Monday, November 17, 2014

Photography Bucket List

Lately, I have been very depressed about the fact that, in spite of having ideas, I am not doing much to implement them. Be it my blogs, photography or anything else. It was very sad and I wanted to do something about it. Also, I don’t want to turn this into another new year resolutions. So, I have decided to create bucket lists…. separate bucket lists for everything I wanted to do. This is my photography bucket list and I will update this regularly to track my achievements. Please share your photography ideas in the comment and if I like them, I will add them in my list.

1. Creating a photography bucket list. 
2. Take a picture from a pin hole camera
3. Set up a small studio at home (or even better professionally)
4. Complete ABC project.
5. Take a picture, every day for a month.
6. Upload a time lapse photography video on youtube.
7. Take 10 panorama.
8. Shadow photography (10)
9. Light painting (10)
10. Miniature photography (10)
11. HDR shot (10)
12. Photograph of sky full of star
13. Star trail
14. Lightning Photography (10)
15. 20 Animal photographs with names
16. 20 Birds photographs with names
17. 20 insects (macro) photographs with names
18. Build homemade photography accessories.
19. Action photography (10)
20. Waterfall photographs (10)
21. Navrasa Photos
22. Street Photography (10)
23. Monochromes (10)
24. Rainbow
 25. 20 Color themed photos
26. Reflections photographs (10)
27. Architecture photographs (10 9)
28. Taking photo with help of a telescope.
29. Faces (20)
30. Small world panorama
31. Fireworks
32. Vintage shoots
33. 20 photographs of different flags
34. Photographs with actual models
35. Boat Photographs (10)
36. Sunrise and Sunset
37. Proposal
38. Photo with story (20)
39. Photograph of a snowflakes
40. Photo-comics
41. A website dedicated to my photographs
42. Photo printed in some magazine.
43. Photos representing season (10)
44. Marriage photographs (10 9)
45. Shot of Aurora Borealis

Friday, July 25, 2014


A golden sunset in Africa. A pair of innocent gazelles are busy playing. They are being watched by a pair of eyes. A sudden leap and Cheetah has finished her kill. Screaming birds and frightened animals cast the picture of an ill omen. Darkness is spreading.

Her last of the three cubs, will survive. 

Saturday, July 06, 2013


The world is a big place and over 7 billion people are continuously polluting it. But every once in a while, for everyone, this world just shrinks down –in one person. Then that person becomes the whole world to you. Her acceptance, her denial, her every opinion is the beginning and the end of any argument. Fear of losing that person makes you weaker than the weakest you have ever been and you are the strongest knowing that person is standing beside you. Sharing a fun moment becomes your biggest joy and all the ups and downs of the life seem like a adventure ride of a theme park. Although, it is not good for your salvation, it is the only way you would prefer to lead your entire life. The smile can do wonders, even the tears. You are ready to change yourself. You are ready to do things which you have never done before. You are ready to stretch yourself beyond your limits. The anchor can help you pass the strongest of storms and without it you are a ship without a sail.

In short, that person can bring the best and the worst out of you. Suppose you have that kind of power over someone what you would do :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

He is a Jerk

“He is a Jerk”. Isha sobbed a little more than the previous time. “ …. And a complete bast#$46”. She added. This harmonious recital was for Varun, the most handsome boy in the college and star opener of college cricket team. Once Varun and Isha used to see each other but Varun dumped her on his last birthday. It was the funniest college-talk since then, that Varun asked for “freedom” as his birthday gift.

Isha – She was the most sought after girl in the campus. Almost every guy in the college had a crush on her but being the best, she always desired for the best. Varun was the obvious choice although he was seeing someone else at that time. Isha’s argument was simple – she was the most sought after girl and Varun was the most sought after boy so they were destined together. Varun, on the other hand, was already bored of his 6 months looong relationship was looking for a change himself. He was open for any girl who was stupid enough to go out with him. (Com’on he is a guy) So, he accepted Isha’s offer and the couple could be spotted in the library dark corridors or behind the volleyball court after sunset or in the girl’s bathroom which was no longer in use for next 7 months.

“Enough Isha. It has been 3 months now. Get over him and I totally agree with you – He is a Jerk so lets now talk about him” Ruchi said.
Ruchi and Nikita were the best friends of Isha. The trio had got the sweet nick name of “the evil trio”.

Ruchi seemed to be particularly upset. May be because her friend was upset or may be because she was also dumped by the same Varun. This happened about a month back and she was the reason why Varun dumped Isha in the first place. Ruchi, being a friend of Isha, didn’t want Isha to know about her affair with Varun. She wass after all her best friend. So when she proposed Varun, she requested him to keep it secret which Varun gladly accepted. Ruchi’s take away was the she managed to keep her friendship with Isha while stealing away her boy-friend and Varun’s take away was that he could officially look for other girls while going out with Ruchi. Finally Varun found a new girl just before the examinations. Ruchi blamed Varun for her poor (P) grades but other students of the class believed that she maintained her consistent performance.

