Friday, March 24, 2006


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I have to write eight things i desire for my soulmate. According to me soulmates are are lovers who are twin souls or like a part of you—your other half. They are two people created for and with each other in mind. Unless they are together, they will always feel empty even in another relationship. Although women often discredit men by saying they only have one thing on their mind, but this fact is over-rated and over hyped.
Just for fact,there is an evolutionary theory which says that "Men are not as reliant on their mate as women are on men, so they may not be as strongly oriented as women to spending their entire lives with only one mate". The woman's desire to have one mate to help raise her children pressures males to be monogamous. If men do not want monogamy, they may end up with a lower quality of woman since the high quality women chose their mate based on his commitment to monogamy. So, follow the rule and then both men and women can be happy. Now the list:
I dersire her to be
*Honest with me.
*Beautiful and cute; attractive and athletic female figure. [she will definitely look beautiful to me.. majnu ko to bhaddi laila bhi sundar hi lagegi]
*Less weighty than me.
*Intelligent [my turn on]
*Tolreant to my stupid and crazy behavior and my continuous talking yet not saying anything. [tuff :D]
*Understand what i like and what i dont.
*Mine. [nhi bhi hui to chalega, "love is just for one time, one true time.."]
*Real, till now she is in my dreams only.

... "bus itni si hai dua.... main jyada nahi mangta" ;)

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*Saurabh Kumar


Athena said...

"Men are not as reliant on their mate as women are on men, so they may not be as strongly oriented as women to spending their entire lives with only one mate"

i m not quiet in favor of tht. I m sure tht this theory doesn't hold true to a gr8 extent in this present century where women r bcoming more and more independent...

and one thng u missed out is in a relation every couple shud get a space of their own. In refined language u can say they shud respect each others thoughts, frnds, lifes and lifestyle and adjust out accordingly..

Less weighty than me.

taaki tumhe uthane main aasani rahe :DDDD

nice one.. lekin abhi toh nahi likh paaungi once i get time i'll write abt mine :))))

Voice said...

any theory is based on most common feature. true changing but still true i think.

nahi main thoda jyada bhi utha sakta hu. [:P]

ok jab tumhe time mile

saurabh said...

love is just for one time, one true time.."

and that true time is enough for the rest of life.....

I am impressed that you are not that possesive.. and I hope you get your soulmate with all the desired qulatities as early as possible...


Voice said...

Yes i m not that much possessive.
thnx suru :)

and what about writing ur tag :P

saurabh said...

I think I am not the rite person to write such stuff.. i dont feel I should be that demanding or you knw..
may be i have too many points or may be i have none...

guess i wont be able to write it!!


Anonymous said...


i dont want to spread this tag. so i tagged people whom i think will not be interested in writing this tag :P

so no problemo


chandu said...

dua karta hoon ki woh last point jaldh se jaldh real hojayega.

sonik said...

Strange evolutionary theory. I don't quite agree with it. Even women aren't that reliant on men anymore, you know.

Nice qualities you ask for. Good luck in finding one soon.

samiranghosh said...

Some time back i went with your 7 things that you would like to do, now i read the X factor... Err..the "Ei8th" factor. It was so thoughtful of you that you eventually included the "mine" factor, just think from the perspective of the hundreads of souls that take a dip from ur blogsphere. No offence taken though, Quite agree on the quote on men you put in though it was stongly contended by athena.just have a word though, " Do the chase and never get caught"

I hope that the "Dream girl" doesn't stays any longer in the dreams of THE DREAM MERCHANT. Nahi to Gabbar a jayega...

Waiting for the Nine things happening here apart from the cats life, Solar system.

Good read and surely a very brave attempt to market yourself as a prspective boyfriend to all the ladies who surf the net.

I hope i dont get a tag this time, and thanks for the comment on my blog.

