Monday, January 16, 2006


This question is being raised from the ancient times and will be raised till the end of the times ….because this is question which can be best answered at the end or after the end. The Question is “What is the most important thing in the life?”. Some say it is love, some say it is money, for some it is desire and for some it is happiness, some go with power and some advocates for pleasure and the most common answer would be mixture of all these. Apparently feelings like patience, fear, pain does not come in the solution set, but who knows. Even the God was not sure about this. In order to put an end to this, HE devised plan. A race was called, in which all the feelings and things were allowed to compete. The winner will settle this question forever. Now we all know, we are not even certain about what we want, so it was decided that whether conscious or unconscious, all human desires will power these feeling. The one getting more power will speed more and thus will win the race. Now this is what happened on the big day.

I was sitting in the front row. Love, Anger, Money, Pleasure, Pain, Lust, Happiness, Power, Popularity etc all were there in best of their outfits. Each connected themselves with the cordless power cord. The crowd was cheering for their favorites, if they have any. Some, confused people like me were just shouting aimlessly. They all will get power according to our true desires. With a bang the race began. Like a 100m run it looks like a tight race. It was hard to say who was leading and people were just screaming. Patience was loosing but amazingly pain was not so behind [God knows what really we want]. But definitely in the leading row there were Love, Money, and Popularity. In order to remove ambiguity about the rash decisions this was decided that it will be a lapped race. Everyone was talking that after the race the mystery would be solved. The race was now drawing to an end, still no clear winner. People were dashing each other, making room for themselves in order to have a clear view. At this moment I realized actually one was leading the race. It was someone whom I hadn’t seen till then. It was Acceptance. He was going to cross the finishing line and … and he did it. He won. He had a clear lead. It was amazing. I ran for him, but people were still shouting for their favorites. I said to the person standing next to me “but the race is over”. He said “no! It is not”. He was not even aware of it. Not only him, it seem neither participants nor the audience had noticed it. Acceptance was looking indifferent as he knew it always, I was surprised in all ways and the God was smiling.


chandu said...

amazing post!!!! well written bhav

the race is over for u and still why do u potray urself as confused!!!

and if the race just happens immediately after someone(winner) has reached the end of line, i say there would definitely be another winner for sure. may be this makes everyone to remain confused about the winner??

the race isnt over for me too :P

Voice said...

Race is over...But results was not clear... why the winner remain unnoticed... i too noticed him just at the end. :P.
why the God was smiling, why the winner was indifferent. :P

i dont know what i m saying.
thnx chandu for commenting

Soham said...

No comments !!Dont find anything to say. :D

Avinash singh said...

maa kasam... maayeri... kahan se taapa hai be??
let me know first tune kahan se taapa hai ye sab then my comments will follow....

Voice said...

thnx Soham for commenting

Maine race khud dekha tha.... ankho dekha haal bata raha hu :).
aur aise mat bol kar dost... sachai aur barai ke beech me confusion ho jayega...

Avinash singh said...

u know VOICE every man has got 5 fingers.. now point then towards sky.. and then curl both left most n rt most finger.. then u will find the exact expression i want to point at u...
but taken the possibility of .01% that u may have written this glorious and "mark my words ,boy, mark them well" this sure shot going to be world wide acclaimed piece of art... then forget the above expression... and hats off to u for developing so much in such a small span of time..
my time spent in ur bak bak, will finally gv back returns..and i am glad that i too wil hv a "tiny taainy" hand in making of U..

Voice said...


If u really meant what u have said then i think... it is just an accident. I have not developed :(. Next time ke liye hopes hi mat rakhna.

BTW thnx for generosity

Abhinav Somanchi said...

Let me tell you something ... U can truly believe in what u feel. Its on one's self to decide which of these confucious' feelings do they run all their life for.
Acceptance will win but you must keep this in mind - Time and Tide wait for no man. Anything that is accepted today may not be tommorrow.
Anyone of these feelings can't exist without the other.. their is no race in life. You live your life lovingly and ambitiously. Acceptance is just a certificate of satisfaction. Pain or Happiness are part and parcel just as victory or loss :-).

Captain Jack Sparrow said...

Achcha tha, ajeeb tha. Suna hai Ayn Rand aisa hi ajeeb type ka likhti hai. tu bhi lijhna start kar de.
Ye sab tere dimaag mein aaya kahan se??? sapna dekha kya? :P

Athena said...

nice one!! kaafi confusing hai but a good one :))) waise it depends upon individual to decide who has to be the winner in one's life it can b acceptance, money, power or nythng!! but one thng i can say for sure is my race has just begun it seems :D:PPP

Di said...

So to conclude, the most important thing in the World is Acceptance?Actually, I prefer not to participate in the race. I want nothing from the World and wish that others expect nothing from me, too. So, I guess I'm a spectator. But then again, I think it's a never-ending quarrel between me & my conscience - To accept my situation/people or not to. So, I AM in the race!! Hmm.