“How can he do this to me”. Isha was in tears now. It was a huge set back on her ego and loss of face in the campus.
“Not again” Ruchi said. “For God sake just chuck it now. It is not a big deal”.
“Not a big deal. How can even you say that” Isha revolted.
“I mean, what he did is definitely wrong and for that he will burn in hell” Ruchi explained. Obviously she was thinking about her case.

They both wanted to make Varun’s life hell, but they could not do much on their own. Neither had they support nor friendship of other students.

Nikita was self absorbed in her thoughts during all this time. She must be bored of this daily drama.
“Just look at him. The shameless bast$%46, trying to woo that rich chick from the first year” Ruchi snapped.

Nikita “Where”
Ruchi “Behind that tree in the park”.
Isha “That #$@@$@#* jerk”

Nikita’s smile suddenly disappeared and now she was out of her dream world and was seeing the reality in front of eyes. A tear appeared in her eye and she only managed to say “He is a Jerk”.

Monday, December 07, 2009

August Rush

Dec 7, 2009. An entry in Dhruv's Diary

I never thought that I would fall in love. I have always been that kind of person who used to think there is no thing called love. People meet one another and they take the decision, by using only their brains, about their future life partner. I used to think love as a concept, exists only in movies and fairy tales.

I didn’t realize it while I was with her. She was a friend, a good friend. Does love exist and if exist what is love. I don’t know. But why there is so much pain and everything seems just meaningless because one person is not around. Darkness is the proof that light exists. Pain and loneliness made me realize what I missed and or lost.

This is the rest of the post
Richa came for the dinner and she liked my feeble attempt. She was happy because finally I did something for her. It made me happy. But then after some days she stopped returning my calls. This is how it happened, rather ended. I didn’t get to know why and how it ended. Every other thing in life is just as same, still it does not feel the same. May it is love and it does exist in real.

“August Rush” is her favorite movie and she insisted me to watch this movie and I always used to forget. I have seen it now, 4 times, actually every Saturday after she stopped returning my calls. It is a nice movie. It is about a boy who find his parents by his music and two lovers who find each other also by their music. Sadly, I am not a musician or an artist or even a writer. It is a fairy tale setting where people do live happily ever after in the end. (Guess, something does only happen in fairy tales.).

It just feels nice, whenever I watch this movie. The only thing she left to me. It is like feeling her presence, may be she is watching me whenever I see this movie. This sounds weird so may this is love. Now it is my favorite movie rather my favorite part of the week. Though it takes great amount of perseverance not dialing her number, I am doing a fairly good job.

I am going on with life as before, meeting friends, etc. Life will go on and so will I. I don’t think it is necessary to get over her. She may not be around but now she is close to me. “Once you are here, you are never gone”. The winter wind seems to consoling me with its cold touch. It is true that love does not make the earth go round, but it certainly makes the trip worthwhile. I used to term these as crap just month ago. Not any more, rather, it makes more sense than anything else, to wait for her.
Right now, FM is playing,
“Tere Bina Zindagi se sikwa to nahi, tere bina zindagi zindagi
Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin, zindagi, to nahi”

How True.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


She must be here any moment now. Dhruv is planning a surprise for Richa. Actually, not a surprise. She forced him to plan a surprise. She granted him 48 hours, Monday and Tuesday. Generous! He wanted to do something for her for a long time but it never happened. He was having a rough time at work, with project deadlines and other engagements. This time, he was having client visit on Monday, but she did not listen. Now, this is one chance, he has to impress her.

We want to do something perfect and like it happens, nothing seems perfect so we just keep postponing. We fear to take chances. It is true; nothing is perfect unless you love it. ‘She may not like it but it is better than nothing, and who knows it may turn to be perfect.’

As usual, he did not do much on Monday, except for planning. Today, somehow, he managed to leave office at 7 and bought her favorite ‘Kababs’ way back to his apartment. His maid ditched him today, so he had to do the cleaning himself. He thought of many things but in the end he settled for tried and tested way; flowers, food, ice-cream and a small gift. He had a plan. First, the flowers then they sit down and talk in the balcony, then dinner and ice-cream and finally the gift. Cliché, but trustworthy.
(He requested his friend to get ice-cream and a bouquet but she did not need to know this. This is what friends are for.).

