Monday, August 15, 2005

First Post

HI All

I am totally new to blogging. I had not read more than 4 blogs till date. But now a days i am not doing manythings. Most of the time, just chatting , orkutting and watching movies and serials. I am not a creative type of person, yet i thought in this free time i can start blogging. .. let see how far it goes... I tried thinking of various topics on which i can start my blogs but i was unable to find one for me. I will keep on thinking for a topic and in the mean time , I will just drag this one....that is "My first blog". If you are reading this one and want to suggest me any topic feel free to write it in your comments and yes you can write your "honest" opinions about this stupid blog. While suggesting the topic ...please use ur mind and be sane.
And for this post I want to add something. When i was 10 I read one small story. In that story once a king wanted to know that who is the most important person in his life. He asked many philosopher and scholars. But his querry was never statisfied properly by any answer. One day one monk came and he answered to the king that the most important person in his life is the person who is present with him at that time. This story was based was taken from one of the Leo Tolstoy's work. At that, I simply refused to accept this , thinking about the my parents, siblings and friends. I even thought that Leo Tolstoy was stupid. But this story somehow got stuck into my mind.... and slowly i came to realise that ...this is not at all stupid. Sometime I really feel that the person (by the person i dont mean the crowd around you) who is present with me at that time has most powerful influence on me atleast at that time. Give it a thought guys...because now I think Leo Tolstoy was really great.


chandu said...

Tolstoy is on spot.Your Behaviour always depends on persons around you. Leave those who have will power. Most will be badly influenced by surroundings from a small child to age old person.

gud that u realised. :P

Anonymous said...

well well.Leo Tolstoy .I dont understand him either.But then i do agree on the point of who holds greatest influence.Keep sharing your thoughts


Phoenix said...

first of all, welcome to the blogging world!!:D

Well, it's a good frist blog to start with...
i'd have suggested u topics, but then u have asked us to be sane and use our mind while doin that, so that becomes very difficult...:P

anyway, the story u've narrated tis pretty touchin, though sometimes i believe u urself are ur best frnd, as long as u amnage to stay "with" urself...

chal, hope to see more of ur blogs soon:D

Sandeep said...

Oh... I am sorry that I criticized your first blog so much even without reading it fully. So here is a more thorough and honest criticism :P.

First never try to say you are not creative because you dont really know that and its quite a negative statement in itself. :D

About Leo Tolstoy, he has interpreted importance as something like which person takes up most of the time in your life at a given moment and he doesnt interpret it as the person who u love or care for the most. Hence in movies you may have seen even the terrorist who kidnaps you bcomes the most important person in your life at that time because of the amount of time you spend with him and the way you connect to him.

The third thing is that as you write more you will evolve to be a better and a widely read blogger. So keep blogging :)(this point wasnt a criticism at all)

Keep up the good work :)

Sher-e-Punjab said...

hmm....well nice first blog...

waise tolstoy ki story mein dum to hai....but then they are times when someone not next to you may be more important....

Samiran Ghosh said...

The first blog was fresh like a dew drop on the petal. The story was very apt in the times we are moving in and this gives an window in your thought.Great to see that the humble "Not-So-creative" guy in u had started blogging. Keep it up and if possible work on the site a bit. Congrats anyways on your postings.

Voice said...

THANX chandu,anurag,phoenix,sandeep, sherry (angy), samiran...for dropping by.

u realised it too :P
thnx for the comment and u were the first chandu :)

thnx for the comment and ur suggestions. I will keep writing u too keep reading and writing too :)

@phoenix : suggesting a topic was that difficult :P. u shud have suggested some topic because i m sure they were sane. here insane topics are like writing an article on business developement of ABC company...:P next time dont hesitate soo much.

@sandeep: thnx for writing such a nice comment. Yes sandy u r rite that about the fact and movie example. And i feel the same. But apart from movies also in daily life many a times i have felt that a person who is total stranger to me and if he/she is with me present at that time, a kind of trust and bond grows so fast, and when he or she left we just remember them as a sweet memory. We might not think about them later even in our whole of rest of our life. Then they are totally like strangers.
i will surely keep on blogging.:)

thnx for the comment and if some good topic comes into my mind i will let u know. And i agree with you. There are many people important to us who are not with us at that moment. And i feel the same now. But i think this too...that when i was child i totally denied this idea and then now i feel that it is half true. So i think when i get more matured or more experienced and when my thoughts will be more clear i may consider this statement as totally true. just my thought... dont know whether this will be ever possible or not :P

I am not that humble is true yaar :p. I can only wish for writing like you :). And yes the window will be open . Keep peeking in :P

Anonymous said...

First of all congrats upon d success of you very first blog.And you've definitely chosen a nice topic to start it with.

Tolstoy was right undoubtedly about who is important to us the most.Even a very brief encounter with a complete stranger affects us (now that may be pleasant or unpleasant)at that moment.

Well that also means we ought to live the present moment to the fullest.

And I agree with Sandeep.You shouldn't be such a pessimist.So stop saying you aren't creative n know nothing.

Waiting for the second blog. :)

Voice said...

hi neon

thanx for the encouraging me.and you dont have to wait. i will write my second blog today itself.
BTW neon is a nice name....

keep commenting :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

chatting,orkutting watching movies and serials and now blogging huh . so many things for u to do.Hope like u became master of the above three u will fare tht well in this new area too.
as far as the story which u remembered from the age u were 10(thts remarkable in itself) i dont think that always the person present in front of u is important.Now dont ask me why i just feel so.

bye sum1.

