Monday, September 12, 2005

Illusion in a dream

Now this happened last Tuesday. I had a test that day from 7.30 am. I tried to read in the night but I was not able to concentrate. So I decided to sleep at that time (2 am) and I thought I will read in the morning. I set an alarm of 5.20 am. Next thing which happened to me in the morning was, I woke up with the screaming noise of the alarm. I rubbed my eyes and tried to see the time on the clock which was at that time 3 meters away from me. It seemed to me like 7 am. I pressed the spacebar (to stop the alarm) and rushed to bathroom with my brush and paste. I was a little frustrated with myself as now I won’t be able to study and also the fact that I got up late because I was having a nice dream. The day was cooler and after brushing when I returned, I again saw the time. It was 6 am only. I felt better now as I had atleast 1 hour to study (something atleast!!). Now I started thinking about my dream. It was a very nice and a very very weird dream… and I was doubtful that whether I will be able to remember it till 11.30 am. So I decided to write about my dream in brief first. Lolz!! And I wrote about my dream till 6.25 am and then only I started studying for my test. Now don’t ask me about that test but here is the dream. :p This all happened in my dream.

I was sitting in my room. The room was bigger than the rooms we have in iit. There were 3 other people in the room. My friend (I don’t know which one) and a noisy couple (I don’t know what the hell they were doing in my room). Room set-up was like a small common room with only difference that I had my bed in the room in the corner. Now you all know in dreams location changes very arbitrarily. So don’t mind the minor changes which will happen now n then. The boy (couple) was trying to impress his gf by his foolish tales and the girl seemed to be totally impressed and lost in his eyes. The boy told her that he could stop the fan (at full speed) with his bare hands. And the girl's expression was like “WOW”. Irritated by his cheeto-chat, I challenged the boy to prove his words. Now the boy’s expression changed….and he gave me a totally frigid look and ignored me. But I insisted and this lead to an argument and since that was my room I made them to leave my room. I also threatened him that I will complain to DOSA that he is meeting with his gf in my room. At this time, one tall girl, well-dressed entered the room. She was beautiful and she was wearing black jeans and yellow stripped color top(probably, you can never be sure about the colors in your dreams). Her face looked familiar to me and I tried to recall who she was. She was drunk and she looked completely tired. She came and sat down on my bed as the only two chairs were occupied by us. After some deep thinking I was able to recollect who she was. She used to live near our hostel and during my first year’s summer vacation, I came to know her. She used to play with the small kids in the garden of our hostel. We sometimes used to have small conversations. (Nothing like this ever happened in reality and I stayed full time at home during my first year summer vacation). So this whole story was made up in my dream. I then realized that there could be flashback scenes in dreams too. Whatever!, back then that girl tried a suicide attempt (I don’t know the reason and certainly I was not the reason…!!!:P) and so her parents sent her to some other place so that she felt better. Flash back ends here. Now she was totally drunk and was not able to answer. I asked her many times, why she was here but she only mumbled in reply which was not understandable. It was dark outside so I decided to let her sleep there only and decided to question her the dayafter about the whys hows and whats. I had difficulty in recalling who she was…but she seemed to remember me. Anyway at this moment we heard some noises outside and my friend (yes, my friend was still in the room ;)) went outside to have a look. He entered immediately and looked scared. He then told me that DOSA was checking every room ( no he was not looking for that girl, it was just a sudden inspection, my bad luck!). Now we both were scared. If DOSA happened to check my room and if he saw some drunk girl in my room u all know what would happen. (Yeah ! for nonkgpians DOSA= Dean of student affairs). I started praying that somehow DOSA misses our wing. But my friend who had returned with more news told me that he was checking each and every room and there were a lot of professors with him. I shook that girl but she was in deep sleep. Hurriedly I picked her and was going to take her outside the room without thinking anything. My friend screamed what was I doing and I realized yes I couldn’t leave her outside. I put her back on the bed but I was totally freaked out. I started thinking about the alternatives. I thought that I will put lock on door and will stay inside. But this inspection was a serious one and this was not going to help. I then thought that I will put the girl in the balcony (we had a very small balcony in our rooms). Yes at this time my dream’s room has shrunk back to the actual size of my real room. But then my friend told me what if they checked the balcony too. Then I thought that I will put that girl under my bed but still it wasn't a very good idea. Then I thought of a better plan. I let her sleep on my bed but pushed her to the extreme side of it. Then I put some matching colored cloths and bed sheets over her. The girl was slim and just by hiding her feet and hands and head she resembled totally like a pile of clothes. After sometime DOSA knocked the door and the door was opened so he entered. I was acting that I was watching a movie on the computer with my friend. There were 2 other proffs. They walked through the whole length of my room and peeked in to the balcony. Meanwhile DOSA was talking gently with us. He was telling us this was a routine inspection and told me son that your room is a total mess…webs on walls, clothes on bed, tooth brush on the UPS..etc etc. I somehow faked a smile. He left my room and I sighed in relief and thanked god that we are saved. Phew!!. Now it was late. My friend told me that he was leaving and he left. I started thinking, what I should do next. Whether I should stay awake and watch movies and .... her, sleeping the whole night or should I just go and sleep on the other side. In this dual state of mind I came out of my room. There were a lot of people out in the corridor. There was confusion among all about this sudden inspection. One fat man was fighting with an elderly woman (probably his wife). By seeing all this I was totally confused. I began to think that I don’t know any people around here and married people (fat man and the elderly lady) could not stay in my hostel. It was not logical at all. And then I started thinking I had been living in this hostel for 4 years and never ever this kind of inspection occurred. It seemed all illogical to me. I tried to clear my mind and then I realized that …OH!! All these people and this inspection was an illusion and when I thought of this…everyone started to disappear (old and elderly woman too). I gave a big sigh and now I was convinced that no such inspection had occurred in the first place so I was totally safe. At this time, I was returning to my room, thinking about that girl and whether I should sleep or not. Suddenly, this thought clashed with my logic. I started thinking if the inspection and all these people were an illusion then it was possible that this girl was also an illusion because why would a “drunk girl” whom I didn’t know well should take refuge in my room. At this moment I was at my door and then I entered the room only to see my bed empty. I just laughed at myself. Now it was late and since there was no girl in the bed so I went to my bed to sleep (now there was no confusion). Slowly I was falling asleep and I was thinking what this illusion was. From some remote place I was able to hear a low screaming noise.