'What he must be doing? He was in office till 7. Hopefully, everything went well in his office. He was really busy. May be I overdid it. I just wanted to make him realize that there is more in life than work. Life doesn’t mean living only in weekends. We start working in order to make a living but gradually the work becomes our life.'
Richa was thinking on her way to Dhruv’s apartment. She had her expectation set to lowest level. She did not intend him to do anything fancy for her. Anything he will do will impress her.

Oops, I forgot to put those Kababs in microwave. He hurried to kitchen. He was enjoying the moment.

May be next time, I will plan something better. He was slightly nervous only. He checked. Everything was in place. One question remains ‘Whether she will like it?’.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Independence Day

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We celebrated another year of independence last week. Many were less enthusiastic this year because it was Saturday. Some, who have 6 days a week, still have reason to be happy for. Nevertheless, 15th Aug is the most important day for India because freedom has come after paying a heavy price.

We, I and my friends were thinking, how we never do anything for our mother nation. True.
Why? Not certain. There are many reasons which can be cited, why even a responsible and law abiding citizen of India, does so little for his/her country. However convincing they may sound, I know that, Love will find its way; everything else will find an excuse.

So many leaders, movies, activist etc try to motivate the general masses for coming forward, to share responsibility in building up the nation. I was wondering, why and where they fail?
Imagine an army in a battle field. Commander of this army, who happens to be a man of great stature and a very vibrant orator, is making a speech how the soldiers must fight for their nation. At this very moment, in the last row, feeble looking foot soldier is trying to sneak out of his rank without being seen. In this example, one powerful man is trying to motivate mass by his words and other hand an ordinary man is setting an example by his action. He is not even trying to motivate others. Still, many will follow him. Action speaks louder than words.

I hope we get enough good examples to follow this year. I want to end this with a prayer which we used to sing in class I-II,
“Humko man ki shakti dena, man vijay kare,
Dusro ke jai se pehle, khud ko jay kare.”

[God, give us mental strength to win ourselves].

Monday, May 04, 2009


Sorry for such long pause. I will be regular from now and also my daily blog will be updated regularly. And yes, all characters in this blog are are fictional. Any resemblance can be intentional but I will not take any responsibility. Enjoy and please leave your comments.

Sumita entered the room and she heard Dhruv saying “Why does she always do that?”
“What happened?” She asked.
Saurabh replied to Sumi “They had a fight”.
“Again!!” Sumi replied with a grin.

“I am so disturbed and you are making fun of the situation” Dhruv said and he seemed to be bit annoyed.

“Ok sorry. What you did this time to make Nidhi angry?” asked Sumi, trying to hide her smile with false seriousness.
“I did NOTHING” “Ok may be I forgot our anniversary.”
“No. Our first meet anniversary.”
“Dude, why don’t you keep alerts on your mobile or something” snapped Saurabh and immediately looked towards Sumi and said “I don’t keep alerts.”
Sumi said with a smile, “It’s ok and I have all your passwords.”

“Guys, we are discussing my problem, and I did set and alert on my mobile phone. In the office I saw the alert and I made of note and put it in the drawer, but then I got busy and there was so much work today. In the evening I just forgot about the note and all. Finally I reached home at 10 pm”

Saurabh said “..and Nidhi didn’t open the door.”

“Yeah” replied Dhruv. He was sad and down with guilt. He continued in a low voice “Guys, I really love her. I don’t go to my favorite restaurant any more because she doesn’t like it. Sometime I watch soaps instead of match. I never complain about her endless shopping. I gave up so many of my favorite things for her. Sometime I miss doing those stuffs but then I think she is more important. I wish she ..”

Sumi, took Dhruv hand in her hand and replied softly “We all know you love her. Nidhi also knows that. Just that she also gets irritated when she misses her favorite thing”

“And what is that..”

“You”. She replied. “spending time with you, shopping with you and watching soap with you.”

Dhruv looked puzzled for a minute and then he rushed towards the door. He just said “Guys I have to go, and … Thanks guys especially you Sumi.”

“No problem and good night buddy”.

Dhruv left the apartment rushed down the stairs and as he headed towards his own apartment he knew what he had to do. He knew though someone was angry , she was still waiting for him, very eagerly.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Change. It is inevitable. Quotes. You will find one for everything and they are so confusing like life. Rarely we understand and mostly we don’t but we use it anyway. This is also a quote. You should speak your mind. If you don't who will. The very next site offers you a totally different quote. Words should be chosen wisely because you cannot take them back. A wound can be healed with time but it leaves scars behind. I don't know whether I will regret writing all this or not but I have to take it out.

