Thursday, August 18, 2005

The fun I had-1

Today I was late for my class at 9.30 am again. Though I took all the necessary preventive measures. I went to bed 1.30 am and set a computer alarm of 8 am. So I was sure that I wont be late but I was …..because last night I had a weird dream. My friends know that I do remember many of my dreams and they all are now scared of my dreams. When I tell them I saw a dream last night they ran away thinking that again I am going to tell one. 

So last night I was dreaming and when my alarm rings, I switched my speaker off again went back to sleep so that I can complete my dream. As usual it was weird dream and I don’t remember it completely either. It started at a railway platform where I met some old friend of mine and he told me that he is now reading at IITM. There were some girls seating on the benches there on the platform, wearing some strange combination of colored dresses. Some were wearing all blue some all red …and same colored girls were seating together. Then on train everything was normal except my birthday celebration in train. There was a cake too. Then something something happens. Then I remember entering into a palace …something something happens and then there was a rebellion like thing in the palace. People were fighting and some people were playing football in the field too and it was raining too. I got too confused and I got up. But it was already 9.25 am. Some part of the dream was withheld because of its sensitive nature. Well this was not the main part of the blog. Some friends suggested me that I can write about some incidents of my life. I kinda liked this idea. So here is account in which I had the fun.

A and K were good friends and where worried about their performance in the exams. So they made a pact and signed a bond each that they will secure 80% marks. They decided the bet too and kept one copy (signed by other) with them. As usual they only made the planning and after exams they were worried. K was in no mood for fulfilling the bet and he told B (room-mate of A) to steal that paper from A for him. B found this interesting and agreed to do so. A was having some hint about this so he always kept that paper under lock. B was able to get it somehow and gave it to K. K was very happy. He told B that B was his real good friend. After sometime B starts feeling guilty that he betrayed A. He was now thinking of snitching K’s paper for A. Getting paper from K was difficult. His room was in different block. But B got the paper on the final day. Same thing happened when B gave K’s paper to A. A told him that he is his real good friend. In the evening A B and K were having snacks together and suddenly K started saying about that bet. At that B realized that both don’t know that their own papers are missing. And considering the situation B tried to get away from there. But both K and A stopped him saying that they wont tell how they get the papers. After a small stud speech and grinning both take out the papers. B has to confess…there was no way out. Both A and K, who were so pleased with B till then, were now totally angry. Ok B was me. But I don’t know why they were mad at me. I did what they wanted me to do. I still don’t get it. A and K were (still are) my good friends, so definitely I cant betray one and I had no intention of hurting anyone. A and K stopped talking with me for some days and I had to say them (both) sorry like 100 times.

But I had my fun on that evening.

Monday, August 15, 2005

First Post

HI All

I am totally new to blogging. I had not read more than 4 blogs till date. But now a days i am not doing manythings. Most of the time, just chatting , orkutting and watching movies and serials. I am not a creative type of person, yet i thought in this free time i can start blogging. .. let see how far it goes... I tried thinking of various topics on which i can start my blogs but i was unable to find one for me. I will keep on thinking for a topic and in the mean time , I will just drag this one....that is "My first blog". If you are reading this one and want to suggest me any topic feel free to write it in your comments and yes you can write your "honest" opinions about this stupid blog. While suggesting the topic ...please use ur mind and be sane.
And for this post I want to add something. When i was 10 I read one small story. In that story once a king wanted to know that who is the most important person in his life. He asked many philosopher and scholars. But his querry was never statisfied properly by any answer. One day one monk came and he answered to the king that the most important person in his life is the person who is present with him at that time. This story was based was taken from one of the Leo Tolstoy's work. At that, I simply refused to accept this , thinking about the my parents, siblings and friends. I even thought that Leo Tolstoy was stupid. But this story somehow got stuck into my mind.... and slowly i came to realise that ...this is not at all stupid. Sometime I really feel that the person (by the person i dont mean the crowd around you) who is present with me at that time has most powerful influence on me atleast at that time. Give it a thought guys...because now I think Leo Tolstoy was really great.