Wednesday, August 13, 2008


When I opened my eyes for the first time, I saw light, people and this world. Before that I was free from the limits of mind, a state where you have nothing and you want nothing … not even peace. I knew about nothing and I wanted to know nothing and then I opened my eyes and I grew wise.

But that was a tough time. I was totally dependent on others. If I wanted to go somewhere I had to tell someone to take me there. And that was not easy; they did not always understand what I used to say. They used to first check my diapers and a series of guesses used to follow. Sometime they even used to take me to totally opposite direction. After sometime I realized my legs are strong enough to take my weight and I took my first step. I was ready to go places. I grew wiser.

Soon, it was evident that I had to learn their language for a proper communication. I do not remember my first word but they had a long debate on what was my first word. Anyways, I started learning language and I grew wiser.

Then on one fateful day, my parents left me at some weird place, full of intelligent guys like me and some stupid grown ups who even tried to teach us. We used to make fun of them, laugh at them and surprisingly they used to find it cute. But I still hated that place. In the evening when my mother came to pick me up, I ran and hugged her. I was crying and she tried to make me quiet by presenting me my favorite chocolate. That day, I realized there is something sweeter than my favorite chocolate.

After that I had a series of myth-busters like my dad is superman, my big brother knows everything; I can buy or have anything I want etc.

Then I learnt Mathematics, which adds doubts and divides our faith.

When I was eight I used to get really annoyed when some stupid girl used to come and would say that they want to play cricket with me/us. After some years I understood their importance
(So what she was stupid) and I started liking them but they were no longer interested in playing cricket. I realized the importance of time.

Then I learnt about the rules and this was my first introduction to crime.

When I came to college, I realized how good was school days (which I used to hate so much during my school days); when I started working, I used to miss my college days and fun. After marriage, sigh… you know better. Only after exams, I get to know the full syllabus for that subject. With every failure and success, I learnt something and I termed it as experience.

You grow stronger to a certain age and then start getting weaker. We, sometimes neglect the important things in our lives over trivial matters. Now, that I am dying, I have learnt a great deal and have enough experience to do good and right things. But I do not have the strength and time. Why Life do this to us? When we are finally capable of understanding things in a better way, it stops. It is stopping for me. I can feel my eye lids getting heavier. So, all my wisdom will of no use to me or to anyone else. At this moment, I realizes, ‘Ignorance is bliss’.

PS: Jokes are only for fun, do not take it as my chauvinism.