 I am living away from my home since class V. As a result, I always find my friends closer to me than my family. I spent 6 years in RKMV Narendrapur hostel. There are many things which you guys will find weird about that hostel (school). But for us that was the way of living. I still remember my first day at Narendrapur. There were lots of strange faces and I didnot Bengali which was going to be a problem. My home was an overnight train ride from Kolkata but that seemed to be galaxies away at that time. I soon realized these strangers were just like me, lost and alone. In them I found friends and friendship which totally changed my life. Friendship, which can be valued and treasured for life. After board examination when we were leaving for our homes for one last time, many were crying. But I wasn't. At that time, internet was not so popular among us. So we exchanged phone numbers and address, filled slam books and promised to be in contact forever.

 Time passed and I again found myself in hostel. This time it was IIT Kharagpur, a totally different world from RKMV Narendrapur. This time situation was not so bad. I already knew some people and finally the group stuck and lasted through all the ups and downs of our engineering career. Time had changed. This was no longer school where kids used to live. This was an engineering hostel. Friendship at this stage was a total different game which was not the case at school. It was simple there. You like someone or you don’t.  Here it was not going to be so simple. Some is casual friendship, some what you can say 'matlab ke yaar' and some friends who were like family. I rarely used to meet or call my school friends but whenever I got chance I tried to meet them. I expected to meet the person who used to study with me in school but time has turned them into a different person. 

But that was normal (It was easy to convince myself at that time). A lot of things change after class X as we all know. Adolescence is replaced by adulthood, worries about career, worries about girl friends which further increases worries and increasing differences from your parents. So it was understandable and though I get to meet friends, I still missed friends whom I knew in school days. But engineering friendship is totally different. Character of person has taken shape and it is harder to change now.


So again when I was leaving KGP, I was not that sad like other people. And now we can easily locate each other on mobile and virtual world of internet. And it happened exactly like this. I am in regular touch with a lot of my friends. I supposed nothing unexpected would happen now.


But alas again I was wrong. Change. It is inevitable. All the time I get to hear.. you havenot changed a bit. I just smile and say nothing. But was it supposed to be change. You are not supposed to be changed. I still have a lots of friends on whom I can rely and have lots of fun when we meet. I know (atleast I assume) they will support if I need their help. But they are some what different people. There is some loss of innocence and enthusiasm. We cannot relish on small thing as we used to do before. We hide our loneliness and weakness from each other like we fear each other now. Silent and stupid conversations are no longer meaningful. These things brought us together. With time, we will grow older, marry someone, will have kids. Many things will change but something should not.


 Now I guess, I understand why people cry and get sad when they leave dear ones behind. They know things will never be same again. It took me so long to realize what most people knew intuitively. From now on, probably I will take each good bye more seriously because change ... change is inevitable. Should it end this way or we can write a new beginning for this.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Larki Kyun?...

I also think about it sometimes… (Ok! more than sometime). The thing which amazes me most is that girls think all men, barring their dad, brothers and boyfriends (only current one, ex is the biggest dog); are dog, mean and bas$#@#$. How it can be true because all men are dad, brothers, bfs of some girl. After giving it some thought I come up with two theories which may explain this paradox.
1. They tend to overlook faults of their dad, son, brothers, bfs. (Which will eventually lead to the corollary that all men are really dog mean and bas$#@#$.)
2. Natural defense. Fear is the natural defense. Like we fear all snakes although most of us know that only 5% of the snakes are poisonous and hence dangerous. This is for our own safety because we cannot differentiate between a poisonous and non-poisonous one.

Great scholars have unanimously concluded “No one can understand girls”. Being a mortal, I will not even dare to decipher them. Plus, I studied in boys school and almost all boys colleges. So I am not qualified enough to do so.
I use humorous lines against girls that is only because I find them funny and most of the time they are applicable to both. …just change “she” with “he”. Let me tell you about some girls I know.

She is cuteness personified. She is so pretty that even girls are having crushes on her. She got the best smile in the college. She has got more than 7 shades of nail polish/lipsticks and countless earrings. She is beautiful and she is smart. She is adored by her friends. But she is not only about looks.

She is delicate yet tough enough to challenge guys for bike races. She is the best amateur blog writer I know (she is better than many pros). She can fly plane. She can play guitar. She won many painting competitions (one of her painting is displayed at local zoo). She know Japanese better than Japanese and hindi (may be :D) better than me. She plays football for India (represents Indian team). She is a total genetic freak (crazy about her subject… genetics). From her you should expect the unexpected.