Voice said...


thnx for ur comment. It may be not mean much to you but for me it means a lot. Thanx for all the praise (master thing). it was very polite of you.Hey you dont have to believe that. told u na...i also dont used to believe it when i was 10 :P.

keep commenting

Ankur said...

Tolstoy's Christian beliefs were based on the Sermon on the Mount, and particularly on the comment about turning your cheek, which he saw as a justification of pacifism. These beliefs came out of a middle aged crisis that began with a depression so severe that if he saw a rope it made him think of hanging himself, and he had to hide his guns to stop himself committing suicide.
So what i want to clear is that its not always the person who's with you is important, but also the things with respect to your mental state.
Dude You have made a boom through your first blog and i really appreciate it. Keep writing

Voice said...

hi ankur

WOW. that was quite a research work. thnx for ur were right. It is of great importance to know that what is the state of mind of the person writing something.

keep commenting.

Biswa said...

Good that u started blogging and maybe reading your blog will inspire me to write my own.

I also read the hindi adaptation of the story by Tolstoy in my school. Reading it in your blog rekindled those same thoughts which I had when I read the story first. Tolstoy explained such a wonderful idea in so simple a story.

U can also share the thoughts and influence of more than four years of life at this place and maybe it will also remind us of the days gone by... :)

Avinash singh said...

u think u r not creative.. then plz write on "wat extra does god give a person to makes him/her creative" ..

a "baat ka batangar banau" question .. how can u so precisely pin-point ur age when u read that story?.. any special reasons or just to add effect..

idea of story is true.. but now a days its really very difficult to find a person who is with u.. i have realized mostly they are crowd..

Voice said...


yes biswa i read it hindi adoptation. really a wonder idea in a simple story. Good Idea Biswa.
thnx for commenting.


yes avinash i m not creative becoz i cannot create. I can think i can understand. But i m not good in creating.

the idea is this. Sometime crowd me bhi some face look friendly. We dont trust them about physical matters.. but sometime it is easy to find a comfort zone with a stranger.
weird.... but i think sometime it happens

Avinash singh said...

comeon now bhau dont be so stubborn .. ever tried to write before? u can express ur ideas but wat u lack is the tempo to put that in words.. writing is the easiest form coz u can make it from the most abstract writing to the most precise piece of writing.. and both have its own beauty..

and about that "comfort zone" i totally agree with u.. but that stranger will not be the most important person.. i may not do sily things for that strnnger..

Anonymous said...

wow...good thing this blogging is. maybe, i'll even find tempo to write one myself...though that still seems extremely unlikely :).

tolstoy's idea sent a chain of thought running through my head(or whatever is left of it after 4 years in u-know-where).
Had never thought about the idea of the person most important to me. Tolstoy seems to hit the bull's eye though. Still, the question was never relevant to me(the reason probably being that i am dumb enough never to introspect).
a good addition to my limited stock of thoughts.
Keep up the good work...


Anonymous said...

hi..praveen here..jst read ur frst blog..i think to some extent its a bitter truth of life tht person wid u is the most imp tht time but thn i will say its not always true..u do think abt ppl who is not wid u..u do miss thm..n tht says ki someone is more imp thn those wid u..neways keep up the tempo..i know whtever u write it will be interestin.....:)

rohit said...

this 'somehow' reminds me of a funny story i heard today.
a lion goes to a rabbit and asks, "who is the king?". "U R" the rabbit obiliged. he goes to a goat and asks ,"who is the supreme animal in the forest?". The goat had to say,"U R my lord" and so on...
then he goes to an elephant and asks who is the strongest? the humble tusker said"u know who is the strongest". the lion wasnt satisfied with the answer and asked again"tell me, who is the strongest?". the elephant repeated the answer. the lion got irritated and shouted "will u tell me who is the strongest?". the elephant just wrapped the helpless lion in his trunk and threw him on the rock nearby. The lion got up in pain and said. "if you dont know the answer just say that, why are u getting angry." :p

P.S. i dont know why i wrote all this

suru said...

ummm.well..the first thing i did after readin ur blog..was.. i closed myeyes thinkin bout the persons (two).. with whom i m currently sharin my flat from 3 i think..people effect and they affect has got its own magnitude of impact which is inversly proportional to the self inductance guidin u...and its not necessary for a person to b with u for some time.. a flash of time is enough to create impact.. dont believe.. well the exaple is 10yr kid who had impact on whole life by leo's story(need not to say..its not important to be physically present too).. bolo to...i disagree..the effect is there but it is short times n then.. th inverse relationship holds

Anonymous said...

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Pear said...

I have been thinking about this since a few days now.. this is what I have inferred so far.. what Leo Tolstoy may have meant to highlight is to live in the Present. We attribute importance to parents, siblings, friends and knowns based on either past acts (sacrifices, contribution, their raising and shaping us) or future preposition (who will cry when you will die, sense of security in time of need, social structure, family tree etc etc). If we were to really live in The Present in true sense, we would all choose instant gratification which is the core nature of a human being (like an animal)(pardon my blatant words here), and yes, in that sense, what and who of NOW will reign.