Monday, November 20, 2006

To whomever it may concern

Height of flirting: To write a love letter with title to whomever it may concern. But it is not exactly like this. Actually I wanted to write a love-letter but I have no one to write to so I preferred this title. And, moreover I don’t want to break any heart, so let it be like this only. Again! You people are wrong, jiska naam likhta dil ushka tut-ta.


For quite a few days, I wanted to say you something. But I was not able to structure my feeling in words and secondly I was not sure about your response. So going by the age-old method, I am lettering this to you. I never thought that I will ever do it, but now today I am going to do it. Hey! Wish me luck.

From the day we met, I liked a lot of things about you. I liked your sense of humour, your style, your dressing sense even the pictures you put in your avatars at different places. I used to think that I like you only because of all these. I liked thinking about you all the time. In every moment I used to think if you would have been here how you would have reacted. Even while watching movies, commercial or cricket match, I always wished you to be with me. I used to think your funny comments would have made it more interesting. At sad moments also I used to think that your words can inspire me. I used to think that I want to be with you because you are interesting and inspiring.

Then, one day I was thinking of some joke [that too to tell you] I remembered a really stupid joke. The joke goes like this- Santa singh goes to doctor and told him that every bone in his body is broken. Doctor asked “tell me exactly which bone”. Santa pressed his index finger to his thigh and told see it hurts, so thigh bone is broken, then he pressed his index finger to hand bone and said it hurts too, so it is broken too and likewise he repeated this process and he concluded that all his bones are broken. Then the doctor replied “Stupid, you index finger is broken”. Until that day, I used to think it as a stupid joke of stupid Santa singh. But that day I realized if we think as metaphor this is not really a stupid joke. Many a times we fail to realize the most obvious thing. I suddenly realized that day well it not the whole body it is just the finger .. means it is not everything you do or put I like. Actually it is the finger i.e. you. I like all these because you do it. It struck me like an arrow but suddenly everything was making more sense… so much sense.

From that day everything changed. Life became more beautiful. I tried to say everything to you. May be I said and you heard it too. I don’t think that you are the most beautiful girl on this planet; I just think you are more beautiful than the most beautiful girl in the world and I feel it in my heart, in my eyes and in my mind everywhere. I want you to give me the permission to buy everything you want in this life [of course as much we can afford]. You may think like that you are not so stupid to accept me as your life partner. But who told you that wise people never make mistakes. Equally not every time fools make mistakes. For once, be a fool do this foolish thing and I assure you that you won’t regret it. If ever there was a reason I had already forgotten it and now I don’t know why but I love you and I will love you evermore.

Just be mine. I long for your company, your touch, your voice but right now I am waiting for your answer. Take your time but please don’t take too long to decide because I am holding my breath.


Yashu.K said...

Good!! keep writing love letters... one day she'll read ur blog :P.....

Meera said...


Very sweet :)

Sarry said...

hey still holding ur breath?...koi to iska blog pado aur isko bachao nahin to ye mar jaayega[:d]

Viking said...

Good one.i bet u surely will get a good reply from her :)

Anonymous said...

get your grammar right

saurabh said...

Baapre... acha hua hum larki nahi hain.. :)
so much feelings,emotions.. u r riting as if u r really in love.. nd i bet u r.. coz love is only when you feel it.. aint it?
and one line which caught my attention most..i wud like to tell ya in my own way..
"I knw you are not the most beautiful girl on this planet.. its just i thought so.... and still think so.."

Gud 1 bhav.. this post put a smile on my face..( after this f#@$ing CAT paper)

keep writing

Voice said...

thnx yashu
woh din kab ayega :(

thnx fish eyes
any suggestions??

ha yaar jaldi padhwa marna main sahi me mar jaunga :P

reply karegi to ha :P. i know nahi karegi :P

Voice said...

thnx but kaha kaha hai yeh bhi bata do

mera dialouge mujhe hi mar raha hai.
yeah that way it wud have been better. deemag me nahi aya.. itna soch kar likhe fir bhi.

thnx for ur comment and ur smile.

Morph said...

Good Blog.... Nice Love Letter... just put a name to it and it will be complete... and I sincerely hope that u find this beautiful , sweet and a bit foolish damosel, who would light up your life...

Athena said...

too good... waise woh padh legi and tumhe response mil jaayega :D the write up is too good.. simply fell for this love letter ;):PP

dumka said...

Agar ladki hota to is letter ka reply jaroor karta..aur public forum mein nahi, aamne saamne..real world mein :) . very good Bhav. Every boy friend shud learn from you about how to write love letter to their girl friends...

kosha said...