She is so talented yet she is banvri (bawari). Sometime she acts crazy. When she spilt some cheese salt on her dress, she literally ran away (although it was not so noticeable). Oh! She calls the small pond near our office, Mansarovar. She likes solving silly puzzles in train. Her voice is like a kid and loves to prank and to be pampered. She plays Unreal/Quake and jumbles on DC++ too. And she liked “Jab We Met” so much that she has watched this movie several times in multiplexes, ALONE.
She is girl with many avatars and names, truly like Mohmaya. She sings well. She is like basanti of sholay (kyu thik shik hai na). She is little slow in typing but very very fast in bak bak aur kya bolti hai… She got more than 32k scraps in orkut. And she is very moody. She is busy like managers. In short she is like pappu and she can dance too (she is yet to show the proofs; her dancing pics). And she is kind enough to gift me lollypops.

Ofcourse, all shes’ are not the same ‘she’. They all are different but common in one sense; They are all special. All the best to all of you. And the two very special girls , I know, have one more thing in common. They, both celebrated their birthday yesterday (29th September).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


When I opened my eyes for the first time, I saw light, people and this world. Before that I was free from the limits of mind, a state where you have nothing and you want nothing … not even peace. I knew about nothing and I wanted to know nothing and then I opened my eyes and I grew wise.

But that was a tough time. I was totally dependent on others. If I wanted to go somewhere I had to tell someone to take me there. And that was not easy; they did not always understand what I used to say. They used to first check my diapers and a series of guesses used to follow. Sometime they even used to take me to totally opposite direction. After sometime I realized my legs are strong enough to take my weight and I took my first step. I was ready to go places. I grew wiser.

Soon, it was evident that I had to learn their language for a proper communication. I do not remember my first word but they had a long debate on what was my first word. Anyways, I started learning language and I grew wiser.

Then on one fateful day, my parents left me at some weird place, full of intelligent guys like me and some stupid grown ups who even tried to teach us. We used to make fun of them, laugh at them and surprisingly they used to find it cute. But I still hated that place. In the evening when my mother came to pick me up, I ran and hugged her. I was crying and she tried to make me quiet by presenting me my favorite chocolate. That day, I realized there is something sweeter than my favorite chocolate.

After that I had a series of myth-busters like my dad is superman, my big brother knows everything; I can buy or have anything I want etc.

Then I learnt Mathematics, which adds doubts and divides our faith.

When I was eight I used to get really annoyed when some stupid girl used to come and would say that they want to play cricket with me/us. After some years I understood their importance
(So what she was stupid) and I started liking them but they were no longer interested in playing cricket. I realized the importance of time.

Then I learnt about the rules and this was my first introduction to crime.

When I came to college, I realized how good was school days (which I used to hate so much during my school days); when I started working, I used to miss my college days and fun. After marriage, sigh… you know better. Only after exams, I get to know the full syllabus for that subject. With every failure and success, I learnt something and I termed it as experience.

You grow stronger to a certain age and then start getting weaker. We, sometimes neglect the important things in our lives over trivial matters. Now, that I am dying, I have learnt a great deal and have enough experience to do good and right things. But I do not have the strength and time. Why Life do this to us? When we are finally capable of understanding things in a better way, it stops. It is stopping for me. I can feel my eye lids getting heavier. So, all my wisdom will of no use to me or to anyone else. At this moment, I realizes, ‘Ignorance is bliss’.

PS: Jokes are only for fun, do not take it as my chauvinism.

Monday, July 28, 2008


That day, I was throwing pebbles in the water. My mind was wandering.
First thought:
Why I am throwing pebbles in the water. What I want to achieve from it.
# I don’t like pebbles and so let’s throw them all in water.
# I read and likes the story in which crow was able to drink the water from the pitcher by dropping pebbles and I want to experiment it first hand.

I have just felt like doing it, without any motive, without any purpose but I certainly wanted to do it.

Second thought:
Is it Newton’s third law or first law? Some water splashes but then certainly upon action of a force, motion has started into the water. I guess momentum is also conserved. Confusing.. leave it.

All this thinking drew my mind from throwing pebbles and I started observing the pattern of ripples.

Pebbles touch the water surface at one point but it affects the whole pond. Ripples starts from one point and move outwards, growing bigger and creates vibrations to it whole vastness. Sometimes two opposite waves cancel each other and sometimes they add to conjure a bigger wave.

Third thought
I don’t know how and when it started but I started making an analogy between this silent pond and our society.
Our society is like a big silent pond and our actions are like pebbles. Repercussions do not end there, even if that action is limited to two people. Stronger tries to subdue the weaker. He assumes that weak ones cannot harm him. What he forgets, is that, he cannot remain strong for ever. No one can win all the time. Even the best of the best are defeated. They fall. And if they are making fun of someone, they will get it back, in return and may be with interest. May be they are strong, they are the best but the people they love may not be. If he ridicules someone in his ‘superbia’(call it angry stone), it will be like throwing a stone in the pond (society) and ripples are going to affect him back or will affect his loved ones. Like wise if he helps, consoles, thanks someone (call it happy stone), he will be again creating a ripple in the pond but this a good one. It will touch others they will feel happy and happy people do good things.