Nice blog entry; well-written & thought-provoking. Left me confused. :)

kosha said...

The race got over for me just sometime ago...but never knew about it till i read this...thanks for enlightening us :-)

btw u saw it as a dream or is it all ur imagination?
watever it is...its very good :-)

Lalit Singh said...

The reason why people didnt notice acceptance is that they would not accept anyone except their favorite as the winner... isnt it the same with all of us... we think that the our parameters of life are superior and real whereas the next person thinks the same about his... U bet the people wont notice any winner until their own candidate wins

Well written

Voice said...

thnx for comment somanchi. May be the life is just a run :P. Watever this run was just to tell what i came to realise is most important thing :)

confusing to tha hi... thoda bahut to khud bhi confused hu :). aise hi just high and lows se jaate jaate realise kia and thought of writing this in this way :P

race me bhi bahut confusion tha... aur main to end tak confuse hi raha. But athena this mite be the possiblity that we ourselves dont know what we truly want ...

Yeah to conclude the most important thing is acceptance. Aur fir race bhi usi ne jeeti. but still there is a race going on.

Wow... U too realised that race has end. Anytime... after all torch to tumne hi dia tha. No it is not a dream. its my imagination.

May be. May be we just wanna a race and not a winner :). Well its my imagination and my feelings.

Thank U All for Reading and Commenting.

Lalit Singh said...

yes the glas pyramid is of Da Vinci fame.
and the trip doesnt end here... Rotterdam n Amsterdam are still remaining...
un dono ko ek hi post mein daal dungaa
for more pics u can go to the album at bottom of the post

Morph said...

Great Post... reading your blog after a long time.... I feel that in a person's life the race keeps on going but his favourite changes as he gradually ages...We may change our priorities as our life advances...

Suru said...

Race is not over!!!
This is our concept that the winner is one who reaches first.. but truth is that winner is one who achieves the most or requires the lest...why did you jump out bhav!! You should have been patient and should have waited until the results were out!!
No wonder GOD was smiling and Acceptance was indifferent!!!!


Voice said...


der aye durusht aye... ab jana mat :). thnx for commenting

main isiliye chala aya becoz mujhe pata chal gaya tha what is most important for us.
BTW nice description of winner [totally liked it]. thnx for commenting

Megha said...

its superb bhav but little bit m confused also :)

for us tht race for money blah blah..will continue till end of life
we never satisfied with wht we achieved till now

Anonymous said...


i think i was not clear. sabhi ko confusion ho gaya. :(. But this wasnt an indiviual race. It was for all of us. thnx for dropping by and commenting.


Kritik4u said...

I didnt understand what Acceptance means... is it like tolerance? Ok 4 u the race was over because u r an accepting kinda person.. Whatever comes I will accept with grace. Well if that is what u meant then no wonder the race was over 4 u and the winner was clear.

A good work... when jack got confused.. it has to be a good work.. hahahhahaa... :D

sonik said...

Damn interesting, though I have got nothing else to say abt it. Only 1Q, wasn't confusion running as well? Since you've got so confused.......

Voice said...

Confusion excitement all were in the race... and they were simulateneously present within us... after god can do trciky things

thnx for the comment sonik

Voice said...


I want to tell u too that this is not about me. I tried to think in the broager prospective, otherwise i wud never have come to this conclusion. Acceptance means u r accepted.

Who is the Jack and thnx:)

sonik said...

I don't think acceptance means being accepted by the world. I think it meant that no matter how hard you try to achieve some things and how much you hate your failure, you ultimately have to accept your situation at the end.
And the race never stops 'coz you just don't accept your failure and sit still but strive again with a renewed vigour.

Voice said...


i never said accepted by the world. i just said accepted... :)

sonik said...

"Acceptance means u r accepted".Dats wat u've written in your reply to kritik's comment.

Debprotim said...

Highly thought provoking post!
Idea kahan se mila?
Nice way to describe the internal conflicts which every man goes through in his or her quest for glory, irrespective of whether he succeeds or not. It is very important that one makes peace with himself otherwise a frust life is sure for the taking.

Voice said...

thnx DD

Idea to mera apna hi tha... :)

Siege Perilous said...

Every one is constantly racing.
I think.. Patience should win over all !!
On second thoughts,
Success doesn't mean acceptance and vice versa !!
Whts imp betn two ??

Voice said...

@ siege..

Well i will say acceptance is more importance. thats what i tried to say.
yes u all decide what is more important for u... but acceptance ko bhool na jana :)

thnx for commenting

saurav arya said...

Nice one bhav!
I believe most important thing is SATISFACTION..
Money,lust,fame everything gives us satsfaction..isnt it?

Abhinav Somanchi said...

kahan hai yaar .. waiting for ur next post .. kuch hai nahi padhne ko :))

Chitrangada said...

beautiful explaination of our lif's tregedy ...but i think race mainly dream n accetance ke beech hi thi jismein hamesha jeet acceptance ki hi hui ....

but stilll

lovely n just like ur type

Anonymous said...