A Big Hmmmm... :P

u def r in love...coz u cant write such things without the feelings within u ;)

n u r sooooooooo romantic...def she will reply u with a good answer :)

waise u r breathing...means she has replied ;)
reply kya tha? :->

Madhurima said...

Hey Bhav..
Undoubtedly that was really
adorable.. specially with the metaphor that u used.. such letter writing skills dont just develop out of thin air!!! :P Hope u get watever u r looking for :):)

Anonymous said...

Good Sentences and Well Presented!...Revealing the fact how deep u r in search of her...Aisa kya?

Javed said...

I have no words... tu jaldi mujhe bata de. bahut kuch chupa raha hai aaj kal...

spring sunshine said...

If the words could express ur feelings so very well,
then there is definitely something more than the words could say... :)
hope the words make their way through and the feelings get their home... :)
have a nice time.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Voice said...

foolish kyu
mujhe intelligent chahiye [:P]
naam kaha se laye
tu to janta hi hai mera dukh dard


Megha said...

hmmmm.....whomever it may concern[;)]

suspense acha hai:P

Megha said...

even the pictures you put in your avatars at different places


I don’t think that you are the most beautiful girl on this planet; I just think you are more beautiful than the most beautiful girl in the world

this line is simply best:D

such a sweet letter bhavesh....:D
lage reho kabhi na kabhi success zarror mil jayegi:P

Captain Jack Sparrow said...

God Letter. I liked the part "... you're not the most beautiful ..."

Anurag said...

This sick dog will say just one thing :instead of addressing it to whom it may concern.address it to the most special girl in your life.I can bet my life that she will say yes.Well done I will surely consult you whenever I need a love letter in my life

joy said...

yaar i sincerely hope someday u have a name to address to on this kind of letters

saurabh said...

i swear after reading this no one can say they dont ve wordfs to express their feelings..maine bola tha naa bhav....

Your love.. said...

Why dint u write my name :X

Ravi Dixit said...

[i]main to logo ko samjhate samjhate thak gaya but log samjhte hi nahi..
and i know why i m not able to make other understand this...[/i]

this was your comment on meghas blog. Thought of commenting on it but thought if i commented there you won't read, so i am doing the sin of posting it in love letter post of yours.

People don't understand because they don't want to understand. Not that you are not giving the right points. But the thing is : 'I won't understand anything till the time i open my mind and am ready to listen to what other person is saying'. Else your words will be like a free flow traffic from one ear to the other without any red signal in between.

But trying does show your concern which i can understand from your comment but the person with whom you try hard won't understand even that.

Anyways best of luck for your samjhana errands.

To whom so ever...
Only two types of people write love letter in this world. First type are the obvious ones. The other kind are paid for writting( copywriter/scriptwriters).
Which type are you?

praji said...

And for a change.. i believe you should bring some freshness to your love letter like

For quite a few days, I am saying one thing to you. But seems like you are not paying any attention to it. I have shouted it loud but i am surprised that its not only you not listening. No one does. My heart does help me well when i see you but i believe something goes wrong with my throat. So, I will use a pen and paper to tell you what i have always felt and said.

I am not a good writer. You are better. You get the idea i am trying to put in the lines above. yaar life main kuch twish laao to kuch mazza aaye. Listening or reading.. 'i wanted to say you something'. She will give up. Although santa joke is nice. Try a bit harder to make the impact you are trying to.

Best of luck

Sharan said...

Kya gajb likha BHAV!!! super...def u r in LOVE. No doubt at all... ham bhagwan se yahi dua karte hai ki wo jaldi tumhe mile... shayd tumhe uska reply aa bhi gya ho! pata nahi kab hame nam bataoge! agar nahi bata sake to at least Shadi me to bulana taki unko dekhe to aakhire Bhav bhai ne jiske liye khula LOVE letter likh dala... Waise Bhav bahut babut badhiya likha hai tumne!.... all the best!

Ishu said...

Hmmmm nice one.....
waise iski inspiration kaun hai?????

Arijit said...

are Bhav, letter to mast likha hai.. ab jiske naam hai usko bhi dhoond le :D! itne din baad kiski yaad mein post likha :) isi mauke par kuch shayri bhi aazma leta..

Anonymous said...

wonderful letter bhav ..and i must say its very romantic in its own unique way ..the honestly and love is visible in this post ...and i don know kiska avtaar tumhe bhaa gaya but ..remember that girl is damn lucky cos U LOVE her ..and i am saying it from the bottom of heart :)

may god bless u :)

Phoenix said...

