Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I’ve been tagged by Raja to write se7en things about these

SE7EN Things I Plan To Do [in next 25 days]:

  1. Gain Weight.
  2. Study something for placement.
  3. Play nfs most wanted.
  4. Watch a lot of movies and serials.
  5. Run 2.2 km every evening.
  6. Write at least 10 blogs.
  7. Plan the resolutions for next year.

SE7EN Things I Can Do:

  1. I can play a lot of games.
  2. I can listen to introvert persons for hours.
  3. I can understand others.
  4. I can do one thing for hours [ esp watching movies, serial, playing games and obviously talk]
  5. I can surprise you.
  6. I can remember my dreams [not all but many].
  7. I can make good plans.

SE7EN Things I Can’t Do:

  1. Propose a girl
  2. Act smart or responsible in crowd
  3. Read newspaper daily
  4. Stop giving funda to others.
  5. Stop caring about others. J
  6. Remember hard facts [data which make no sense to me] only.
  7. Study religiously

SE7EN Things I Say Most Often [difficult]:

  1. Sahi hai
  2. Yes I understand
  3. Dekhte hai
  4. Ho jayega
  5. Kal karte hai
  6. Tum nahi samjhoge
  7. Thnx

* U can say better in this category

SE7EN Persons I Want To Tag

  1. Avinash [start blogging]
  2. Shahid [start blogging ]
  3. Chandu [ -same- ]
  4. Samiran
  5. Chitrangda
  6. Athena
  7. Yashu


kosha said...

u want to run 2.2 km and still gain wt :-o

i will be waiting for the next 10 blogs :-D

good...tht means i found a listener finally ;-)

m surprised :-P

Adonis said...

We should all put a stop to this seven things mania that has taken over bloggers. Comeon man there are lot more things to write than this crap.

chandu said...

tagged me :O

what kosha said is rt running everyday and gaining wt!! u have to change one or the other

sit near the pc for hrs..no need to do any other extraordinary things :D

Voice said...

kosha chandu

lekin weight badhane ke liye kuchh to karna hi parega. i thought i will increase my stamina :) and fir kuchh ho sayad :P

well thats the plan still :P

yeah Main hoo Na :)

yeah i can do that :)

Name plzz. ur choice :)
yeah i can not feel that.. tagged only becoz it was part of the tag.. and yeah next blog will contain some other crap. read n comment then too

yeah tagged u ..so that u can start :)
but that i m doing for last 3 years.:( lekin kuchh nhi hua

suru said...



samiranghosh said...

Hi Bhav,

Seven things that you plan to do might well end up as seven wonders considering the pace at which you are moving. As posted previously, I too share the same comments running 2.2 kms a day and still gaining weight!

The Seven things that you can do might end up with the 6th option. Waise bhi, I don’t mind to read your dreams that at times makes Sidney Sheldon so mundane.

Coming to seven things that you can’t do, huh! Quite an interesting one “Stop caring about others J” and the seven things that you say, “ yes I understand”.

Surprised to see my name on the person whom you want to tag. Any reasons for that or is it that you are running short of names?
Eagerly waiting for your new years resolution.

The way you are moving, you might well gather a troop of Bhav’s 7 for something surprising.

It’s so difficult to be you.

God Bless

Voice said...

thnx suru.. i took it as a compliment.

yeah i was runnin short of names but i wud have tagged the first 5 persons anyway.. just have to think about the rest two. so u c u r tagged and u r tagged becoz i wanna to know the difference of narendrapur's samiran and now doing mba samiran.

my dreams are that interesting :P or the fact how some1 can dream about soo weird things is what u find interesting :)

sometime i think too that being me is difficult but only sometime. being me is also easy becoz i dont have much personal secrets.

god blessing to chahiye but even ur blessing will do :)


Athena said...

kya baat hai SE7EN tagged main seven comments bhi ho gaye :P:P

nyways ye baat toh sahi main contradictory hai ki tum bhaagoge bhi aur weight bhi gain karoge :Oooooooooooooo

hmm and u a good listener .... hailaa matlab yahan bhi meri hi tape bajne waali hai :((:D:D:D

thnx 4 tagging me :)))

suru said...


Diana said...

You seriously think you can do ALL this in a lil' more than 3 weeks? Either you're being unrealistic or just plain crazy! :) Or may be I'm getting you wrong. May be you ARE capable of doing all that! :D

And never say can't! You CAN do all of the things you think you can't do. It's just that you're being lazy and underestimating yourself. All is possible with a strong will and a good head on one's shoulders.

I guess I gave you enough 'fundas' for today! :D

suru said...

This may look to some ppl a bit strange, but ppl run for 2.2 and still increase their weight ( voice if u remember rahul gupta..he used to go to gym after 2.2)
about proposing a girl.. as far as i knw u r surrounded by so many girls.. all r kool i guess.. take any 1 .. remember a dialouge n propose.. :D u can do it and u will do it..i knw.. as u also accept u can surprise ( u will surprise urself ..i m sure )...waise u have stopped surprising me..


