Saturday, December 08, 2007

To Whom It May Concern (2)

Not much changed in last one year so the title continues to be same.
(last year edition)


My dear,

I love you. Yes, I love you and I would like you to consider on my proposal. I know this decision is going to be very crucial for you, so I intend to help in every possible way. I know you are single and you know me and you like me, so the only logical thing which can come to your mind, is the possibility of a happy future life, taking into consideration the good and the bad things associated with me and you will start mulling over it. On the other hand, I do not intend to make this letter a long one so I am leaving the good points, which leaves us with bad points, thankfully they are not many.

# Not so good looking (Ok, I don’t want any comments on that )

Well I think this is good because no other girl will try to steal me from you.

# I cannot take care of myself. My room and habits are all messy.

For this I will need you forever. I cannot live without you for a single day. (I need you because I love you)

# I am not stylish.

Means I am not wasting much money. You can buy your diamonds (ROFL, one diamond in one lifetime) with that and personally I would feel happier if you say that diamond is your best friend or if I see you giggling with your diamond instead of some other guy.

And I haven’t traveled much yet but I like seeing new places so one thing assured, is that I will take you on vacations regularly. And I do not drink. After 40, mostly men party for drinking and as I don’t, so my friends won’t be inviting me much for parties and I will be at your service, totally. And I am a good learner. If you can teach me in some interesting way , I can learn a lot.

Woohoo. Amazing. You are getting much more you thought you can ever get and you can see that I have good sense of humour. Many things will change in life but I will not stop loving you. And one more thing, in this ‘pati-vrata’ (although a dying trend) Indian girl mentality, chances are high that I can find another girl who is totally devoted to me but where can you find another such boy. Just kidding

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tag # 2

I am thinking about
: Manythings, one of them is how to improve my blog template.

I said: Beware of your wishes, they might be granted.

I want to: Play and run and laugh and scream.

I wish: To make the world a better place to live. [:P hehehehe]

I regret: I do manythings which other might think as waste of time and energy. [Bhagwan dusro ko budhi do :P, aur mujhe sad-budhi]

I hear: PC running and people talking.

I am: an intelligent idiot.

I dance: :O. never

I sing : Almost as good as cacaphonix.

I cry: In the rain.

I am not: You.

I write: Because it is challenging for me.

I confuse: With almost everything.

I need: what everyone else needs, acceptance.

#If you reading this line, you are tagged.


Tag # 1

Tagged by Deepshikha

One thing about the person who sent u this

She makes awesome chocolates

(can we have more?)

One thing U hate in urself

To name one, I think a lot…. Sochta jyada hu.. jeeta kam hu ;)

(yeh dialogue suna suna lag raha hai)

Two things u'd do by ur next birthday

#Get driving license

#My daily blog will have 150 posts

(Pretty easy targets… kar lena)

Two things u want to have been changed by ur birthday

#My location (I should seriously think about this because my flat mates will move out anyway)

#Drama in reality shows

(Impossible, I m not sure about the first one though)

Three things u could say to the kid who worships u

#Listen and don’t watch me.

#I am more than you think. ;)

#Grow up!!! :D

(waise yeh bachhe hai kaha :O )

Three things for your soul

#Is it true that you are immortal

#What I, or rather You, were in last birth

#This is my(your) birth number …… ??

Four things for an Ideal lover





(rest follows… I know I know, I got carried away)

Four things that u have and will give me ….

Hahahaha… u really want them??

# My wit

# My time

# My Advice

# My Ideas

(Still want anything… ?? :d)

Five things u hate in others

# Inferiority Complex

# Treating someone in a manner in which that person, himself, would not like to treated.

# Bullying someone who is already scared.

# Prejudice

# Smoking

Five things u r scared of

# Misfortune

# My anger

# Free fall

# Boredom

# Heights

(list me aur bahut kuchh hai… )

Six under known facts about u

# I generally don’t lie

# Can flirt

# Have a nice aim

# I have no gf and never had any..

# I get angry too often

# I am more than you I am.

(Sach ke alawa kuchh nahi)

Six things u want the world to say about u

(Toughest one, because mujhe khud nahi pata mujhe kya chahiye)

# Whatever they feel in reality. Jhooti barai se karwa sachh better hai *sigh*

If you reading this line, you are tagged.