Sunday, September 04, 2005

Jara hat ke -1

Inspired from somewhere…source unknown.

I was not busy …just lack of ideas and words and courage (for this blog I need some courage too :P) took me soo long to get my third blog. And also my life is a little mess and so is my room. Now both are in better condition. Well my kritik said, u should improve your beginning, so I am just starting ….

This entire animal kingdom including homo sapiens are divided in two groups i.e. MALE and FEMALE. In case of human beings girls, women, ladies (females) are considered as the fairer sex. I hold the same view. I find girls more attractive and beautiful and cuter than boys (Naturally!!). I don’t know what girls think. For a change lets take a look on other species of the animal kingdom. There are many species and in some species the physical difference between male and females is prominent. Looking the attributes of male and female, it seems Nature has gifted them equally. Female has got the wonderful ability of parturition, and males are gifted with other physical attributes, like strength, beauty etc. Now here comes the catch. In general (I don’t know about each and every species) males are more attractive than females. For example, peacock (male) has the beautiful feathers a wonderful bluish body while the peahen (female) has a dull brownish body and is also featherless. Male cuckoo can only sing. Cock has crown on its head. Lion has the beautiful mane. Male sparrow has the black coat. And there are countless examples (if any one of you know about any species in which female is more attractive then do write that in comments please). Now the obvious question is why this universal rule of Nature was not followed in case of human beings. Human beings may be exception. After all every rule has an exception (this is a rule too and so there must be an exception of this one also :P). Or there is something else. From the recent past, our society has been patriarchal in nature. Males were the rulers. Human beings are smarter than the rest of the animals. So it need more entertainment. Now the kings or the rulers need entertainment. They had poets singers etc in their services. Poets, singers use to write about the beauty of woman because that would please the king. Gradually in poems and songs this philosophy gets stronger that females are the symbol of beauty. Slowly and slowly this impression become deep rooted. Now everyone think females are the symbol of beauty (I change my desktop wallpaper everyday and most of the times these are pictures of actresses or sports-women). This can be the reason for our consideration. For confirmation we have to wait for Martians. (jadoo se puchha chahiye tha hrithik ko :P).

Here I am not trying to make any point. When I came across this idea, I was fascinated (because it was different). So I wanted to tell, or rather share this idea with you all and just have a reaction. For some this idea might not be new and some might not like this idea at all. I leave all this to you. Please comments and let me know how you all feel about this idea. Lastly, I want to say that beauty is not an attribute of some object, rather it is the specialty of the eyes.


Avinash singh said...

Q) why r ur topics like "jara hat ke-1" n "the fun i had-1" essence of 1??

abt this blog,u have put forward an idea which many people will object to.. but i in my first reaction found it to be true and as i gathered more thougths about it ,the beauty of this realization enhanced itself manyfolds..

i agree that women are softer but beautiful is a totally propagated idea.. but i am not sure that just the poets propagated this idea.The pleasures of sex too may have helped it.. like praising a girl so that she wil have sex with you..after all this is a fact that human species is intelligent.. and many more reasons ....

saurabh said...

yo bhau!! this one was really good.. informative n imaginative!!! but to disappoint you i am telling u that i hav also thought of this thing.. although very vaguely.. n i think we have discussed very briefly this thing may be coz of u only i thought abt it..
but then my dear friend let me add one very important thing. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.. how can u say that the male peacock is more beautiful than his female counterpart.. think about it!!!


Voice said...

the essence of 1 is this that i will continue these topics. i mean sequels of these topics will come.

abe why u r deciding leave it for martains. for earthlings girls are more beautiful and attractive :)

many people have thought abt this idea before us suru. i have written it is inspired.

i have written in the end that... beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. When i saying about the peocock and cocks etc. i was just lending the common idea or perception. See for anything there is two faces. One face seen by a particular person and the other seen by the common people. So in the case of defining beauties in animals i used what the common people think. ofcourse some may not like the varied colors of peacock.

avinash and saurabh thnx again for commenting

Anonymous said...

ok behold the critism of your infernal critique who you also know as RAGS.And what do I think about your new observations.??Hmm.As far as I understood you are trying to break the myth that not all the females are beautiful than their male counterparts by giving examples of some common animals.But you also made the observation that a human female is more attractive than human male.
i think all the camouflage that the nature has bestowed upon its creations serve a single purpose ie to woo the opposite sex.My dear friend,you cant deny the notion that sex is the most powerful feeling that nature has imparted us.and this feeling is undoubtedly reciprocated from both sides.and hey what the hell.I love all the girls and cant have enough of them.looking forward to your next interesting chain of thoughts.

Phoenix said...

what an idea to blog on...
anyway, perhaps the whole point is in expressiveness. Perhaps when men found a women good looking, they expressed their attraction more openly than the other way round, because maybe that's the way human males and females are.
So naturally beauty as an idea got attached to women.
I dunno...

But still , good post

Samiran said...