This dream looked totally real to me when I was experiencing it. So I wrote this in detail….isiliye thoda lamba ho gaya. I will restrain myself from making longer posts in future


saurabh said...

it just looks lamba.. but when u go thru it.. its not that lamba.. yes it was a nice dream n it happens with every1 not just with u bhau.. although now a days less sleepin so less dreams :(
hope i will be again fortunate enough to ramble in dreams ..


Voice said...

~thnx to kritik for revising my text

Kritik4u said...

Hmm.... quite interesting.. Illusion inside a dream?

Now lemme think... :P Voice I think there was a clash of your fantasies and your ethics in this dream. On one hand ur twisted personality wanted a drunk girl in your room, while on the other hand your rationality and your ethics simply didnt permit this sort of an absurdity even in your dream. :P

So your psyche created those middle aged men, women etc in your dream to eventually make the drunk girl seem like an illusion as a logical conclusion to a chain of absurdities.

But I guess your psyche loved the fanciful drunk girl, the unnatural chain of events and the thrill of hiding the girl right under the nose of the dosa before ur rationale finally snapped you out of it ;)

Wow what a psychoanalysis from me ... :P I hope I wont be back analyzed because of my obviously fantastic rantings... lol..

Avinash singh said...

this comment is before reading it.. "baap re kya lamba blog hai".. sahi tempo hai be itna lamba likh liya.. congrats....

Avinash singh said...

nice composition... and very nice presentation.. while reading it i was so captivated that i cudnt realize that it was lengthy.. infact now i must say that u shud always write lengthy blogs to make it a gud reading experience .. come on yaar aaj se dreams sunane ke bajay blog hi kiya kar :)) gud 1..

and "tall n slim n beautiful" does that description matches someone.. i wonder??

know the difference between illusion,dillusion, and some other 'usions'...?? i am always confused about the terms and their meanings clarify it if u know..

rags said...

Here is your Karl Jung ready with the interpretation of your riveting dream.

