Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Adieu 2007

It is said that everyone salutes the rising sun but they are wrong. The title for this blog is ‘Adieu 2007’ and not ‘Welcome 2008’. The sun for 2007 has set (In every corner of Earth). About 37 million heart beats and 5.3 million breathes (we really work hard, just for our survival) accounts for what… one year (2007)… which is gone and in return we have some lawful and unlawful assassinations, people dying every second (and those who are not dead, are busy making this place worse), war for peace, politicians talking and soldiers dying and common folks suffering, jealousy hatred and reality shows. Surprisingly our earth is still standing on its axis.

I don’t know how history will remember 2007. I don’t even know how long this history will remain. Time is so powerful that this vast universe will also perish someday fighting against it.

With each year, month, day … moment we get closer to death, still we celebrate things like ‘New Year’. Try to remember the 1st Jan, 2007. How you hoped, you wished for all happiness and joy but it did not work. It is not supposed to work. Bet! This year would be the same.

So much pain, so much suffering, so much sadness. Then, why there is so much fuss, why we do not accept our fate and wait for the inevitable.

If you try to find the answer you will not succeed. You can only forget this question. Hope… it is a very small and fragile thing to have yet it is the only thing worth having. Whether we wanted this or not but this is our life. Now it is up to us, what we are going to do with it… smile towards it or sulk over it. The darkness is huge, but a ray will do. Even the best of friends will not stay with us forever. We all are on our own here. They can only help if we try. You can always find reasons to be depressed but most of the time it is just lack of our sensibility. I have seen people who have suffered (in true sense) have a more zest and respect towards life.

The sun is rising again. Let’s make every moment count.

Look more towards people who love you than people whom you love. I love you all (atleast i will try to but only together we can succeed.

Welcome 2008


shahid said...

A good read for sure, and you ended on a positive note which I loved most.
After all for whatever may transpire from beginning to between or from between to end. The end should always be good.
The penultimate line "Look more towards people who love you than people whom you love" appeals to me as it should do to all of us without exception, and the last line "I love you all" requires maximum courage to practice, but then I dare not distrust you.
And yes I would rather prefer welcoming 2008 than bidding adieu to 2007.

Archana said...

i love you too :p...
this sounded fresh spring as compared sweet-sugar-syrupy merry-christmas-happy-new-year...

anukampa said...

hmm quiet good....
thanks for loving us all..;)...
wish u a happy new year nad wish all ur drms to come thru...
hope this year the axis of earth tilts a little more with the load of happiness on this earth!!!:)

amit said...

Bhavesh !! gajjab.. aapne jo bhi likha hai wo sahi me real life hai aur jo ki eisi baat nahi hai ki log observe nahi karte hain par wo us sachchai ko accept nahi karna chahte. and still "hope", the panacea to be happy, is the only way, as you described, to cover all your previous sorrows. Aapka ye blog padhke ye feeling aata hai ki Thank God I'm at least alive in this beautiful world to hope good and to enjoy years ahead. And this blog also made me feel that try to enjoy the bad moments also.Lekin ye sab aapko kaise dimaag me aata hai ji ki ye sab ko yadi likh diya jaye to padhne waale ko touch karega..? great observer..

chandu said...

Happy new year :)

Anonymous said...

awesome buddy..got sense n really a thing to contemplate.

Atulaniya said...

good thing.. "hope"

never let thie thing die in you and you will be successful in your each and every endeavour :D

like the line "Look more towards people who love you than people whom you love".....ofc! this is the theme ..if everyone starts following this theme there would be less cases of falling hair because of depression/tension :P

and dude........we all love u too \m/

mask said...

thnk god another wretched year is over.

The Mystic Thug said...

Sexy mann ..
good read ...
keep it up .. :)

and yea ..

i love u too ... ;)

muahahaha .. lol ..


cosmos delight said...

waise bhi hope never dies...
happy new year

Khul ja Simsim said...

Nice bhav,
but atually both the things are equally important...if you remember to say a goodbye its equally valueable to greet the new commers!
I dont know about the mentioned "all" others but I love you too...[:)] (waise bhi, ye sirf ladkiyaan hi likh rahi hain tumhare liye :P)

Voice said...

thnx shahid for this wonderful comment :)

:).. thnx :)

:) happiness is lighter :P
sadness is heavy..

amit jee
gajjab :)
u have more reasons to thank god :)

same to you

thnx buddy

yeh batao we me tumhare sath aur kaun kaun hai ;) ??

how different is this year ;)

itni jor se kyu hasa :))

it dies... [:P]
if u dont feed it, it will die

khul ja
larke bhi likh rahe hai :P
i welcome new commers too... last me to likha na...
HNY :)

Happy New Year to all of you once again

Deeps said...

Its better to light a candle than to curse darkness...
Though I have to admit that this post brings us to face the stark reality facing us, yet I beg to differ, that hope is not a small or fragile thing, its the only thing which has kept the earth on its axis... For every death there is a birth, if its an assassination then it was inevitable in that persons fate... So for all action there is a counter action which betters the one before...

But I truly am humbled that despite your negative reservations, you still have retained ur positive outlook, that again my dear is hope :)

You love all?!? sure? I have my doubts

Happy New Year to u too

Anonymous said...

last year "shit type"F" happened"
this year "shit type"G" may happen"

i guess every year some new type shit will happen.. but as u said dude... i will still keep loving as much as i can..:)

nd i pray that may u realise ur own statement to love the ppl who want to love u..

anon singh

Voice said...

maine khud ko cheer karne ke liye yeh blog likha tha

why u doubt... i cannot love all kya? :P

shit type F and shit type G me kuchh contribution hamara bhi hoga
tu happy raha kar
waise bhi ek week me sayad tera kismar khulne wala hai

meena said...

Err hope keeps us alive isnt it?

its this hope that makes us to welcome new year :D :D

Deepshikha said...

cheer huye?? :-o

No am convinced u cannot love all

Voice said...


:D welcome 2008 and its a leap year

haan ho gaya
kaise u r convinced? :O

thnx for commenting

Anonymous said...

abe ek week me mera kismat khulne kaise wala hai..??

ohhh i got it...

wo to long term impact hoga.. nd either way i will assume ki kismat khula hi hai :)

Minu Shankar said...

good read......

ritika said...

it was very demoralizing.....u better write something positive

Bhawna said...

'(atleast i will try to but only together we can succeed.'.. i have not read a more beautiful line in ages.. hats off..