Sunday, October 10, 2010

He is a Jerk

“He is a Jerk”. Isha sobbed a little more than the previous time. “ …. And a complete bast#$46”. She added. This harmonious recital was for Varun, the most handsome boy in the college and star opener of college cricket team. Once Varun and Isha used to see each other but Varun dumped her on his last birthday. It was the funniest college-talk since then, that Varun asked for “freedom” as his birthday gift.

Isha – She was the most sought after girl in the campus. Almost every guy in the college had a crush on her but being the best, she always desired for the best. Varun was the obvious choice although he was seeing someone else at that time. Isha’s argument was simple – she was the most sought after girl and Varun was the most sought after boy so they were destined together. Varun, on the other hand, was already bored of his 6 months looong relationship was looking for a change himself. He was open for any girl who was stupid enough to go out with him. (Com’on he is a guy) So, he accepted Isha’s offer and the couple could be spotted in the library dark corridors or behind the volleyball court after sunset or in the girl’s bathroom which was no longer in use for next 7 months.

“Enough Isha. It has been 3 months now. Get over him and I totally agree with you – He is a Jerk so lets now talk about him” Ruchi said.
Ruchi and Nikita were the best friends of Isha. The trio had got the sweet nick name of “the evil trio”.

Ruchi seemed to be particularly upset. May be because her friend was upset or may be because she was also dumped by the same Varun. This happened about a month back and she was the reason why Varun dumped Isha in the first place. Ruchi, being a friend of Isha, didn’t want Isha to know about her affair with Varun. She wass after all her best friend. So when she proposed Varun, she requested him to keep it secret which Varun gladly accepted. Ruchi’s take away was the she managed to keep her friendship with Isha while stealing away her boy-friend and Varun’s take away was that he could officially look for other girls while going out with Ruchi. Finally Varun found a new girl just before the examinations. Ruchi blamed Varun for her poor (P) grades but other students of the class believed that she maintained her consistent performance.

“How can he do this to me”. Isha was in tears now. It was a huge set back on her ego and loss of face in the campus.
“Not again” Ruchi said. “For God sake just chuck it now. It is not a big deal”.
“Not a big deal. How can even you say that” Isha revolted.
“I mean, what he did is definitely wrong and for that he will burn in hell” Ruchi explained. Obviously she was thinking about her case.

They both wanted to make Varun’s life hell, but they could not do much on their own. Neither had they support nor friendship of other students.

Nikita was self absorbed in her thoughts during all this time. She must be bored of this daily drama.
“Just look at him. The shameless bast$%46, trying to woo that rich chick from the first year” Ruchi snapped.

Nikita “Where”
Ruchi “Behind that tree in the park”.
Isha “That #$@@$@#* jerk”

Nikita’s smile suddenly disappeared and now she was out of her dream world and was seeing the reality in front of eyes. A tear appeared in her eye and she only managed to say “He is a Jerk”.