First of all ,let me congratulate you on recollecting your dream so vividly becuase that itself is one heck of a task.Nnd then the way you presented it in a coherent manner makes it an interesting read.I for one never found the blog long .That just tells that I was actually enjoying while going through it.

Two interesting piece of inferences
a) That the girl was good looking and more importantly drunk.What an imagination .Way to go dude .

b) I would have suggested you to keep the girl under the bed if I were there in the room with you as your friend.Imagine the consequence if the girl had stirred.Even it was all an illusion ,a DC would have hurt anyway.

A suggestion :
Keep your sentences a little long.For example you wrote "I was in a room .The room was a bit large and so on and so forth."At this pont ,the description becomes a bit essayish and bit childish.You could have combined the two sentences to produce a better effect


yours truly

Voice said...

why less sleeping. kehte pyar me neend ur jati hai...:P. mujhe to bahut neend ati hai :(. movies and games ke liye time hi nahi mil raha aajkal :(

:)) i have always trusted my dreams and i believe they will show me what i want. waise if there wud have any breach of ethics.. then i wudn't have writtent this dream here... wud have told u personally :P

naah avi it doesnot matches with anyone.. ok aaj se dream sunane ke bajaye blog kar dia karenge. :P
nah avi no idea...bus utna hi jitna wordweb se pata chalta hai

~rags aka karl jung
i will tell u then about my different and weird dreams...:P
i had to write this down in order to remember this one in detail...
yeah drunk girl was weird imagination .. actually in my dream i and my friend were actually sitting on her.... move to sayad hi kar pati woh.
thnx for the suggestions and i think u r rite too.i will try it my next blog... thnx for overrating :P

~thnx all for commenting :)

Kritik4u said...

After reading your comment I regret having used the word "ethics". That wasn't the effect I wanted the word to produce.
Anyways what I meant is that even in your dreams ur rationale thought the drunk girl in your dream as too fantastic to be true. You just thought such things cannot happen to you even in your dream. Which brings me to the conclusion that actually there are two sides to your subconcious or maybe to your thoughts in real. On one side u love the high frills(like the one in the dream) in life while on the other hand there is a side to you which dismisses "such off the beaten track" events as illusions and keeps pulling you back to the normal boring(boring with respect to having a drunk girl in your room :P) daytoday life which you have so long been accustomed to.

Megha said...

mein soch rehi hoo agar sach mein asa hota toh kya hota
anyway u written nicely
blog is long but interesting too .

Phoenix said...

Well very nicely writen..astute i'd say...though i needed two readings to comprehend it fully...

do u believe in dreams meaning something?

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Congratulations on coming up with another wonderful topic.This times there's no debates but its fun reading.And I do appreciate the way you remembered the details of your dream and reproduced it complete with its effects.

As for your dream, its really wierd.I mean even in your dream there were illusions and you're able to recognise it.Sad that you did though,"coz the girl vanished :(((.

As for kritik doing a psychoanalysis on your dream mebbe he's right.But I must say what a time to dream about a beautiful gal , drunk and asleep in your room (the morning before your test).Aise sapne mid sem ke time aane lage to kya hoga???Heeheeheehee

Nice dream though.And an even better blog.


rags said...

For Kritik4u only

What did you imply when you commented on the controversy of having a drunk girl ??
a)Is it boring to have a drunk girl in one's room or
b) The life is so boring that having a drunk girl in your room just seems to be a distant mirage ??

clarification needed

Kritik4u said...

for rags

the option b). Of course!!


Voice said...


next time i won't use logic in dreams.
and two sides are present in all of u, i guess..

sach kisme sach hota. sapne me sach hota (yeh illusion sapne me that !!) ya reality me sach hota. waise case sayad achha hi hota

i regret that u have to read it twice ;).
yeah phoenix i think dreams have some meaning most of the times. after all they are just images of our subconcious mind. i always believe my dreams and i always think that they will show me what i really want or rather what i m in reality. although i dont believe all my dreams literally... some dreams are total arbit (aisa bhi ho sakta hai that i m not able to analyse and deduce from it.) So i wont believe that i love someone untill i saw her in my dreams as my lover:P

yeah sad that girl vanished. use gayab hone ki jaroorat nahi thi... itna ulat fer to movies me bhi chalta hai :P. yeah analysis made my kritik and rags both may be true.
aur aise dreams mid sem ke pehle aye to achhe hi rahenge... i m going to screw my midsem anyways :P

~thanx u people for reading and appreciating (or tolerating) this blog.