This world has a lot of problems. Sadness prevails everywhere. We do not feel safe anymore… anywhere.
May be we can change it. When people talk about changing the world they talk about big problems with bigger measure to curb the problems. I differ. I think on line of principles of ‘soft computing’. I think about small things. Do small things. Do not insult someone because he is not as good as you are. Respect others. Accept them as they are. Throw happy stones and not angry stones. It will make others happy and happy people do good things. And remember ripples do not die easily. They will touch you back in some form.

And like throwing stones in the water, I wanted to share this with you all, without any motives .. without any purpose. I just threw a stone in the water.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Survival Instincts


“Firing has again started” says Vyom, aloud but only to himself. He is the lone survivor of that safe house. Sometime back, violence has erupted all over the country. Two strong organizations have claimed themselves as the ruler of the land and they are fighting against each other and government for power control.

Vyom has very little supplies left in the safe house. A stray bullet can finish his story anytime. Sometime he wished for it.

Living alone hopelessly becomes difficult that death seems peaceful. His hope is diminishing and only miracle can save him. And miracles do happen. Or that’s we believe.

Yesterday he saw Tanu, lying unconscious outside the safe house and he brought her inside, the safe house. He knew Tanu. They were friends, used to hangout together. Tanu is still unconscious. Vyom have seen many of his friends dying in front of him. This time he will not let it happen. He does not want to be alone again. He will take Tanu to government military camp, located out of the city or will die trying. He will save Tanu.

She is coming back to her senses now. Compared to gunshots, her voice seems musical to Vyom. Vyom consoles her that she is safe now. Vyom can feel his hope and strength returning.

For two days, he feeds her and cleans her wounds. They do not have much time to spare. Enemies are closing in. And they have no food… no choice. Vyom cannot see much beyond his safe house boundry. He asks Tanu to suggest the best strategy to go out from the city. Tanu is still scared. Beads of sweat on her forehead and no coherency in her talks. Vyom holds hand in attempt to assure her that everything is going to be okay.

Suddenly Vyom notices a white cloth belt sort of thing on Tanu’s waist.

He jumps off the bed. Takes out his revolver and aims it between the eyes of Tanu. Vyom bellows in anger “What’s in your waist”.

Tanu, who is too scared to speak anything, moves her hand to her waist.

Vyom speaks in hatred “That is bomb,right”.

Tanu mumbled in fear “No No”.

“Stop it” and without giving her any chance to prove anything he pulls the trigger many times.

Gunshots and that harmless piece of cloth is getting red by Tanu’s blood.


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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


She is still awake. It is already 3 am. She looks towards Abhay. There is a smile on his face. Is this due to a dream or is he still thinking about her, she wonders. She gets down from the bed as quietly as possible. Abhay shrugs as she tries to pull herself out from his arms and his smile disappears momentarily, but quickly he returns to his blissful state. That smile is too mesmerizing for Jas. She has never felt like that before. She watches Abhay sleeping for some more time then she turns towards the window. The cool summer wind is giving her a gentle shiver. Slowly she picks linen from the hotel floor and wrapped it on her body and hugging herself she starts walking towards the window and pulling her neck up, she allows the breeze to play with her hairs and memories starts clustering her mind. Today is Abhay’s birthday and tonight was her gift to him.

Jas is not her real name. She adopted Jas from Jasvinder, her real name. Right from her adolescence she was aware of her beauty. She never had problems in making friends. Abhay was just a normal character in the college but good in studies. Naturally, Jas was not even aware of Abhay’s existence in the college. After college, Jas felt a pang of reality. With beauty, companies were also looking for qualifications. But in the end she managed to get a decent job. There she met Payal.

Payal was also in her college, studious but not happening, the kind Jas and her gang always target for their pranks. Here, she was Jas’s only acquaintance. So Jas and Payal started spending time together. Payal helped her Jas out with everything leaving behind the pranks of college days. Payal and Abhay were very good friends and may be, Payal was having feeling for him. Abhay immediately recognized Jas and after sometime Jas also realized that Abhay was a nice guy. She thought of stealing Abhay from Payal and this did not turn out to be very difficult as Abhay had a secret crush on Jas in his college days. Deceived and lost, Payal moved to different city and different company leaving Abhay totally for Jas. Jas was used of girls loosing to her. But this time she felt emptiness inside Abhay though she managed to keep him allured by her beauty. Jas had never thought that she would fall for a guy like Abhay and now mere thought of losing Abhay make her desperate. Love do make people better.

