Monday, May 04, 2009


Sorry for such long pause. I will be regular from now and also my daily blog will be updated regularly. And yes, all characters in this blog are are fictional. Any resemblance can be intentional but I will not take any responsibility. Enjoy and please leave your comments.

Sumita entered the room and she heard Dhruv saying “Why does she always do that?”
“What happened?” She asked.
Saurabh replied to Sumi “They had a fight”.
“Again!!” Sumi replied with a grin.

“I am so disturbed and you are making fun of the situation” Dhruv said and he seemed to be bit annoyed.

“Ok sorry. What you did this time to make Nidhi angry?” asked Sumi, trying to hide her smile with false seriousness.
“I did NOTHING” “Ok may be I forgot our anniversary.”
“No. Our first meet anniversary.”
“Dude, why don’t you keep alerts on your mobile or something” snapped Saurabh and immediately looked towards Sumi and said “I don’t keep alerts.”
Sumi said with a smile, “It’s ok and I have all your passwords.”

“Guys, we are discussing my problem, and I did set and alert on my mobile phone. In the office I saw the alert and I made of note and put it in the drawer, but then I got busy and there was so much work today. In the evening I just forgot about the note and all. Finally I reached home at 10 pm”

Saurabh said “..and Nidhi didn’t open the door.”

“Yeah” replied Dhruv. He was sad and down with guilt. He continued in a low voice “Guys, I really love her. I don’t go to my favorite restaurant any more because she doesn’t like it. Sometime I watch soaps instead of match. I never complain about her endless shopping. I gave up so many of my favorite things for her. Sometime I miss doing those stuffs but then I think she is more important. I wish she ..”

Sumi, took Dhruv hand in her hand and replied softly “We all know you love her. Nidhi also knows that. Just that she also gets irritated when she misses her favorite thing”

“And what is that..”

“You”. She replied. “spending time with you, shopping with you and watching soap with you.”

Dhruv looked puzzled for a minute and then he rushed towards the door. He just said “Guys I have to go, and … Thanks guys especially you Sumi.”

“No problem and good night buddy”.

Dhruv left the apartment rushed down the stairs and as he headed towards his own apartment he knew what he had to do. He knew though someone was angry , she was still waiting for him, very eagerly.


sumi said...

why did u use my name?....badmash :X

Voice said...

ushka naam sumita tha... to short me log kya kahenge :P

Deepshikha said...

:) Long breaks make u write better!!!

But mujhe thora abrupt laga, thora time humare saath bhi spend karo ;-)

Avinash singh said...

hmmm nice one... too gd... especially that part of being angry..

use of sumita.. intentional nd i think se shd be happy abt it.. itna intelligent comment jo diya usne

use of suru. intentional.. sacrifice

use of dhruv.. as usual intentional.. dhruv deserves love..

use of nidhi... hmmm... intentional.. only because u love the name...

nd use of forgetting dates of first meet... highly intentional.. girls are so full of it.. :)


Voice said...

So u want me to take long breaks :O

abrupt.. hmm may be
Thanks for the comment

Voice said...

Thanks :)

all correct. after all u know me so well :)

shahid said...

well i got nothing to comment :(

the very exact things i had to say, avi said that already .. in almost the same way i would have said :x

Waise i had this thought too for quite some time now. Good that you made a story out of it :).

Yashu.K said...
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Avinash singh said...


sorry yaar.. but kya kare.. it deserved that treatment.. :)

@bhau.. all ur frends are so smart.. hmmm... mast..

Yashu.K said...

i wish "he" had such good friends who'd advice him :P :P
n i wish he had listen to them even if they had adviced :P lol :D

smething i went thru... well written bhavesh! keep writing!

Deepshikha said...

Arrey Nahi, breaks mat lo, hum thora kharab likha hua se chala lenge ;-)
Waise bhi 2 more posts due, aur abrupt kyunki I wanted to read more of it.

Gopal said...

mast hai .. lekin last mein kya hua samajh mein nahi aaya :P ...

Voice said...

u also know me well ...

u can write abt ur thought in ur own style..

yeah.. bus main hi buddhu hu :(

thanks ... keep reading

hmmm... not so good standard bhi maintain karna mushkil hai :) but I will try

Voice said...

last me to mere samajh me bhi nhi aa raha tha but then I thought log kuchh na kuchh matlab nikal hi lenge :)

Avinash singh said...

@bhau nd all

i thought that last me that guy,dhruv realised ki nidhi's anger is sumthing that shows how much she loves him... nd wants to be with him.. can explain it.. but it makes perfect sense..

dhruv is intelligent and the most interesting guy, coz he can c thru things that others cant nd can pen it down..