"read it once ,it it twice...come and read it again when u have time....."

amazing and awesome post..khrudose to bhavesh for these lines.....buddy i too think that considerate and acceptance are the two biggest thing that will help u to win all the race of life......vinay singh

Phoenix said...

i always forget askin the idea opf this story all urs?

Phoenix said...

i always forget askin the idea opf this story all urs?

Voice said...

acceptance gives us satisfaction... yes satisfaction is most important.

dreams bhi tha to race me :)

thnx for those lines. i hope u will keep coming to my blog.

yes ...this idea was totally mine. btw u havent said whether it is good or bad?

THNX to all of u for dropping by

mandyjackson9165017823 said...

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....R.A.J.A.... said...

0. Nice post :-)
1. Who's god?
2. First find out what is life, then try the most imp thing in it :-p
3. There is NO race, and there is no pain <):)

Sarry said...

Hey Bhav,

Fortunately or unfortunetely it looks like a script of "rang de basanti",I was not aware where it was leading to the end.eventually climax is again like "rang de basanti"...The Best Ever..
Good work dude keep it up

Sarry said...

Hey Bhav,

Fortunately or unfortunetely it looks like a script of "rang de basanti",I was not aware where it was leading to the end.eventually climax is again like "rang de basanti"...The Best Ever..
Good work dude keep it up

Voice said...

1.GOD is someone...anyone..everyone [pick one] is biological undefined yet. so can't help. life will always flow.. well this was my humble attempt
3.pain is ok..infact good. I m bothered about sufferings.

i havent seen this movie yet. I will compare them laters. THNX sarry.


Abhinav Somanchi said...

that's the instantaneous comment anyone makes .. give the test for urself then u can get what ur accordingly as per the chap/gal who designed it.. everyman has his own perception .. tests may be real or virtual they are tests and u need not give tests to know where u r until and unless u rnt sure about anything.

tanvi said...

good blog.. made me think a lot.. its nice to read such stuff.. keep the good work going..

Megha said...

when r u goin to write next post???????

samar said...

I really find your work enlightening.
Every religion/dharma speaks of then same only different names:Hukam,raza,dharma,.. ...

Again,i beg to contend-I believe courage won(acceptance came second).Its take courage to see the things the way they are-to accept.Just wondering!

Take care.

samiranghosh said...

Posting after a long time, well to be frank i'm totally awed by ur wirting. Though i believe acceptance can be preluded with adaptation, anyways i really like your story.

It can be gaged by the popularity of ur comments.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

good one and read my blogs too

saurabh said...

half centuary!!!!


Curious said...

yep...enjoyed reading this one the most..
my reactions to ur post (i will try to make it short)
HOPE - thats the centre of all good and bad...its only with hope that people wish for love, money, happiness or power...and its the same hope that makes people believe that they have conquered fear, lust and pain...its the hope to always succeed even after numerous failures is what makes this world go round and round...and i guess it was with because of the same HOPE that even God was smiling...coz even he must have been happy that no matter who won the race...people never stopped hoping to make their dreams come true!...what do u say??

Anonymous said...


Conscience said...

My God... bhav.. this is a master piece... Really a great work. How can a guy next cabin to mine b so philosophical and yet not revealing.. Where do u get such thoughts.. Seriously.. start writing these short stories and thoughts and publish them.. all will be great hit.. but RACE ll remain the best..

Anonymous said...

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Deepshikha Saraf said...

Few questions before i comment
y were u surprised? y was God smiling, y was acceptance not supported by any?

One thing for sure is am very very surprised and impressed!!! honestly i didnt have the time to go thru ur comp blog, and when abi asked me to chk urs i was doing it coz he asked me to...but this is outstanding stuff!!!! u r truly an evocative author!! hats off!! amazingly evocative!

and i'll reply to ur comment but am not creative as u said i just type wat comes first in my head

Voice said...

y were u surprised?
becoz no one realized that acceptance had won the race

y was God smiling,
becoz he always knew it that we mortals cant even recognise our true happiness

y was acceptance not supported by any?
he was supported by all,so he won .
people were not realising it

and believe me when i say that u r more and far far more creative than voice

Deepshikha Saraf said...

acceptance wasnt supported it seems...if he was ppl wd have been cheering for him...acceptance won coz' he was the one who was always unnoticed but was of primary value.. god smiled coz' he proved a point dat wat we dont conceive or believe doesnt mean is not worth...its the one who can make or break things... and u were surprised coz' u cdnt see wat was in front of ur eyes before it won...everyone just missed the presence of acceptance...

Well dats my perception of ur blog :D

and no i dont blv u :D... again i say am not creative just a deep thinker

Kanupriya said...

but what does acceptance's victory mean? :-o

Bhawna said...

what surprised me is not that you wrote it, but at the time/age you wrote it.. very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I am in a different frame of mind today, so for the sake of discussion, could it be that on a different day, lust or power may have won? After all, life is not about having one big priority, but having a different priority everyday!