Saturday, November 19, 2005

Again A Dream!!!!

Before going to bed on Thursday, I watched many movies in part. This dream is not very weird, rather normal type of a dream; still I want to write about it. Based on what [as much] I was able to recall in the morning. Main characters of this dream are my friends [my hall mates].

It began like this. I was getting a new house near my college hostel. Construction work was still going on. But there was a function of new house ceremony [supposed to be mine but I was not doing anything]. The location seems to be good for making a Hollywood thriller. Well, now the main story. It was dark and I was just observing the unfinished building from my hostel corridor and was thinking what more could be done. Suddenly I saw some movements in the dark, inside the building. I hasten to the building. I overheard something. Voices seemed to be familiar but tone was low and I was not able to hear them properly. I recognized one of them. It was of Srinivas. When I get inside the room, it was totally empty. I looked around but no one was there. I returned to my hostel and I asked Srinivas about this. He denied immediately but somehow I was sure that he was lying. Following night I again saw some movement there. By this time I was ready to play sleuth. When I reached there, it was different than the last time. It was noisier and I saw some ninjas were fighting with Srinivas and were probably trying to kill him. I rushed in and the little deviation of ninjas’ attention was enough for that man to get away. I too tried to clear myself and there was some action and adventure. I was not trying to fight [weird thing …in my dream at least, I can kick some ninjas], instead I was running and trying to hide. After much trouble [jumps, some diving, some hitting, and some kunai and shurikens (weapons used by ninjas)] I was able to escape and returned to my room. Now I asked Srinivas again what was going on but again he refused to tell me anything. But I found a small parcel in his room. I quietly tucked it in my sweater. When I was coming out of the room I met Ishu. I told him that something fishy is going on with Srinivas. Suddenly all ninjas reappeared and started chasing us. This time I (fortunately..) was quipped with bow and arrow. We somehow managed to get out the hostel and get into the car. I was on wheel and as I am a good driver [have played many car racing games], I was confident. Meanwhile Ishu was also doing well with bow and arrow. Ninjas were well trained and they were dogging us with cars and bikes. After a hot pursuit we came to seashore. I had planned this already. I passed the parcel to Ishu and told him to take the boat and get into the waiting sea helicopter. I was giving him the cover. I was able to unmask one of ninjas in combat. I was surprised to find Malpani in ninja’s dress. Then I asked him what is going on. But other ninjas were back and he got away into a boat and started chasing Ishu. I tried hard to stop him but I was clearly outnumbered. I was relieved to see that by this time Ishu was in the helicopter and Malpani has to cover some distance to reach that point. But helicopter was taking off. I guess Ishu was not sure how to fly a helicopter[common everyone know how to fly a helicopter]. The distance between Malpani and Ishu was decreasing. Suddenly the blades started rotating and just when helicopter was going to leave the water surface, Malpani dived in the water. He was really close by this time and when helicopter was in air, Malpani was hanging with it. Then there was some fighting in the helicopter and helicopter was swinging wildly in air. Just before it was going to crash, Ishu and Malpani both jumped out of it. Now the ninjas rushed to that spot and rescued both. Malpani is our junior and so I told him to explain the situation. After some resistance he finally agreed to tell us everything. By this time I remembered today is my new house’s ceremony. I requested everyone to come along with me. I reached there and first thing I did was that I was looking for the food counter. I was now sure that secret would be revealed to me in a few moments. But one thing I completely forgot, one thing which can alter the whole situation and that was alarm. It was eight 8 am and I got a class at 8.30 am.

In most of my dreams, when I am not able to make up a good ending, I just turn it in another direction. Like in this one what could be such a secret of some undergraduate students which will need involvement of ninjas. I guess I was not imaginative enough so I deviated my dream to food and function. Well this was full of action type dream, with only little story.


chandu said...

watching too much of japanese..:D

and junior senior relationship even in dreams!!

viking said...

kya dream casted whole of r k hall friends.:))
but was a good one

Athena said...
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Athena said...

nice dream lekin the castes of ur dream r new :D:D:P:P chalo isi bahaane tumhare frnds ka introduction ho gaya :D:P:P

waise ye ghar ab kaunse dream main complete hone waala hai tab tltewaasiyon ko bhi zara invite kar lenaa :D:P:P

nice composition and haan chandu ki baat par dhyan dena watch lesser movies :D:P

sonik said...

Malapni as ninja? I thot u might meet naruto or even watsisname? ya sasuke.

Anyways huha action. I guess ur friends were secretly preparing for your new house's inauguration and since u were meddling so much, they thot of scaring u away by their ninja act. Otherwise from where did all dat food come with u doing nothing?

By the way, what muvi were u watching?

Chalo hope to read more of your interesting dreams.

Anonymous said...

chandu: may be :)

viking: not everyone...just 4 or 5.. i guess jyada lamba sapna nahi tha

athena: yeah sure invite karunga. waise mere sapne me all r invited. thnx for the compliment.

sonik: no they were not naruto type ninja . they were real ninjas. with black dress and mask. jaisa filmo me rehte hai. are baba maine caterer hire kia hoga :). i watched a lot of movies that night

thnx all for commenting

Chitrangada said...

so too much vedio games ho rahe hain ..:PP
it is real nice attempt for adventurous story ..n funny too coz i was actually imaginatin ninjas infront of me ...i guess u aagain did a fantabulous job :P

good wrk

n those lines r written by me only .. n they look jani pehchani coz so many ppl suffering frm this dil ka pain :P

samiranghosh said...

