Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Adieu 2007

It is said that everyone salutes the rising sun but they are wrong. The title for this blog is ‘Adieu 2007’ and not ‘Welcome 2008’. The sun for 2007 has set (In every corner of Earth). About 37 million heart beats and 5.3 million breathes (we really work hard, just for our survival) accounts for what… one year (2007)… which is gone and in return we have some lawful and unlawful assassinations, people dying every second (and those who are not dead, are busy making this place worse), war for peace, politicians talking and soldiers dying and common folks suffering, jealousy hatred and reality shows. Surprisingly our earth is still standing on its axis.

I don’t know how history will remember 2007. I don’t even know how long this history will remain. Time is so powerful that this vast universe will also perish someday fighting against it.

With each year, month, day … moment we get closer to death, still we celebrate things like ‘New Year’. Try to remember the 1st Jan, 2007. How you hoped, you wished for all happiness and joy but it did not work. It is not supposed to work. Bet! This year would be the same.

So much pain, so much suffering, so much sadness. Then, why there is so much fuss, why we do not accept our fate and wait for the inevitable.

If you try to find the answer you will not succeed. You can only forget this question. Hope… it is a very small and fragile thing to have yet it is the only thing worth having. Whether we wanted this or not but this is our life. Now it is up to us, what we are going to do with it… smile towards it or sulk over it. The darkness is huge, but a ray will do. Even the best of friends will not stay with us forever. We all are on our own here. They can only help if we try. You can always find reasons to be depressed but most of the time it is just lack of our sensibility. I have seen people who have suffered (in true sense) have a more zest and respect towards life.

The sun is rising again. Let’s make every moment count.

Look more towards people who love you than people whom you love. I love you all (atleast i will try to but only together we can succeed.

Welcome 2008