The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Though its always a remarkable fact to discover the abberation, its just the part of the law. Good view on your part that u have stuck upon this fact. But i do beg to differ from the picture, i think as you put it, we may no longer have the kings among us to rule us... to make him please. But still that king lies in the heart of every man and we get fascinated to see the fairer sex as our queens. Good Job Bhav and a very interesting insight.

Voice said...

@ :) Rags

Yups i wanted to shake the myth that females are more beautiful. in reality we cannot decide. we have to wait for some other intelligent creature :P

Yups sex and struggle for life are the strongest urge and this is necessary warna life kab ka extinct ho gayi hoti.

@ hi phoenix
yes u r also right. waise main yaha koi competition nahi kar raha tha, Just a thought ;)
thnx for commenting

thnx for commenting. Yups we all are looking for queens and they are looking for princes.

Sher-e-Punjab said...

are waah......kya "hat ke" topic nikala hai :D

jaise ke sab ne kaha. Beuaty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so human males find females more attracitve and vice-versa(i guess)....just like in all other speices

but the real interesting observation is that human species find the males of most other species more attractive...i wonder if it is the other way round...i mean do animal find men or women more attractive. No need of waiting for a martian...just ask ur pet dog :P

Anonymous said...

Wow sahi mein hat ke topic!!This thought came in my mind once upon a time.Seems like there're a few exceptions for us humans.Waise I'm not using my mind right now so don't expect me to speak logically.
1)As you pointed out that male birds n animals are more attractive than their female counterparts.Whereas its vice versa in case of men.But then there are handsome men too.But probably its a male dominated world n earlier all the writers n poets were men so they talked only of the opposite sex since they found em more beautiful.Only painters gave justice to men as well by depicting the beauty of a male body in their paintings.Also,females have been described as tender besides beautiful.If ever you read a poet's desription of a girl,u'll find he always mentions her tenderness besides her beauty.Or should we say they assert that women are beautiful n tender whereas men are strong n attractive.
2)In all birds n animals,the females are the fiercer n more violent (a mother is ten times worse).But women aren't (unless in some cases their instincts are aroused,like in times of danger).

So maybe we can say that in all these years it has been sort of assumed that men are stronger n rough.The beauty that we say general indicates tenderness n its the women who are tender not men.Thats the way children were brought up in the society n so thats what prevails even now.
what say?

shailesh said...

I commend your keen observation.U really r good at playing with the common notions and pushing their realm of idendity just enough to a new and innovative realisation.Very much the stuff good writers have. Full points on the content and progress of the theme. Method of delivery is one area u can improve upon.
I must admit I was not fully convinced with the argument. Maybe nature has made us (males) majestic in the same way as other animals.I believe its the female longing and the male dominated society which led to the term "the fairer sex".I like the part relating the origin of the term to poets.Overall an interesting and stimulating read.
Waiting 4 more of "jara hat ke" BHAVnayen.All the best!!

Voice said...

ha yaar yeh topic to thoda hat ke. Ab aise hatke topic lana mer liye thoda mushkil hi hoga.. hey then ask ur dog ;). BTW i dont like dogs.

Huge comment. :). And as u were not using ur mind so u seem quite logical this time :P. U r rite... we are too biased to our assumptions some time.
keep ur comments on :)

finally got ur comment :). Yeah i know my delivering standard is below AVG. BTW this was not my keen observation. heard this fact in class 7 or 8. My only creadit is that i realised and accepted this fact.
Yups shail...i will try to provide more jara hat ke facts... but milenge to na.
keep reading and keep commenting.

thnx @ all for commenting

Kritik4u said...

Hm.. what do I say except that it was one of the better articles emanating from voice's pen :P

On the topic let me be honest :D I also think the male peacock, the cock, the lion, the tiger looks more attractive to me. Now is it the hair or the feather in case of birds that stands out? Also the males are bigger stronger and seem better nourished.

Now I would also like a female comment on this issue. Lets make it a controversial neo-chauvinistic issue :P. As to the female body that is worshipped these days I would say we are only concerned about the female human body. Now thats just the attraction to the opposite sex. But our topic here is which sex is aesthetically more beautiful and attractive to look at. So I will go with "MALE" of course. yoyoyo :P

Avinash singh said...

hey awaiting ur next blog..

Soham Dutta said...

good view.

Even I wonder at times why men and women are both termed as "homo sapiens"?I think women should be called "feminine horribilis" and men shoul be termed as "masculine superioris"


Captain Jack Sparrow said...

My first comment after reading ur first line -
"Inspired from somewhere…source unknown."

It reminded me of one of my favourite quotes of Einstein:
"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."

More comments will follow after I finsh reading

Captain Jack Sparrow said...

No comments on the blog again, not suited to my taste.... never mind bhav :P

@ Anurag learning spanish kya ... "ADIOS" I started with spanish for an hour or two... he he.... learnt a few words - adios, gracias, uno, des, tres, si, no, hola, cuatro and cinco (the last two i am doubtful)

Captain Jack Sparrow said...

