Monday, November 17, 2014

Photography Bucket List

Lately, I have been very depressed about the fact that, in spite of having ideas, I am not doing much to implement them. Be it my blogs, photography or anything else. It was very sad and I wanted to do something about it. Also, I don’t want to turn this into another new year resolutions. So, I have decided to create bucket lists…. separate bucket lists for everything I wanted to do. This is my photography bucket list and I will update this regularly to track my achievements. Please share your photography ideas in the comment and if I like them, I will add them in my list.

1. Creating a photography bucket list. 
2. Take a picture from a pin hole camera
3. Set up a small studio at home (or even better professionally)
4. Complete ABC project.
5. Take a picture, every day for a month.
6. Upload a time lapse photography video on youtube.
7. Take 10 panorama.
8. Shadow photography (10)
9. Light painting (10)
10. Miniature photography (10)
11. HDR shot (10)
12. Photograph of sky full of star
13. Star trail
14. Lightning Photography (10)
15. 20 Animal photographs with names
16. 20 Birds photographs with names
17. 20 insects (macro) photographs with names
18. Build homemade photography accessories.
19. Action photography (10)
20. Waterfall photographs (10)
21. Navrasa Photos
22. Street Photography (10)
23. Monochromes (10)
24. Rainbow
 25. 20 Color themed photos
26. Reflections photographs (10)
27. Architecture photographs (10 9)
28. Taking photo with help of a telescope.
29. Faces (20)
30. Small world panorama
31. Fireworks
32. Vintage shoots
33. 20 photographs of different flags
34. Photographs with actual models
35. Boat Photographs (10)
36. Sunrise and Sunset
37. Proposal
38. Photo with story (20)
39. Photograph of a snowflakes
40. Photo-comics
41. A website dedicated to my photographs
42. Photo printed in some magazine.
43. Photos representing season (10)
44. Marriage photographs (10 9)
45. Shot of Aurora Borealis


Priyadarshi Ranjan said...

Good Luck..will be waiting to see some!

Anonymous said...

How about shots of the Aurora Borealis?

Voice said...

Good and tough one.