerous. This is for our own safety because we cannot differentiate between a poisonous and non-poisonous one.

Great scholars have unanimously concluded “No one can understand girls”. Being a mortal, I will not even dare to decipher them. Plus, I studied in boys school and almost all boys colleges. So I am not qualified enough to do so.
I use humorous lines against girls that is only because I find them funny and most of the time they are applicable to both. …just change “she” with “he”. Let me tell you about some girls I know.

She is cuteness personified. She is so pretty that even girls are having crushes on her. She got the best smile in the college. She has got more than 7 shades of nail polish/lipsticks and countless earrings. She is beautiful and she is smart. She is adored by her friends. But she is not only about looks.

She is delicate yet tough enough to challenge guys for bike races. She is the best amateur blog writer I know (she is better than many pros). She can fly plane. She can play guitar. She won many painting competitions (one of her painting is displayed at local zoo). She know Japanese better than Japanese and hindi (may be :D) better than me. She plays football for India (represents Indian team). She is a total genetic freak (crazy about her subject… genetics). From her you should expect the unexpected.

She is so talented yet she is banvri (bawari). Sometime she acts crazy. When she spilt some cheese salt on her dress, she literally ran away (although it was not so noticeable). Oh! She calls the small pond near our office, Mansarovar. She likes solving silly puzzles in train. Her voice is like a kid and loves to prank and to be pampered. She plays Unreal/Quake and jumbles on DC++ too. And she liked “Jab We Met” so much that she has watched this movie several times in multiplexes, ALONE.
She is girl with many avatars and names, truly like Mohmaya. She sings well. She is like basanti of sholay (kyu thik shik hai na). She is little slow in typing but very very fast in bak bak aur kya bolti hai… She got more than 32k scraps in orkut. And she is very moody. She is busy like managers. In short she is like pappu and she can dance too (she is yet to show the proofs; her dancing pics). And she is kind enough to gift me lollypops.

Ofcourse, all shes’ are not the same ‘she’. They all are different but common in one sense; They are all special. All the best to all of you. And the two very special girls , I know, have one more thing in common. They, both celebrated their birthday yesterday (29th September).