Romantic, but i dont think I'd ever fall for this myself

Anonymous said...



how cud u write such a letter which makes me feel .. like i have never loved neone nd can never love neone..

nd why did u actually write this beautiful letter.. to declare that all beware u r going to propose sumone.. i know whos that "wonder****" girl... neway.. best of luck .. very gud composition .. but it made me sad...

i am using anonymous coz i knw u will guess correctly.. nd dont u dare to delete this comment..else..

Avinash singh said...

too gud be.

isi liye tu mere ko keh raha tha ki kyu likha.. nd mere love letter pe doubt kar raha tha.. waise ne one reading this comment plz visit my blog..

waise yeh pyar kisse hua.. humko to bata de.. at least i deserve to know..

Anonymous said...

where is the arrow aimed? its bound to hit the bull's eye(or bird's eye, whatever) wherever it is. I think you gotta reveal the secrets of your heart to your friends. come on, who is she?

sonik said...

"To whomever it may concern"..heights of flirting or heights of encryption? openly expressing your love while somewhere "she" reads it unknown to us all. hehehe, anyways nice one. sounds somewhat honest too.

Voice said...

achha hua tu larki nahi hai.. larki rehta to aisa nahi sochta :P.
thnx :)

yes i can write it :P. thanks, i hope too.
that breathing part wud start when she will start reading this :P

thnx yaar. i really experienced the metaphor part.. that was the seed for this blog.

yes, i wud b lying if i say i m not searching. :P

kuchh nahi chupa raha hu yaar. pyar bhi kabhi chupa hai kya :P

bet yaad rakhna..

Voice said...

kuchh suspense nahi hai :(
thnx.. lage rehne ka maan nahi kar raha hai ab :P


pehle larki to dhundh.. jaldi.

exam khatam hone de ushka... ushko bhi padha denge :P

thnx but jaisa tu bola tha waisa abhi tak kuchh hua nahi hai

your love
:)). should i tell ur name to everyone ;)

i wud have definitely read it there but thanks for coming to my blog.
if there are only two kinds of people then i m a scriptwriter :P

thnx for coming to my blog. first time? keep coming.
and i will keep ur suggestions in mind and u r better..
but i wanted to keep it a mild one.. and slow. i will write my original one keeping in mind how is her nature:P what she likes etc

thnx. padhte rahiye ab aap mera blog. nahi hai yaar koi. i m an open book. hogi na to apko jaroor pata chalega

ishka inspiration to woh joke hi tha. humesa use stupid samjha but it made me think just one day.

pyar hoga to na sayari kar paunga :((. mera to yahi manana hai bus pyar karne wale kavita likh sakte hai :P ehehehehe

thnx chitra
i wanted to make it unique and romantic. hehehehe avatar to bahut ke achhe lagte hai
kaash woh bhi yahi soche

i tried to make it romantic and also so that no one and i repeat no one but only she fell for this. so this post is serving its purpose well.

itni galia kyu:P
isiliye likha ki waise to likhne ko milega nahi to aise hi likh do.
sad kyu ho gaye?? i wont delete it :)

ha yaar isiliye keh rahe the..hone to de tere ko hi batayenge

arrow is aimed to myself :((
i dont know is she.. even she exist or not, anymore?

