Wednesday, February 06, 2008


She is still awake. It is already 3 am. She looks towards Abhay. There is a smile on his face. Is this due to a dream or is he still thinking about her, she wonders. She gets down from the bed as quietly as possible. Abhay shrugs as she tries to pull herself out from his arms and his smile disappears momentarily, but quickly he returns to his blissful state. That smile is too mesmerizing for Jas. She has never felt like that before. She watches Abhay sleeping for some more time then she turns towards the window. The cool summer wind is giving her a gentle shiver. Slowly she picks linen from the hotel floor and wrapped it on her body and hugging herself she starts walking towards the window and pulling her neck up, she allows the breeze to play with her hairs and memories starts clustering her mind. Today is Abhay’s birthday and tonight was her gift to him.

Jas is not her real name. She adopted Jas from Jasvinder, her real name. Right from her adolescence she was aware of her beauty. She never had problems in making friends. Abhay was just a normal character in the college but good in studies. Naturally, Jas was not even aware of Abhay’s existence in the college. After college, Jas felt a pang of reality. With beauty, companies were also looking for qualifications. But in the end she managed to get a decent job. There she met Payal.

Payal was also in her college, studious but not happening, the kind Jas and her gang always target for their pranks. Here, she was Jas’s only acquaintance. So Jas and Payal started spending time together. Payal helped her Jas out with everything leaving behind the pranks of college days. Payal and Abhay were very good friends and may be, Payal was having feeling for him. Abhay immediately recognized Jas and after sometime Jas also realized that Abhay was a nice guy. She thought of stealing Abhay from Payal and this did not turn out to be very difficult as Abhay had a secret crush on Jas in his college days. Deceived and lost, Payal moved to different city and different company leaving Abhay totally for Jas. Jas was used of girls loosing to her. But this time she felt emptiness inside Abhay though she managed to keep him allured by her beauty. Jas had never thought that she would fall for a guy like Abhay and now mere thought of losing Abhay make her desperate. Love do make people better.

So she always tries to make him happy and today she tried whatever she could. She looked towards Abhay again, still sleeping and still smiling. She smiles back but then her face stiffens. Memories of Payal are haunting her today. At this moment she feels a unique connection with her, feels her like sisters. She can feel her pain today. Tears of guilt and sorrow, roll down her cheeks. She knows she has lost Abhay, just like Payal did. Payal lost to Jas’s beauty and this time Jasvinder has lost to Jas’s beauty. She starts crying for herself. Payal has a chance as Jas will not be there everytime but for Jasvinder…. she always have to compete against Jas’s beauty and most probably she will lose everytime.