Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tag # 2

I am thinking about
: Manythings, one of them is how to improve my blog template.

I said: Beware of your wishes, they might be granted.

I want to: Play and run and laugh and scream.

I wish: To make the world a better place to live. [:P hehehehe]

I regret: I do manythings which other might think as waste of time and energy. [Bhagwan dusro ko budhi do :P, aur mujhe sad-budhi]

I hear: PC running and people talking.

I am: an intelligent idiot.

I dance: :O. never

I sing : Almost as good as cacaphonix.

I cry: In the rain.

I am not: You.

I write: Because it is challenging for me.

I confuse: With almost everything.

I need: what everyone else needs, acceptance.

#If you reading this line, you are tagged.



Deepshikha said...

Specially mujhe tag! **grinning**

Oh really? I thought u wished to fall in love :D

So why do u regret it? others do many thing which u think is wasteful, so??

Why only in the rain?

U write because u good at it

:) thanks for breaking ur silence...

Voice said...

love can only make this place better :)

i regret becoz i love some of them :)

i like rain :)

thnx for the encouragement

....R.A.J.A.... said...

'Many' aur 'things' ki shaadi hui hai kya?

chandu said...

You Confuse!!!
I thought its only the TL. :D

You need to change the template as far as i think.

Anonymous said...

sry wrong comment in tht other one.. was meant for this.. yet..

that other was too much to comment..:)

anukampa said...

hmm good try to explain urself...
good to know u know soo many things about urself..[:)].....


Voice said...

haan jee

u r not confused [:P]
i think u r not doing the proper thinking

thnk for commenting :)

dumka said...

well i know why u cry in rain- bcoz know one can see ur tears...
sahi jawab, aur mujhe milte hai 2 crore rupee....

Anonymous said...

good good good....keep it up