encryption no.. no one is there :((

Voice said...

~~~~~~Thanks all for commenting~~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Hey Bhav... GREAT STUFF MAN.. HATS OFF... huuuuhhhhhh

Its not just another blog.. Its your heart over I wrong? Well definitely she wont reciprocate in this public site.. But have you done something to make her read this letter.. sorry LOVE LETTER.. with sweet, romantic fragrance of LOVE.. or has she already revealed her feelings.. LUCKY GIRL. waiting for your next blog in which you would write the response of this LL (Love Letter) from your avatar..

all the best ..

Voice said...

i dont know where she is.. thats why i cannot make her read :((
no sequel is coming ever :((
and thanks :)

soham said...

baap re...pagal kyun ho gaya hai?
pagal to mujhe hona chahiye, since i m the one in chnnai

Anonymous said...

nothing left to say...:) bhaggu

viju said...

aww.. rele sweet

Voice said...

this is just a piece of writing means nothing...

thnx soham bhaggu and viju

vineet said...

hmmm... 1st time i was reading your blog... its cool man.. but ye to pukka hai ki tu kisi ke pyar me hai ya kabhi kisi ko chaha hai.. but bol nahi pa sake ho.. koi nahi.. agar blog padhegi to zaroor maan jayegi bhai...and i liked it in a different meaning too.. that joke also tells that if we have negative thinking then everything seems sad... but cause is alws small like index finger only.. anyway enjoy santa singh.....


Abhishek said...

hopefully kissi ladki ko ye blog padh ke tere pe taras aa jaaye..
waise gud job. mere ko kabhi love letter likhana hoga to tere se hi likhwaoonga. :D

Anonymous said...

classic letter
nice to read .majaa aaya .

Krato said...

Like the new blog template... clear, crisp, professional look... u can just make it a bit more attractive...
btw .. waiting for your next blog ...

Anonymous said...

sahi hai.. sahi hai.. really liked it. saurabh gave me the link.

Anonymous said...

hey i really appreciate yar style of writing which contains emotion and a decent sense of keep it up..good wook!!

grace said...

hi i just happened to see yar blog...while taking a small tour in blog dropped in to add a comment to this wonderful soft romantic piece of writing of yars...take care..

Chitrangada said...

hmmm new template but i guess ..isse jyada acchi mil sakti hain tumhe n try 3 column wali ..

prits said...

first reaction: WOAH
second reaction: AWESOME
third reaction: lucky girl [to whoever it may concern]

grammer thoda sahi banale its feelings can come out perfectly if u polish those craggy sentences a bit
ab to aise bhi na nahi kahegi aur waise bhi
this is an out n out winner
hats off loverboi

btw reply kya tha batana zaroor
:)All the best;)

Voice said...

thanks for reading and commenting. yeah santa singh to lage hi rahenge tum bhi mera blog padhte rehna
koi nahi hai yaar. sabka kismat ek jaisa to nhi hota na

kisi ko nahi ayega. :((
tere ko ab likhne ka kya jaroorat hai thnx for ur patience

thnx :)

jhoote.. wait kar rahe so that fir se lo mera

thnx :)

hi grace
nice name
and thnx :)
now keep coming

ok types bhi chalega mere liye
u know i m not dat creative. itna kar lia maine wahi kaphi hai

thnx for the comment
and it is like that no girl want to be lucky :P
reply nahi ayega.

Anonymous said...

good one bhav..
well could i say "ppl contact me if u wanna know for whom bhav has fallen Head Over Heels"????
do lemme know!!

chandu said...

I just can't belive its just an imagination and not inspired by someones actions.

man that was an awesome metaphor.. now i regret for missing this post these many days..

romantic!! way to go :D

Anonymous said...

i dun hav a GF n neither i was interested.....but after reading ur blog i guess i shud hav 1 to whom i can write the same letter (in other words Ctrl+C-Ctrl+V)....and at the end of the day we must hav 1 to whom we can say all these things....Keep it Up bHaV......u r alwayz UnIqUe in ur own wayz....:)

Rahul (yaad hai na ?, RP wala) :) said...

sala tu to bahut bara stud nikla be.... kgp mein to itna nahin lagta tha :)...

Voice said...


pehle mujhe to bata do
thnx :)


thnx chandu :)


ab aisa bhi nahi hai. tum kyu chinta karte ho tumko to larkia love letter likhengi
thnx :)


bhool to tum gaye honge IIM wale
thnx :)

Anonymous said...

oye tujhe yeh kya ho gaya bhav :O u're flirting with the web at large :P

biswa iska kuch kar !

btw finally managed to write a couple more posts @ (hehe shameless self promotion :P)

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Archana said...

:)... the santa singh metaphor was nice!

Psycho McCrazy said...


another one bites the dust.....

waise mast likhe ho as always....

Deepshikha Saraf said...

R u really sure its not dedicated to someone? coz u get a feeling its for someone but u dont wanna name or cant name...its truly very deep...very very flattering...a gal cd just go flat wid such honest expressions!!!

btw am busy wid xams' so neither cd repky to ur comment nor read ur blog...sorry

Voice said...

yeh flirting hai?? :P

thnx archie

thnx :)

i m sure... it is for whomever it may concern... jise bhi pasand aa jaye :P

not a problem, u read u commented this is more than enuff

wildflower said...

a pragmatic effort i see...
a sweet 1 also :)

Anonymous said...

Hi bhavesh...
hmm liked this blogg very much..nice n interesting way to express ur feelings...
so hoping that u will get an answer soon!!All the best!!!

Ritesh Saurabh said...

dude... I used ur letter to impress my friend...she is ur mast letter helped me alot.

Atulaniya said...

nice letter dude
complete in itself :)

Prakhar said...

bhai bhai bhai...gajab likhta hai...ending to awesome hai
**Just be mine. I long for your company, your touch, your voice but right now I am waiting for your answer. Take your time but please don’t take too long to decide because I am holding my breath.**

lag raha hai mera haal-e-dil bayaan kiya hai....ufffffff

awesome ***Claps all around***

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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HUMANITY said...

When Anjana will reply on this love letter Bhavesh..... :-)