Saturday, November 19, 2005

Again A Dream!!!!

Before going to bed on Thursday, I watched many movies in part. This dream is not very weird, rather normal type of a dream; still I want to write about it. Based on what [as much] I was able to recall in the morning. Main characters of this dream are my friends [my hall mates].

It began like this. I was getting a new house near my college hostel. Construction work was still going on. But there was a function of new house ceremony [supposed to be mine but I was not doing anything]. The location seems to be good for making a Hollywood thriller. Well, now the main story. It was dark and I was just observing the unfinished building from my hostel corridor and was thinking what more could be done. Suddenly I saw some movements in the dark, inside the building. I hasten to the building. I overheard something. Voices seemed to be familiar but tone was low and I was not able to hear them properly. I recognized one of them. It was of Srinivas. When I get inside the room, it was totally empty. I looked around but no one was there. I returned to my hostel and I asked Srinivas about this. He denied immediately but somehow I was sure that he was lying. Following night I again saw some movement there. By this time I was ready to play sleuth. When I reached there, it was different than the last time. It was noisier and I saw some ninjas were fighting with Srinivas and were probably trying to kill him. I rushed in and the little deviation of ninjas’ attention was enough for that man to get away. I too tried to clear myself and there was some action and adventure. I was not trying to fight [weird thing …in my dream at least, I can kick some ninjas], instead I was running and trying to hide. After much trouble [jumps, some diving, some hitting, and some kunai and shurikens (weapons used by ninjas)] I was able to escape and returned to my room. Now I asked Srinivas again what was going on but again he refused to tell me anything. But I found a small parcel in his room. I quietly tucked it in my sweater. When I was coming out of the room I met Ishu. I told him that something fishy is going on with Srinivas. Suddenly all ninjas reappeared and started chasing us. This time I (fortunately..) was quipped with bow and arrow. We somehow managed to get out the hostel and get into the car. I was on wheel and as I am a good driver [have played many car racing games], I was confident. Meanwhile Ishu was also doing well with bow and arrow. Ninjas were well trained and they were dogging us with cars and bikes. After a hot pursuit we came to seashore. I had planned this already. I passed the parcel to Ishu and told him to take the boat and get into the waiting sea helicopter. I was giving him the cover. I was able to unmask one of ninjas in combat. I was surprised to find Malpani in ninja’s dress. Then I asked him what is going on. But other ninjas were back and he got away into a boat and started chasing Ishu. I tried hard to stop him but I was clearly outnumbered. I was relieved to see that by this time Ishu was in the helicopter and Malpani has to cover some distance to reach that point. But helicopter was taking off. I guess Ishu was not sure how to fly a helicopter[common everyone know how to fly a helicopter]. The distance between Malpani and Ishu was decreasing. Suddenly the blades started rotating and just when helicopter was going to leave the water surface, Malpani dived in the water. He was really close by this time and when helicopter was in air, Malpani was hanging with it. Then there was some fighting in the helicopter and helicopter was swinging wildly in air. Just before it was going to crash, Ishu and Malpani both jumped out of it. Now the ninjas rushed to that spot and rescued both. Malpani is our junior and so I told him to explain the situation. After some resistance he finally agreed to tell us everything. By this time I remembered today is my new house’s ceremony. I requested everyone to come along with me. I reached there and first thing I did was that I was looking for the food counter. I was now sure that secret would be revealed to me in a few moments. But one thing I completely forgot, one thing which can alter the whole situation and that was alarm. It was eight 8 am and I got a class at 8.30 am.

In most of my dreams, when I am not able to make up a good ending, I just turn it in another direction. Like in this one what could be such a secret of some undergraduate students which will need involvement of ninjas. I guess I was not imaginative enough so I deviated my dream to food and function. Well this was full of action type dream, with only little story.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Diwali @IITKGP **** rangoli pics****

Rangoli @Patel Hall

Rangoli @Nehru Hall

Rangoli 3

Rangoli @RK Hall

Rangoli 5

Rangoli @ LLR Hall

Diwali @IITKGP **** illumination pics****

HI friends...

I m sure u people have fun in this diwali in ur own style. But here in kgp diwali is bit different than other places...Have a look.....

Illumination @ LLR-Hall


Illuminatio 3

Illumination 4

Illumination -6

Illumination @RK - Hall