Wednesday, February 06, 2008


She is still awake. It is already 3 am. She looks towards Abhay. There is a smile on his face. Is this due to a dream or is he still thinking about her, she wonders. She gets down from the bed as quietly as possible. Abhay shrugs as she tries to pull herself out from his arms and his smile disappears momentarily, but quickly he returns to his blissful state. That smile is too mesmerizing for Jas. She has never felt like that before. She watches Abhay sleeping for some more time then she turns towards the window. The cool summer wind is giving her a gentle shiver. Slowly she picks linen from the hotel floor and wrapped it on her body and hugging herself she starts walking towards the window and pulling her neck up, she allows the breeze to play with her hairs and memories starts clustering her mind. Today is Abhay’s birthday and tonight was her gift to him.

Jas is not her real name. She adopted Jas from Jasvinder, her real name. Right from her adolescence she was aware of her beauty. She never had problems in making friends. Abhay was just a normal character in the college but good in studies. Naturally, Jas was not even aware of Abhay’s existence in the college. After college, Jas felt a pang of reality. With beauty, companies were also looking for qualifications. But in the end she managed to get a decent job. There she met Payal.

Payal was also in her college, studious but not happening, the kind Jas and her gang always target for their pranks. Here, she was Jas’s only acquaintance. So Jas and Payal started spending time together. Payal helped her Jas out with everything leaving behind the pranks of college days. Payal and Abhay were very good friends and may be, Payal was having feeling for him. Abhay immediately recognized Jas and after sometime Jas also realized that Abhay was a nice guy. She thought of stealing Abhay from Payal and this did not turn out to be very difficult as Abhay had a secret crush on Jas in his college days. Deceived and lost, Payal moved to different city and different company leaving Abhay totally for Jas. Jas was used of girls loosing to her. But this time she felt emptiness inside Abhay though she managed to keep him allured by her beauty. Jas had never thought that she would fall for a guy like Abhay and now mere thought of losing Abhay make her desperate. Love do make people better.

So she always tries to make him happy and today she tried whatever she could. She looked towards Abhay again, still sleeping and still smiling. She smiles back but then her face stiffens. Memories of Payal are haunting her today. At this moment she feels a unique connection with her, feels her like sisters. She can feel her pain today. Tears of guilt and sorrow, roll down her cheeks. She knows she has lost Abhay, just like Payal did. Payal lost to Jas’s beauty and this time Jasvinder has lost to Jas’s beauty. She starts crying for herself. Payal has a chance as Jas will not be there everytime but for Jasvinder…. she always have to compete against Jas’s beauty and most probably she will lose everytime.


Shikha said...

who r u? where did u hide bhav?
The tale of enemy within, just how did u understand a female mind so well? always forbidding me to go there :O...

**clap clap**

sumi said...

it makes life complex not only for u but also for i dont think we should even imagine this part of emotion....either ppl should have guts of accepting what they r or they should not just involve ....

Chitrangada said...

nice fiction but kind of dramatic ...u have ability to write simple things with beautiful words but this time its more like "jas"

good one though :)

Anonymous said...

Saale.. kya likha hai bhai..
sun hum apne interview prep ke liye yeh nd a few other blogs from ur site copy karenge... u c mera hobby blogging hai.. nd i want to have a few decent blogs in my arsenal..

Btw i m sure i m like abhay.. i just hope i get my jas very soon :)

Maverick said...

good one.. though I expected a more severe twist in the tale [:)]

Winnie the poohi said...

got to agree.. simple yet strong potrayal of female mind [:)]

Voice said...


thnk u thnk u
i want a lot of movies.. wahi se samajh me aya

and still i m sure no one accepts totally what he or she is becoz no one knows abt himself/herself totally

hehehe jas like =))
everyone loves jas na... payal ki taraf koi dekhta hi nahi :D

haan bhai
i m at ur service any time
anything for u
kitni sari jas tere age peeche ghoom rahi hai
kisi se bithday gift maang le

twist in the tale nahi tha
but i will try to make twist in the tale next time

thnk u

Thnks all for commenting :)

Sudhu said...

Pretty good.. wow!! I always knew u think a lot and more than anything, u observe a lot. But this time you have gone extra mile in actually portraying female mind so beautifully.

Another interesting thing is that the only portrayal of the lead character (Abhay) is his sleeping and smiling.. :D

However I would like to state that the way males perceive women-jealousy and their due importance to beauty is not what holds true for majority of females. There is something more and more complex to it... owing to the fact that these days "sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye" is not all what women can think about :-)

anukampa said...

nice thoughts engraved ina nice piece of bolg... u have started reading a woman's mind..!!!hmm good enough bhav..keep it up...

Anonymous said...

bhau.. sab ke chadhane pe mat jaa..
i m sure the girl u will get
u wont be able to read her mind(totally).. taaki thora thrill bacha rahega...

else i will have to have an affair with her to keep ur married life interesting :)

nd thx for the permissions... :)

Voice said...

thnx :)

Yeah right. woman have now whole of sky


haan yaar
i know
tu mera hawa nikalte rehna beech beech me
waise tu kaun kaun sa copy kar raha hai?

Phoenix said...

Nice. Touchy.

sonik said...

:O what're you doing nowadays??

This was a beauty!!

Rohit Anand said...

isiliye hum comment nahi kiye
fundoo blog par fundoo and deep comments hona chahiye

Anonymous said...

after so many days i was reading yr piece and felt like reading a novel from an accomplished writer..

keep rocking


viper said...

Nice one..

Bidisha said...

Hi Bhav yeh kaise likha hai. Mujhe tum hamesha budhu lage but the great Bhav has this capability of reading female instincts. I am thoroughly plaesed. A very good piece of creation or experience ???

Megha said...

good one:)

Edgar Dantas said...

hey nice blog really enjoyed goin through it really nice post too.I really appreciate it
with regards
edgar dantas

Shivani said...

Nice blog...Saurabh (Kabru/Suru/Muzic Kumar...etc etc) gave me the link to ur blog...gr8 it up.

Take care. :)

Basudeb said...

Really nice . Great linkage in betwen Payal-Jas-Jashbindar..

Keep smiling said...

story must have an has stilllllll much much more to move on....

Anonymous said...

Its not like people like Payal dont get noticed. It depends on WHAT people choose to notice. Most of ur r driven by judging people on their looks. lets b honest. we do that. but what makes us human is the content we carry in us. this piece is sort of real in the sense that it holds true for most of us if we look around things happening to us, our friends. However, I personally find this idea a very superficial one - when people fall in love with the way a person looks like.. their beauty and facade. Cmon, thats not being in live. its just bein gin love "with the idea of falling in love" :)

Anonymous said...

Mere ko to kuch samajh mein hi nahi aaya :(

Niladri said...

Padh liya finally. Kaafi senti tha, achha laga.

I liked that you portrayed both Jas and Payal's inherent goodness. (if I understood your blog correctly)

ritika said...

"hats off" bhav....dis was of the best stories i ever read....but there are very few people who go beyond the physical beauty of the person they love....knowingly or "not so good looking" people are blessed in some way.......

Anonymous said...

There are many jaz's around many such Abhay's:P Loved reading it :)