Rohit Anand said...

publish more such posts and keep a one line learning in bold letters.

sonik said...

nice post :) what're you upto? studying women closely or what? and achha hua disclaimer daal diya :)

Biswa said...

nice blog..It may me fictional, but quite true in the modern world.

saurabh said...

mere ko to wo sara blog acha lagega jismein tum saurabh aur sumi ka couple banaoge... v nice

once again.. thanks for the sacrifice.. japani gudia k liye bhi karo sacrifice to koi baat hai :)

Maverick said...

Hmmmm... main thoda late aaya discussion mein.. most of what i'd have said has been said already by junta. good blog.. you are improving with time... and your understanding of how girls think and behave is quite impressive. seems you are on your way to know the answer of the eternal question,"what women want?".
waise itna insight kahan se laate ho?


Maverick said...

btw your post inspired me to revive my blog. Do read it at

mohan said...

finish up the sequel. such happy endings are uncommon.

Anonymous said...

welcome back again! Its your habit nowadays u keep people on waiting list for new blog post.

par kehte hai ant bhala toh sab bhala :)
You came up with nice concept .

Atleast girls know the importance of dates ...they know how to celebrate not so imp day as a special day and most imp thing sometime it necessary to show your love affection towards your beloved one.

One thing proved Girl's memory power is much more thn guys :D


Voice said...

thanks for ur explanation ;)

so that tum woh ek line padh kar nikal lo :P

thanks. studying women, i wont even dare


theek hai.. ab tum dono ko hit couple bana denge apne blog me

movies dekh kar ya fir aas paas ke committed logo ko dekh kar hi insight milta hai

there are no endings in real life

No I will be regular from now. Yes it is necessary to show affection and it goes both ways.

Raju said...

Sumi ka woh line to mast tha.. Eye opener.. Maine to us line par amal karne ki thaan li hai..

Good post bhav.. Short and Inspiring ..

Waise tum ne ladkiyo par phD kar li hai.. :P

kosha said...

Lagta hai I need to talk to u :D

Awesome post...n u understand us so well...tht I have some doubts ;-) :P

Voice said...

PhD kahe ka.. larkia to mere liye unknown territory hai. btw, thanks for your encouragement

chalo isi bahane sahi..
chahe kuchh bhi ho jaye.. log doubt karna nahi chhorenge :)

Madhurima said...

Really Nice one Bhav.. worth the wait!

Avinash singh said...


i believe in making every day special.. nd many a times girls are so much focussed on doing something special on certain occassions that they forget that may be some one just wants to relive that day nd talk... nd create a new day in itself..

Voice said...

Thanks :)

sahi bola. Both have to try to make each other and their own life special.

Anonymous said...

@Avinash Singh

girls are so much focussed on doing something specialOhh !! This criteria sometime err most of the time suit with guys .

I think guys need to think better excuse for next time :)

vineet said...

Yaar... ladke kitne bechare types ho jate hain :)

vineet said...
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anukampa said...

Nice one bhav..good to know that you are improving in understanding women!!!


Anonymous said...

woww....u know "her" so well :)

keep it up!

Voice said...

true :(

understanding is not enough. btw thanks

who are u... btw thanks but there is no 'her'

Poulami said...

bhav ...this is an excellent short story that has a very wider & bigger inner meaning....& now i am sure Bhav ..u will b a vry good lover & a good husband too....

Voice said...

Polo di
thanks :)

Avinash singh said...


bhau ab to test ka time aa hi gaya hai.. jaldi se bhabhi ji ko patao... nd then hum log unhi se puch lenge. ki kitne acche ho tum unko samajhne mein..

waise i m sure she will be so diff than other girls.. ki tu usko samajh nahi paayega...

Winnie the poohi said...

Oye! the last time I checked there were no updates!

Its a beautifully sweet story!!

Aww bhav your future gf/wife will be quite happy with you!

You are so sensitive to girls need :)

Voice said...

humko koi test nahi dena [-(

probably u were seeing the old page.
Thanks :)

Prakhar said...

good one bhav...sweet nd romantic!

i doubt Soaps nd Shoppin me saath ki koi jarurat hoti hai :P

so 4th of May...first meet anniversary!! hmmm...

Maverick said...

what happened to your promise of regularly updating the blog.

ritika gupta said...

well this was the first blog i ever read in mah life nd must say they r good to read........this one was good...wen two people spend time together...they make beautiful moments which cud be cherished throughout life....nd u plz stop depicting gals as shopoholics and daily soap maniacs........