So she always tries to make him happy and today she tried whatever she could. She looked towards Abhay again, still sleeping and still smiling. She smiles back but then her face stiffens. Memories of Payal are haunting her today. At this moment she feels a unique connection with her, feels her like sisters. She can feel her pain today. Tears of guilt and sorrow, roll down her cheeks. She knows she has lost Abhay, just like Payal did. Payal lost to Jas’s beauty and this time Jasvinder has lost to Jas’s beauty. She starts crying for herself. Payal has a chance as Jas will not be there everytime but for Jasvinder…. she always have to compete against Jas’s beauty and most probably she will lose everytime.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Adieu 2007

It is said that everyone salutes the rising sun but they are wrong. The title for this blog is ‘Adieu 2007’ and not ‘Welcome 2008’. The sun for 2007 has set (In every corner of Earth). About 37 million heart beats and 5.3 million breathes (we really work hard, just for our survival) accounts for what… one year (2007)… which is gone and in return we have some lawful and unlawful assassinations, people dying every second (and those who are not dead, are busy making this place worse), war for peace, politicians talking and soldiers dying and common folks suffering, jealousy hatred and reality shows. Surprisingly our earth is still standing on its axis.

I don’t know how history will remember 2007. I don’t even know how long this history will remain. Time is so powerful that this vast universe will also perish someday fighting against it.

With each year, month, day … moment we get closer to death, still we celebrate things like ‘New Year’. Try to remember the 1st Jan, 2007. How you hoped, you wished for all happiness and joy but it did not work. It is not supposed to work. Bet! This year would be the same.

So much pain, so much suffering, so much sadness. Then, why there is so much fuss, why we do not accept our fate and wait for the inevitable.

If you try to find the answer you will not succeed. You can only forget this question. Hope… it is a very small and fragile thing to have yet it is the only thing worth having. Whether we wanted this or not but this is our life. Now it is up to us, what we are going to do with it… smile towards it or sulk over it. The darkness is huge, but a ray will do. Even the best of friends will not stay with us forever. We all are on our own here. They can only help if we try. You can always find reasons to be depressed but most of the time it is just lack of our sensibility. I have seen people who have suffered (in true sense) have a more zest and respect towards life.

The sun is rising again. Let’s make every moment count.

Look more towards people who love you than people whom you love. I love you all (atleast i will try to but only together we can succeed.

Welcome 2008

Saturday, December 08, 2007

To Whom It May Concern (2)

Not much changed in last one year so the title continues to be same.
(last year edition)


My dear,

I love you. Yes, I love you and I would like you to consider on my proposal. I know this decision is going to be very crucial for you, so I intend to help in every possible way. I know you are single and you know me and you like me, so the only logical thing which can come to your mind, is the possibility of a happy future life, taking into consideration the good and the bad things associated with me and you will start mulling over it. On the other hand, I do not intend to make this letter a long one so I am leaving the good points, which leaves us with bad points, thankfully they are not many.

# Not so good looking (Ok, I don’t want any comments on that )

Well I think this is good because no other girl will try to steal me from you.

# I cannot take care of myself. My room and habits are all messy.

For this I will need you forever. I cannot live without you for a single day. (I need you because I love you)

# I am not stylish.

Means I am not wasting much money. You can buy your diamonds (ROFL, one diamond in one lifetime) with that and personally I would feel happier if you say that diamond is your best friend or if I see you giggling with your diamond instead of some other guy.

And I haven’t traveled much yet but I like seeing new places so one thing assured, is that I will take you on vacations regularly. And I do not drink. After 40, mostly men party for drinking and as I don’t, so my friends won’t be inviting me much for parties and I will be at your service, totally. And I am a good learner. If you can teach me in some interesting way , I can learn a lot.

Woohoo. Amazing. You are getting much more you thought you can ever get and you can see that I have good sense of humour. Many things will change in life but I will not stop loving you. And one more thing, in this ‘pati-vrata’ (although a dying trend) Indian girl mentality, chances are high that I can find another girl who is totally devoted to me but where can you find another such boy. Just kidding

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tag # 2

I am thinking about
: Manythings, one of them is how to improve my blog template.

I said: Beware of your wishes, they might be granted.

I want to: Play and run and laugh and scream.

I wish: To make the world a better place to live. [:P hehehehe]

I regret: I do manythings which other might think as waste of time and energy. [Bhagwan dusro ko budhi do :P, aur mujhe sad-budhi]

I hear: PC running and people talking.

I am: an intelligent idiot.

I dance: :O. never

I sing : Almost as good as cacaphonix.

I cry: In the rain.

I am not: You.

I write: Because it is challenging for me.

I confuse: With almost everything.

I need: what everyone else needs, acceptance.