Anonymous said...

prav here...abt this do u manage to dream in a dream n thn rem everything..but i cant challenge tht bcoz i know u..u surely can do it...haan one unique thing ki u described a bful gal in ur dream n usually wht we think tht comes in dream can i conclude tht u strted thinking abt bful gals these days;)

Anonymous said...

Sach mein yeh tera sapna tha??? Accha hai....nice u shared it....and shared really nicely....
Though it went well, yes, u r rite....its too long....

Kritik4u said...

@ voice. Yeah you are probably right about the two sides being present in everybody. Now since I agree and if u trust me then atleast you know there is one other person of your kind :P.
Now we will be subject to pinching philosophical criticism if we digress from the incompleteness of our data and tend to generalize this observations from just two instances of such behaviour :P
It has been a long standing debate as to whether all human beings are all similar and whether the dissimilarity or individuality arises only from the lack of awareness of this inherent similarity.

For example this paradox: everybody wants to be different. Now doesnt it sound similar :P

With this thought I apologise for digressing the confines of the topic at hand and pulling you into the fine mess of unrestrained reasoning.

Voice said...


i believe every human being is similar (not the same). depending upon their nature they react differently but the inner feeling is most of the time same. Human beings have a brain to think and with this we had made rules and custom (in short society) but in core only predator prey relation is there. Now suppose a situation... someone entering a unknown dark room for the first time...all will have fear but reactions will be different...the person who is brave and intelligent will judge how important is to enter, coward will just back off, one who has nuthing to loose will enter immediately, etc etc. i believe temptation and feelings are almost similar for all of us, our reaction make different from each other... if 10 hungry men saw a piece of bread each will be tempted to eat... but now brain start its work... some one will think only abt himself, some (most will think ) first me and then rest, some will think best possible distribution, some mite think only abt others.. So i always generalise how others will feel just by taking one instance (thats me)...after that if i have to find out how they will react, then i look for the other qualities he or she posses.
in this case too, i know what anyone will feel after reading but i dont know how they will react :P

Kritik4u said...

I wanted to comment on that being brave or coward part of your simmilar dissimilar ramifications.

Now like I said before.. the individuality is lack of awareness of the underlying similarity. If you take into account even the same person "a person who has a family, kids and all the happiness and who has never had to face a war will show cowardice if he is pushed to join the battlefield. But the same person if he somehow loses his family to terrorists or things like that he can become carefree about his own life and can be an asset in battlefield. Now I dont mean a family man will be necessarily cowardly in battlefield.
What I mean is eventually our minds are tuned by the environment at some point, the level of thoughts we are subjected to and the motivation levels?The question is are our levels of reception of our environment independent of the environment and varies from individual to individual in absoluteness or is it the same?

A good thought experiment would be "if all the individuals were brought up exactly the same way under the exact same conditions will they all be clones atleast behaviourally ? "

Another good thought experiment is even if the first experiment was to prove right, still we can never give exact environment to two ppl growing up(heisenberg's uncertainty principle.. :P hehehe) so is it even precise to talk about the sameness of two individuals?

This is a potpourri of philosophical observations with its cancerous implications and complications.

Kritik4u said...

Well of course by taking into account all this thought experiments I have totally ignored the implications of genes as carrying a person's behaviour signature. :P That will be debated later.. as I am still studying bioinformatics and am yet to know how exactly biologists found genes to somehow contain our behavioural information ..

Voice said...


genes definitely have implications on their carriers.... smallest incident may lead to big human nature/behavior.. but the basic model is same....and so is the basic rule of existence and Nature. (coming back to topic) So i think we almost all generally feel the same but react differently and even the same person react differently on different occassions...

Chitrangada said...

u r dream is not wierd i think ..sometimes it happen that our thought comes into our mind in various shapes n that girl can be symbolize as ur long lost thought ..:)

Kritik4u said...

ok.. you are putting the differences to a person's attribute as purely *difference in reaction to situations*.

I am not sure if it is totally independent of the environment in which his brain was trained but yeah there is a marked difference in their outward behaviour.