God Bless

Megha said...

i hope yeh dream gal jaldi mil jaye tumhe

[i]Less weighty than me.[/i]

arey khate pite ghar ki ladki dekhna naa[;D]

*Tolreant to my stupid and crazy behavior and my continuous talking

god save tht gal

u tagged me too but only 8 qualities meri list toh pakka jada ho jayegi[:P]

i"ll write later abt this

Voice said...

bhagwan ko tu ek tuff kaam saup raha hai :D
thnx anyway. tu likhne ka socha ya nahi?

yes now a days it is like that. waise bhi it is just a theory that too not mine.
I am not trying to find her. mushkil kaam karna mujhe achha nahi lagta.

co-incidence is the word. i ddnt have any plans of going in progression.

"surely a very brave attempt to market yourself as a prspective boyfriend"
LOL :))


god save that girl
LOL.. it is a packaged deal. waise tumhe yeh nhi suna hai... bhagwan agar dard deta hai to dard sehne ki sakti bhi deta hai:P

So 6 people who were tagged are not writing in near future. lets wait for avinash and sarry

chandu said...

arey i wasn't tagged
btw i still remeber the tags i ought to complete :P

Voice said...

i missed u ...OMG. dont worry koi na koi jaldi hi kar dega .

saurabh said...

well.. i cant say bout philosophies n pricliples..bcos i believe in only one thing...that there is no principle or philosophy.. all depends on time n condition..dont worry u will get all 8 qualities bcos u r not very demanding...

Avinash singh said...

i want a precise timing of my comment.. i will wait a bit more..

u tell me is it any gud to wait or not??

Avinash singh said...

Alos u shud mess all the ppl u have tagged that they have been tagged...

Voice said...

I agree. Nature is bad in following rules, but rules help us to understand the nature :P.
all 8 qualities nahi bhi hua to chalega.

Ur wish. purely ur call. ;)
7 ko to pata chal gaya. i will message the last one. u r right i shud have messaged

Avinash singh said...

no point waiting... i m getting impatient.. waise wo kaun ek hai jo miss ho gaya tha??

And yaar.. i totally believe that monogamy crap.. but still point lies in doing wat ever makes u happy n tested formula shud be followed...

abt ur dreamlover.. i have 1 girl in mind.. U must have atleast one go at her before everythin.. i think i will invite her at my sis wedding n hope n pray that she comes.. kitna achha rahega naa??

Voice said...

we are banging too much on onething. :P. kya kya karenge teri DD ki shadi me.:P
monogamy crap mere ko bhi achha laga.

Chitrangada said...

I m not agree wid u wid the set of rules u hav provided here ..

And i just love that line .."love me one time true time ...

coz i too believe on this ..:)

Chitrangada said...
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Voice said...

That is totally normal. People generally dont agree with me on the first time. That line i took from titanic song.

this complete the all 8 tags people. r u planning to write

thnx for commenting

Curious said...

no wonder why guys still keep telling "abhi tak dream girl nahi milie" even after marriage!...coz one with all that description, u would find only in ur dreams...wake up man!...LOL!just kidding..ur post made an interesting read.

Curious said...

Hi Voice,

i am curious to hear u voice ur opinion on my post too!


Curious said...

Hi voice!
1. I do go thru other blogs regularly one such is deeps i saw deepti sawals blog tagged in his blog and ur blog tagged in deepti sawals.
2. was generally going thru ur blog and found certain posts pretty stopped by to read it, hence the comments on a random u had mentioned on the blog header to leave a comment coz you eagerly wait for them!
3.Just a curious blogger..who loves to blog and enjoy reading other blogs too.
...and as far as my post monkey-see monkey-do is concerned, that was aimed at people who have english as their mother tongue and still make mockery of their own language (i guess i have mentioned in the very opening parah)...I am presently in US, and what i usually write is what i see here in daily life.

I hope i have answered ur curiosity!


Anonymous said...

Very nice site!

Bhawna said...

reading it about 10 years later, I am pretty sure you have found the one. :)

Anonymous said...

Tagging myself partially.
I desire him to be
*Expressive(not via words necessarily)
*Mix of giver and taker
*Either very courageous or very quick to realize his inadequacy and avoid the situation.
*Clean and hygienic
*able to feed me when I am hungry (basically should be either able to cook or at least have heart/money to order)
*able to sing to me when we are alone
*know, relish the power of touch
*be a secretive person

Anonymous said...

1 saal baad.. desires have been.. even if in an unexpected form.. and who knows for how long.