Monday, May 04, 2009


Sorry for such long pause. I will be regular from now and also my daily blog will be updated regularly. And yes, all characters in this blog are are fictional. Any resemblance can be intentional but I will not take any responsibility. Enjoy and please leave your comments.

Sumita entered the room and she heard Dhruv saying “Why does she always do that?”
“What happened?” She asked.
Saurabh replied to Sumi “They had a fight”.
“Again!!” Sumi replied with a grin.

“I am so disturbed and you are making fun of the situation” Dhruv said and he seemed to be bit annoyed.

“Ok sorry. What you did this time to make Nidhi angry?” asked Sumi, trying to hide her smile with false seriousness.
“I did NOTHING” “Ok may be I forgot our anniversary.”
“No. Our first meet anniversary.”
“Dude, why don’t you keep alerts on your mobile or something” snapped Saurabh and immediately looked towards Sumi and said “I don’t keep alerts.”
Sumi said with a smile, “It’s ok and I have all your passwords.”

“Guys, we are discussing my problem, and I did set and alert on my mobile phone. In the office I saw the alert and I made of note and put it in the drawer, but then I got busy and there was so much work today. In the evening I just forgot about the note and all. Finally I reached home at 10 pm”

Saurabh said “..and Nidhi didn’t open the door.”

“Yeah” replied Dhruv. He was sad and down with guilt. He continued in a low voice “Guys, I really love her. I don’t go to my favorite restaurant any more because she doesn’t like it. Sometime I watch soaps instead of match. I never complain about her endless shopping. I gave up so many of my favorite things for her. Sometime I miss doing those stuffs but then I think she is more important. I wish she ..”

Sumi, took Dhruv hand in her hand and replied softly “We all know you love her. Nidhi also knows that. Just that she also gets irritated when she misses her favorite thing”

“And what is that..”

“You”. She replied. “spending time with you, shopping with you and watching soap with you.”

Dhruv looked puzzled for a minute and then he rushed towards the door. He just said “Guys I have to go, and … Thanks guys especially you Sumi.”

“No problem and good night buddy”.

Dhruv left the apartment rushed down the stairs and as he headed towards his own apartment he knew what he had to do. He knew though someone was angry , she was still waiting for him, very eagerly.