Whatever, I refuse to be drawn into this long distracting conversation any more... thanx to midsems. I have to focus my thoughts to the pursuit of academic excellence or in my case academic survival for the present.

Best of luck to all KGPIANS and cheers!

Phoenix said...

There are sooo amny and such huge comments here it scares me. :P

good for u though, u r getting nice feedback.:)

Captain Jack Sparrow said...

Nice dream... sabke comments to nahin padhe, so maybe i will sound repeatitive. a very exciting dream, never felt like stopping (reading)... now that you talk of thought up past within dreams like the past of the girl, i feel i have also seen dreams with my past modified... but cant exactly recall such dreams as i make no effort to remember them.

Anonymous said...

dream!! aur woh bhi tum yaad rakha.


quite amazing.

after all the commnets i think it will be a repition of whatever they said.

anyway nice way to blog a dream.

~~~ chandu

Kritik4u said...

hmm... make a wild comment to stop sounding repititive like this one.

Bhavesh you lying son of a b***h. I know what you did with that girl. Now you really wanted to remember that dream and still not tell the exact details so u made up this story of illusion to sound interesting and appealing to the mind and it will serve you as a memory to cherish for ever :P

I really dare you to tell the true story... :P

Voice said...


lost long thought... may be but i was not able to findout wat

best of luck :)

u too

tujhe mera dream acha laga. :)
these dreams are soo good to remember that i make full efforts to recall them


this is the real story...:P

Anonymous said...

Seems like I am the last to comment....sorry bhav.. The blog was not that big and the story was captivating. Your dreams are so vivid full of fantasies and illusions, the characters so lifelike. They seem quite contrary to my dreams - I forget my dreams within minutes of waking up. The beautiful drunk girl seemed the female protagonist .. wish u could describe her a bit more.

Some suggestions - U can improve a bit on the writing skills. A bit more coherency will further enhance your content.

Yours Truly
The Guy Next Door

aJay said...

Hey......... Voice..
you have so much patience to write such long stuff.. and still make it quite interesting to read..

and.. by da way.. i corected tht spell mistake. about phoenix..

Anonymous said...

sahi hai yaar aapki khwaboon ki duniya rangeen hai kaafi....good, sometimes illusion could also be sweet,this i came to know now.....otehriwse i always hated illusive things.

the whole episode seems to be a creation of great imaginative and positive mind.

humari dua hai ki except few events (like DOSA's visit)sab jald se jald sach hokar aa jaye aapki zindagi mein.pata nahi aisa haseen khwaab humein kab naseeb hoga ????...shayd uske liye humein bhi aapki tarha illusion ko positive way mein lena hoga ......newaya keep blogging.......:P
main bhi iss weekend tak saara apna hindi poem daalne ka try karta hoon

arunangshughatak said...

hmm a nice dream.... but u could have dreamt a spicy one. for example the lady was totally drunk, and in this state she confesses her profound love for u and maybe after that she passes out.
u r in a dilemma whether to acccept her proposal or not. it would have been better and more exciting if she was wearing a miniskirt instead of black jeans.
i liked the other blog more, where u pass on the papers of A and K to each other. would like to their names.

Saptarshi said...

hmmm... empty room... girl is drunk but u arent. this alone is quite suggestive since you are in ur full senses.
i was waiting for an erotic outcome and this "what-happens-next" suspense didnt make me feel that I was reading a loooonnnng blog.
i am impressed though, that u came out clean even in ur dreams..... J

diana said...

well...nice one man...and i reeally dont think its ol that seemed perfect for me..coz u were able to capture the attention... quiet interestin...n ol i cud say is keep it goin!

troy! xzander troy said...

yo, tht was impressive. i could never remember any f my dreams after i wake up but u remembering every single detial in it is a feat f its own. not bcauze i know u but it was really very well bought together and described,

Curious said...

hmmm..something similar happened to me..

Archana said...

And you started thinking logically and all, huh? Haaha... You dreamt of her life story within that time...:)... it made an extremely interesting read... goodie

Imbibe said...

Nice blog! few things to point out..... ur out of box thinking in the way to hide the gal, secondly ... dream ke aandar dream.... u seem to have thot about inception way back :P.... but aacha hai