Voice said...

no need of thnx..
just keep on writing blogs

nhi yaha ho sakta hai tape na baaje. transmission agar sahi raha to tumhe pata chalega ki main bahut bolta hu

or may be jaisa ki maine likha..
i m good in making plans [only plans] but they are achievable .. target is not difficult.

yeah sometime we do wat we think we can't do. but that is wat we think .. so i wrote them :P
no no i still dont have enuff of ur fundas

if i still remember matlab... woh mere dep me filhaal .. wahi rahul na. dialouges to bahut yaad hai but most of them are of matrix or golmaal or sholay.

surprising is not a daily event suru. warna surprise kaisa ... and yeah i can surprise myself but when i try u know it well how bad or reverse thing happens. tujhe to sab pata hai..:P

Lalit Singh said...

propose a gal
all da best boss

Chitrangada said...

waise toh mein tumhara blog after exam padne wali thi but cund resist ur new post so i m here ...

waise this really good that want to gain weight but i don thin 2.2 is gud idea but i wish ki tum mere jaise mote ho jao :P

n ye kya bus itna hi likha i want u to write more n this time i provide u some category..:)

1...7 thing u hate
2....7 things u like in u
3 .....7 wrds that can describe u
4......7 girls u like in ur class
5........7 person u like here on orkut ( be honest n why )
6.......7 things u like in ur soulmate

Chitrangada said...

n giv me category
i mean like i gave :P
smthing interesting :P

Voice said...

how?? i dont know...i dont have enuff courage and the most important thing.. koi hai bhi nahi ;).

ok as this is ur idea... i want to do it after ur exams ie when u r free.ok??

thnx ALL for commenting

Kritik4u said...

I hate 7 things about 7 things. Now I wont write what All i hate. :-)

Rohit Talwar said...

"I can understand others"

So confident!

Voice said...

i hate u for this :P.

yeah confident. :)

Avinash singh said...

hey voice.. i just noticed that u have written down a name in your blog which is just like my name... thats so thoughful n KOOL.. and wat does tagging actually mean??
and... U R REALLY A GREAT PLANNER n everything u said is true .. except... i know 1 day u will surely propose my "bhabhi jaan"
...care take.. bye

Megha said...

propose a girl

wanna to gain wt and run upto 2 km yeh baat kuch jami nahi

shahid said...

U tagged me .... wat the hell??...
Anyways , 15 days fter u published ur blog i can't help but to comment on ur SE7VEN.

"SE7EN Things I Plan To Do [in next 25 days]:"

1. Gain Weight
ARE YOU KIDDING Yourself. Do tell me if by any miracle u happen 2 gain even an ounce.

2. Study something for placement.
NO COMMENTS. No Comments at all..

3. Play nfs most wanted.
Is this the new release of nfs??

4. Watch a lot of movies and serials.
Wat have u been doing all these days??. Please replace "a lot of" with "more".

5. Run 2.2 every evening.

6. Write at least 10 blogs
He he .. i can't take that .. no addition 15 days later ....i seriously can't take tht now.

7. Plan the resolutions for next year.
LOTTSA time left. Do all ur planning. It'll b interesting to kno ur resolutions if u choose to tell us.

Abhinav Somanchi said...

1. I was not able to understand why u made that statement... but that becoz i dont know u in person.
Arre you referring to the conversation on DC .. oh actually one of my esteemed friend has a habit of advertising, If you intended something else I didnt get you srry.

Abhinav Somanchi said...

u said u made the statement for ur friends.. "I make according some intimate chaps". that line was for this. i do not fall in these 3 categories. okies this was meant for the readers to know what some of my friends have to say about my lingo .. so its a piece of information thats it.

MORPH said...

One thing u just can't do - Tolerate me for an hour ....he...he

Debprotim said...

kya be bahut din se kuch nahi likha...u have already broken ur very first promise of writing abt 10 blogs within a span of 25 days. Wht's up?
I am back to my blogging days as well.

Arvind Iyer said...


Captain Jack Sparrow said...

sahi bola be.

Hemu said...

hahahaha .... mast funny re ;)

keep blogging :P

sonik said...

Se7en points in my comment:

1)What do you want to gain weight for? Wanna hit someone or what?
2)And run 2.2 on top of that!!! 3)Waiting for your 10 blogs.
4)I don't think u can listen to introverts.You get pissed of when I reply in monosyllables.
5)Se7en things you can't do: "Propose a girl". You should have added boy as well.
6)You can play a lot of games? Baseball,rugby,snooker,chess,what??
7)Nice post.Got to know more about you.

Voice said...

1)What do you want to gain weight for? Wanna hit someone or what?
*nopes.. but i need to gain weight. for my protection...

2)And run 2.2 on top of that!!!
*running was to increase my strength :P

3)Waiting for your 10 blogs.

4)I don't think u can listen to introverts.You get pissed of when I reply in monosyllables.
*when i get pissed... :O. and introverts are not necessarily monosyllables... wait a sec r u one?

5)Se7en things you can't do: "Propose a girl". You should have added boy as well.
*haad hai... anything kya?.

6)You can play a lot of games? Baseball,rugby,snooker,chess,what??
*mera idea churaya tumne :((
waise played baseball [crude version] in school and real types in video games. rugby [crude version] in school, snooker.. a lot in computer. chess.. khelna hai kya?

7)Nice post.Got to know more about you.
thnx.. :)

....R.A.J.A.... said...

why 2.2 km everyday?

why do u think u can't propose a gal?

Pear said...

Just thought I'd tag myself partially.

SE7EN Things I Can Do:
I can drive.
I can take chances.
I can eat like a pig.
I can laugh at myself.
I can look beyond the social face.
I can be illogically loyal.
I can plan and execute an inner/outer makeover.

SE7EN Things I Can’t Do:
Withhold opinion.
Live minimally.
Skip bathing.
Fake my state of mind.
Trust wholly.
Keep my hand steady.
Forget people.

Btw, this was tougher than I'd thought.