Saturday, December 08, 2007

To Whom It May Concern (2)

Not much changed in last one year so the title continues to be same.
(last year edition)


My dear,

I love you. Yes, I love you and I would like you to consider on my proposal. I know this decision is going to be very crucial for you, so I intend to help in every possible way. I know you are single and you know me and you like me, so the only logical thing which can come to your mind, is the possibility of a happy future life, taking into consideration the good and the bad things associated with me and you will start mulling over it. On the other hand, I do not intend to make this letter a long one so I am leaving the good points, which leaves us with bad points, thankfully they are not many.

# Not so good looking (Ok, I don’t want any comments on that )

Well I think this is good because no other girl will try to steal me from you.

# I cannot take care of myself. My room and habits are all messy.

For this I will need you forever. I cannot live without you for a single day. (I need you because I love you)

# I am not stylish.

Means I am not wasting much money. You can buy your diamonds (ROFL, one diamond in one lifetime) with that and personally I would feel happier if you say that diamond is your best friend or if I see you giggling with your diamond instead of some other guy.

And I haven’t traveled much yet but I like seeing new places so one thing assured, is that I will take you on vacations regularly. And I do not drink. After 40, mostly men party for drinking and as I don’t, so my friends won’t be inviting me much for parties and I will be at your service, totally. And I am a good learner. If you can teach me in some interesting way , I can learn a lot.

Woohoo. Amazing. You are getting much more you thought you can ever get and you can see that I have good sense of humour. Many things will change in life but I will not stop loving you. And one more thing, in this ‘pati-vrata’ (although a dying trend) Indian girl mentality, chances are high that I can find another girl who is totally devoted to me but where can you find another such boy. Just kidding


cosmos delight said...

kabhi milaye to unse sahi!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am not sure abt ur last "to whomsoever it may concern" but this one has got to be specific...
nd i think i know who that girl is...

nd i think she also knows it..
kya kehta puch lun usse kya ki whether she knows its for her or not??

. on the other hand. bahut bahut mast blog hai be...
really bahut mast.. u can match ur wits with her, i am sure.. nd if she is princess deserving diamonds then ur prince deserving her..

Rohit Anand said...

i am thinking of outsourcing my first love letter to you.

prav said...

ur bad qualities will be gud on her but wht are the chances tht ur gud qualities wont harm her...but neways i really wish u win this

chandu said...

Your love letter writing skills are deteriorating.

I think the special someone would love to see the first edition.

chandu said...

On a second thought, is it because there is no more a need to write one? if you get the drift.. ;) :P

Deepshikha said...

are u sure u don't have an inspiration?

Voice said...

hogi to na milwaunga :(

thnx be
waise still koi nahi hai...

i will be waiting

this is no game :) aur muh miya mithu nahi karna tha :P isiliye only bad points :) thnx

i thought lets try it someother way. and ur second thought is not correct :)

Voice said...

inspiration is there but i dont know where....

dumka said...

yaar ek letter mere liye bhi... i m confident ki fir doobara letter ka jaroorat nahi padega

Deepshikha said...

I really doubt an unknown inspiration can make u so inspired :D
why dont u make a career out of writing love letters? like wedding planners, love letter writer... wat say?

Voice said...

yaar... letter me kya hai isase sayad hi farak parta hai... kaun de raha hai yahi baat hai...
so tu kisi ko bhi kuchh bhi likh kar de ... man jayegi woh, aur mere ko 100 likhna parega kam se kam :P

andekha anjana is more inspiring :P
good plan... want to start this business partner?

Anonymous said...



the most fundoo comment ever...

anon singh

Raja said...

not a bad idea. but, of no use if the gal has read the post without knowing it's her. Did you leave some clue?

Voice said...

i do not know even whether she has read it or not.
I m clueless myself

thnx for commenting :)

Minu Shankar said...

gud one but i feel the previous edition was better

Anonymous said...

i dunno abt her but i wud have never said a NO aftr readin dat.


Phenomenon said...

Probably classic words of making a lasting impression...But unfortunately impression haven't lasted is evident from the post.

somebody xceptional said...

Nice post...we'll keep an eye on your blog now onwards.

extremum said...

lots for inspiration from someones's inspiration.


Voice said...

i tried it in different way

ishke liye ek lolliepop

itni safai se bhi koi kisi ki leta hai :P
who are you :)

agar nhi rakha to wahi ankh for dunga :)

kaha koi inspiration hai

Chitrangada said...

why u witting fictitious letters ????

wat is cooking :P

badiya likha but i have certain doubts abt non existing person :P

i miss ur dream fiction ..why don u write that kind ..:)

Megha said...

I see you giggling with your diamond instead of some other guy.

fantastic…..yeh kiske liye letter likha jaa reha hai…..;)

Voice said...

kya doubts hai apke... ?

i will continue it...
thnx deeps

i dont know kiske liye hai? :))
thnx megha

Megha said...

kiske liye hai woh nahi pata bas likh diya[:o][:o]

Anonymous said...

i know i know

sonik said...

hmmm, trt trt trt

Piyush k Mishra said...

i hope isne kaam kiya ho tumhara!!(actually m sure) said...

i think ur blog is quite revealing.. if i take it to b true.. gud candid writing!!

Bhawna said...

what a patni vrata post! rofl

Bhawna said...

what a patni vrata post! rofl