My Goodness, sometime back i read a book named "interpretation of Dreams". I guess Sigmund Freud would be amazed to research on dreams. This dream of yours should directly be imported to the Hindi production house, or if u detaste that you can always write a compilation of ur dreams, that will fetch u booker if not a Nobel. ha ha ha... Jokes apart, like the way u put on ur dream into words... ppl try to live their dreams but u choose the path of pening them down. At least came to know about ur hallmates courtesy your dream. Actually the tyoe of dreams you see makes me ponder that you will be better of sleeping so that we get the pleasure of reading such fascinating dreams. Man, this has been quite an experience. I'll definitely make it a point to pass on the dreams that u have to my Grand childrens. So, keep Posting buddy and still amazed how do u see so much while scientifically u dont see a dream more than 5 mins at a streach. may be great mind at work. Loved the blog and great way of putting ur dream. Next time plz switch off the alarm or have dreams on weekends.

....R.A.J.A.... said...

zyada movies mat dekha kar yaar [-(

Anonymous said...

chitra: nahi nahi main aajkal games bilkul nahi khel raha hu.
thnx :)

samiran: booker...nobel..grrr x-( =))
I too live my dreams..then i pen it down. dreams feel soo real ... just one problem mujhe pehle se pata nahi rehta hai...
not only u ...sometime my dream introduce someone to me also. if it was a pleasure reading then i m glad :). thnx

raja: aaj kal maine movies dekhna bhi kaam kar dia hai. aajkal bus mahabharat dekh raha hu :|
thnx for commenting


Phoenix said...

lolz....kya dream factory hai

Avinash singh said...

gud write up.. but dream ko end kar saale.. ye curiosity baatna acchi bata nahi hai... waise i liked sonik's explanation.. may be they were planning on some housewarming party for u, and that party may involve some hot chicks.. and by the time u came to party some guy(like me) has already left the house along with the girls.. n what u can find is only food...

anyway... dream factory ka production sahi chal raha hai..

Captain Jack Sparrow said...

Had a nice laugh while reading your dream.

Have you seen the movie "The Game" (featuring Michael Douglas), felt very much like it (without the japanese flavour). See it if you haven't. I doubt if there is any movie you havent seen.

Anonymous said...

phoenix: :)

avi: are mujhe bhi dream end karna tha isiliye alarm bajne ke baad bhi jabardasti soye hue the...but.. :(
ho sakta hai party ho.. i like food more when i m hungry. thnx avi
waise kal raat fir se ek sapna dekhe.

captain: No i havent but ab dekhunga. wanna see my dream in hollywood set up. kaise lagta hai :)


Anonymous said...


nivedita said...

pata hai aisa aksar hota hai.subah hone ke pahle sabse jyada aandhkar hota hai.aur aasli jandgi main v aisa hi hota hai jab hum lakshya ke bahut kareeb aa jatain hain wo sabse kathin lagne lagti hai aur aise hi samay per hamari giveup karnain ki tendency sabse jyada hoti hai.aur hum kisi alternative options ke talass karnain lagtain hai.sayad aisa hi kuch hum aapne subconscious mind main v kartain hai usi ka reflection hai aadhore sapne.

Voice said...

hi anonymous
how are you? :)

@ N

Wow.. kya explanation hai. aisa to maine kabhi socha hi nahi. main to hamesha end me jake give up hi kar deta hu. Acha laga tumhara explanation.. usase bhi achha laga tum ayi aur comment mari. thnx :)

avinash said...

he hehehehehehehehehhehehehehe yipeee,congrats,nice write up... really

Harry potter's you know who... is really fundoooooo...

i was a big thikdooooo,so sorry to YKW.. to think the ultimate as thikdoo.. aami boka... and HP n YKW both r great....

this message is only for the deciphers.. if u r not one then do not try...

Kritik4u said...

Yawn A boring one... no more dreams please.. ok I admit i havent read it .. but I cant..enuff.. oophss.. thats it.. comeon.. something else.. yeah rightie

Voice said...

i need one decipher ;)

Ok... Point taken :P. this dreams was not so chat pata types... but my main intention was to point out that sometime in my dreams i hesitate to make a bad ending... :P

kosha said...

ha ha ha...
a typical action thriller made for kiddos :-P
mujhe spy kids ki yaad aa gayee ;-)

Siege Perilous said...

abe .. ye template change karr..
sab haraa bharaa hai.. make it as simple to look.. !!
Been here so many times.. but din't liked the colors so couldn't steain my eyes more to look out for text.. [:(]
Lemme know.. when u change this [;)]

Anonymous said...

what ever it was was made by my mind only @Kosha

siege :
sorry yaar. i will change it.. and make it less bright green. ushme to tumko problem nhi hogi. and dont worry u know green is most pleasing color for eye.... isiliye to green room hote hai hospital me green curtains hote hai... green is eyesoothing color.. so chillax.

And how i m supposed to inform U. i dont know ur real name, u dont have any blogs... koi contact to do.


chandu said...

make the font black.. it may* look better

Rani said...

ninjas, hallmates and juniors!! =))
btw, it still surprises me how u cud rem ur dreams so vividly!!

Curious said...

"In most of my dreams, when I am not able to make up a good ending, I just turn it in another direction." very true...i do it all the time!

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Anonymous said...

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Pear said...

You may have read the Alchemist, most people have by 2016. Some have interpreted it as fiction, some as fable, some as a spiritual book. I also have read it (thrice) and have always felt the need to understand the undercurrent. In essence, very few people are able to dream as vividly as you have described, and then remember them in such detail upon waking up. Do not let this gift pass you by. Cherish it, and harness it. Something good will come of it some day, I am sure.