Commenting on topic ...., just saw on star news, u all might as well be knowing..... Sharukh is doing an AD for Lux, and its titled just like the others ... "Sharukh ki khoobsoorti ka raaz"

....... still havent formed my own opinion on the topic.

Kritik4u said...

JACK SPARROW You can chat on messenger now this was supposed to be a comment space for this blog. Now you are disrespecting voice's creativity :P

Anonymous said...

"Whether a male or a female is more beautiful"...Its not @all a topic of controversy....
For me, "Beauty" is not iternal, beauty is more depandant on a particular situation mainly based on your personal need....
You'll surelly find something(Non-Living) or someone(Very much living) as "beautiful" when you are in need of it/him/her....
Its the demand of your own eye, who will decide the beauty of the image to be viewed....
No wander U find girls as beautiful....:P
Ask any girl to find out a beautiful girl, she can identify one as "Attractive"...but I doubt..."Beautiful"......

Anonymous said...

hehe..thatz funny..
nice topic though...

rohit said...

that is precisely why miss world and miss universe are more celebrated events than mr. ones.

diana said...

very controvertial subject..but am happy cuz u took our side:P..hehehe...but hey people seem to have the rong idea of women being weak...yea prolly the say tender cuz physically men find women reeely easy to squeez... but emotinally woman can withstand any problems... which even men would find difficult..prolly dats de biggest beauty of a women -EMOTIONAL STRENGTH-
but fer some reason..i cant seem to compare men and women in case of physical beauty..dey are two different it goes..vry1 has their outlook

but it was good n capturin

Kritik4u said...

I like to object to what u said Diana about women having more emotional strength. How did u come to this conclusion and how can you be so objective about it?

I dont mean to say that women are inferior but surely you just cannot make this assumption without proof :P

Anonymous said...

i dun say stuffs without proof...its scientifically, psychologically etc...proven dat women are emotionally stronger dan men...well and dats how god created us too...v lack physical strength and men emotional..and well its not bout cryin or how u walk on with it...its bout de perspective u look on and the decisions u make..!!

Kritik4u said...

May I repeat! Could you please direct me to the so called proof you talk about? Anything available on the net or any book that I can buy and read which corroborates your claim? What I need is a basis for this claim and how they came to this conclusion.

Kritik4u said...

And I am earnestly Curious about the basis and the proof for this claim. I have heard about this statement being repeated so often and I always wondered .. how did they test it.

Again men being stronger physically is a proven fact because of the faster metabolism which results in lesser stamina.Women have more longevity and stamina because of their slower metabolism. So I am willing to believe it but the emotional case is a bit hard for me to digest just at its face value.

suru said...

who is more attractive.. well i ll depends on what is the definition of being attractive and it varies form person to person and to a great extent when it comes to male and female sex..its all the perspective of thinking what is attractive creates the difference..and for most of us what is mesmerizing..usually what we dont ve.. so male find the softness n tenderness in fe attractive where the opposite sex goes over the masculine features.. thats wat i think..

Curious said...

OK seriously, I see it this way...the so called Homo sapiens are gifted with what is called 'intellect'...and its because of that the so called fairer sex is bisected and disected , and passed as one by the so called "masculine superiors" luckily for the animal kingdom... i dont mean to say they dont have intellect...but surely we must be intelligent enuff to make out that beauty for them has different parameters too!(its just that we humans have the attitude that we r superior and we know it all)...hmmm..guess its time to unlearn a few things!..

Anonymous said...

well first tell me what is ur point in writing this everyone knows this n lets not always look at it from one side of it
theres always a flipside
do u mean to say the entire world is patriarchial its not so
coming to the part where the male species look better than the female
if u check up with sources u might find out that the lion has no job other than mating where as the major deal is done by the lioness so since the reverse is applicable for humans then do u try saying that women r simply sex objects?
beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder well from what u hav described above in ur terms beauty is only skin deep ... u gotta know the human being inside to comment on beauty at all n if this be the psyche of every male then its a sorry state as men amongst humans do not know how to value beauty n such choices only tell us that we are not an evolved species there is an absence of thought in this respect
think about it

Voice said...

curious and anon
my intention was not to make a point on beauty or what is beauty how it is defined and how to measure it. look it in common point of view. i know lion is lazy and lioness does all the work. it is not about intellect either. just a thought...that too not mine,i like this one so sharing it with all of u. in majority of species male is the more colorful, having extra features one [i avoided the term beauty to avoid confusion]. bus itna hi to kehna tha... and btw men n women shud hv equal rights all the luxuries.

Voice said...

thanx for ur comments. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Beauty is very subjective.. like yin and yan. Without the average to compete against, beauty is nothing but proportion. I sometimes imagine a strange world where everyone would look equal. It's only then that we will realize what the real chemistry between two people is!!