#If you reading this line, you are tagged.


Tag # 1

Tagged by Deepshikha

One thing about the person who sent u this

She makes awesome chocolates

(can we have more?)

One thing U hate in urself

To name one, I think a lot…. Sochta jyada hu.. jeeta kam hu ;)

(yeh dialogue suna suna lag raha hai)

Two things u'd do by ur next birthday

#Get driving license

#My daily blog will have 150 posts

(Pretty easy targets… kar lena)

Two things u want to have been changed by ur birthday

#My location (I should seriously think about this because my flat mates will move out anyway)

#Drama in reality shows

(Impossible, I m not sure about the first one though)

Three things u could say to the kid who worships u

#Listen and don’t watch me.

#I am more than you think. ;)

#Grow up!!! :D

(waise yeh bachhe hai kaha :O )

Three things for your soul

#Is it true that you are immortal

#What I, or rather You, were in last birth

#This is my(your) birth number …… ??

Four things for an Ideal lover





(rest follows… I know I know, I got carried away)

Four things that u have and will give me ….

Hahahaha… u really want them??

# My wit

# My time

# My Advice

# My Ideas

(Still want anything… ?? :d)

Five things u hate in others

# Inferiority Complex

# Treating someone in a manner in which that person, himself, would not like to treated.

# Bullying someone who is already scared.

# Prejudice

# Smoking

Five things u r scared of

# Misfortune

# My anger

# Free fall

# Boredom

# Heights

(list me aur bahut kuchh hai… )

Six under known facts about u

# I generally don’t lie

# Can flirt

# Have a nice aim

# I have no gf and never had any..

# I get angry too often

# I am more than you I am.

(Sach ke alawa kuchh nahi)

Six things u want the world to say about u

(Toughest one, because mujhe khud nahi pata mujhe kya chahiye)

# Whatever they feel in reality. Jhooti barai se karwa sachh better hai *sigh*

If you reading this line, you are tagged.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Some Guy I know

Everyone is special in his own way. But then there is something called general opinion. Fortunately or unfortunately, I met a lot of above normal people. To name a few:

Praveen: who can give complex to even his superiors/seniors

Avinash: everyone wants to be with you and even want to be like you.

Srinivas: one of the most popular characters of IIT Kharagpur

Biswadeep: put him in any group and he will be accepted as most responsible in the lot

Sunasir: cracked CAT without studying

Anurag: quizzing wizard and not aware of his own potential

Abhishek: silent assassin

Debprotim: industrial department stud

Saurabh: became famous in his final year at IIT Kharagpur and now recognized stud.

Rohit: Genius

Joydeep: Happy go lucky. His lady luck is too strong.

Niladri: Don't ever study with him.He will score decently and you will fail.

Shahid: Engineer by destiny artist by choice

Santa: Awarded medal from Indian Mining Society for his 'outstanding contribution to mining industry' plus he can beat me in nfs 5.

Vinay: who needs to be intelligent when you look so great... just kidding.. he is intelligent too


Well, it is not important to write all the names (anyway these names don’t require my recognition or credit in my blog). And also they are not special because they are my friends. But leave them. Stories are also always woven, songs are always sung for extra-ordinary people. In all these story of common man is left behind probably because we all know it too well.

But today’s tale is about a simple guy, some guy I know. I spent my four year with him, 4 long years. I know him too well. He can be read easily like an open book. He bugs everyone a lot even for his small decisions.

“Kya jee yeh thik rahega?”.. his very typical dialog … “HAAN BABA… THEEK RAHEGA”… used to be my nth response.

But what he lacks elsewhere, he makes it up by his immense zeal. Whatever he wants he eventually get it. Not because he is lucky but because he will keep trying for it for it.

His enthusiasm is unparalleled. Very recently he fell in love. Someone built Taj for his beloved what does he do? What makes his love story so special? Nothing!!

Once a monthly recharge of Rs 300 was enough to cover his mobile bills but now he requires a recharge of 300 every alternate day. So he talks a lot with his girl, must be good in talking with girls. No! He is a very shy person and all credit goes to that girl who tolerate him (yes in the beginning it is irritating but then you get used and he is addictive). One day he was talking with her and he thought he should meet her. That evening, he set to Jabalpur (1313 km from Bangalore) without any preplan and reservation to propose her. He spent less than 10 hrs with her there. Funny guy. Is the same person who used to be confused even on smallest decision? Probably this is love. I give lectures to others on love but he just awed me.

So friends! Here I present Amit Anand, his simplicity is his specialty. And for this Amit Anand, today I, legendary and ‘mahan’ Bhav bow in front of you.

BTW, he plays flute. Check my orkut video or this link.

Keep checking my daily blog.