Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Larki Kyun?...

I also think about it sometimes… (Ok! more than sometime). The thing which amazes me most is that girls think all men, barring their dad, brothers and boyfriends (only current one, ex is the biggest dog); are dog, mean and bas$#@#$. How it can be true because all men are dad, brothers, bfs of some girl. After giving it some thought I come up with two theories which may explain this paradox.
1. They tend to overlook faults of their dad, son, brothers, bfs. (Which will eventually lead to the corollary that all men are really dog mean and bas$#@#$.)
2. Natural defense. Fear is the natural defense. Like we fear all snakes although most of us know that only 5% of the snakes are poisonous and hence dangerous. This is for our own safety because we cannot differentiate between a poisonous and non-poisonous one.

Great scholars have unanimously concluded “No one can understand girls”. Being a mortal, I will not even dare to decipher them. Plus, I studied in boys school and almost all boys colleges. So I am not qualified enough to do so.
I use humorous lines against girls that is only because I find them funny and most of the time they are applicable to both. …just change “she” with “he”. Let me tell you about some girls I know.

She is cuteness personified. She is so pretty that even girls are having crushes on her. She got the best smile in the college. She has got more than 7 shades of nail polish/lipsticks and countless earrings. She is beautiful and she is smart. She is adored by her friends. But she is not only about looks.

She is delicate yet tough enough to challenge guys for bike races. She is the best amateur blog writer I know (she is better than many pros). She can fly plane. She can play guitar. She won many painting competitions (one of her painting is displayed at local zoo). She know Japanese better than Japanese and hindi (may be :D) better than me. She plays football for India (represents Indian team). She is a total genetic freak (crazy about her subject… genetics). From her you should expect the unexpected.

She is so talented yet she is banvri (bawari). Sometime she acts crazy. When she spilt some cheese salt on her dress, she literally ran away (although it was not so noticeable). Oh! She calls the small pond near our office, Mansarovar. She likes solving silly puzzles in train. Her voice is like a kid and loves to prank and to be pampered. She plays Unreal/Quake and jumbles on DC++ too. And she liked “Jab We Met” so much that she has watched this movie several times in multiplexes, ALONE.
She is girl with many avatars and names, truly like Mohmaya. She sings well. She is like basanti of sholay (kyu thik shik hai na). She is little slow in typing but very very fast in bak bak aur kya bolti hai… She got more than 32k scraps in orkut. And she is very moody. She is busy like managers. In short she is like pappu and she can dance too (she is yet to show the proofs; her dancing pics). And she is kind enough to gift me lollypops.

Ofcourse, all shes’ are not the same ‘she’. They all are different but common in one sense; They are all special. All the best to all of you. And the two very special girls , I know, have one more thing in common. They, both celebrated their birthday yesterday (29th September).


Rohit Anand said...

happy birthday to both of them.
now who is the one i don't know?

do they really think all men are &^*$&^%*? there might be some more sensible girls.
in finance there is a concept of Value at Risk. you take like the worst case scenario expected from the person based on your assumptions, or history, or some reference. something similar applies here maybe!

sumi said...

hahahahaha......yeh kya hat!!!!.....i recognised me & sonik.....now pls list others....& with whom i share birthday [:P]

Vishal said...

first para was great .. :D


Winnie the poohi said...


I dont think men r dogs beh.. only that.. men can b turned into one by the right female :D

long time eh?

Was worth the wait!

anukampa said...

hmm lot of mindreading going on bhav..well its a cute one..par sari ladkiyon ka naam toh bata..

Avinash singh said...

amazing,.. nd i think in general u have touched the beauties of all type of girls..

but idea to fundoooooo hai....

Deepshikha said...
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Voice said...

no i dont think so because i know it is otherwise.

naam me kya rakha hai rohit
you did great dear
u scored 200%

Voice said...

i read other paras are bad [:D]
thanks yaar...

don't wait yaar... I am not good.
thanks :)

Vishal said...

bhav boss ..
please dont read what is not written in my comment .. :P ;)


Voice said...

mind reading :O
meri itni capability kaha

thanks dear
waise yeh to tera pyar hai
warna itna achha bhi nahi hai

no comments :)
how u r sure that i have crush on someone?
pehle yeh answer do fir main bataunga mera kitne pe crush hai

Deepshikha said...

dekho yeh post ek hi karan se likha jaa sakta hain, when u want to describe or praise a gal u like, and since you cdnt do it just for her, you made a post out of it;)
Now the name, or shall i start guessing?

Deepshikha said...

Yeah yeah yeah, its actually that men have such small intellectual resources, that they always think one thing... ;-) So don't try and venture into our mind, its a scary place for u resource less ppl!!! :P

Who are the females here?? (read whose the gal u have a crush on, out of all these females...)

Am still surprised I figure in this list :)

Khul ja Simsim said...

thanx bhav....there are ppl who keep there promises(and yes...even after complete one year!!)
...aur mere ko to maine pehchan liya but who's the one sharing my paragraph with me without my permission?
...mast tha...lekin i m pretty curious to get introduced with the other beautiful Ladies in the Town...!

Megha said...

No comment on 1st para :)

benaam list bana ke rekhi hai...naam toh disclose karna chayee .

waise many happy returns of the day to both the lovely girls who celebrate her bday yday :))

Biswa said...

gr8 blog.... u really touched the good attributes of various girls.. i guess I know the names of some of them .. :P.. baaki tere se pata karna hai :)..

liked this blog very much.. and blogging skills have vastly improved.. u r no more an amateur :)

Rishter Shigur said...

bhavananda...this is undoubtedly the best one which i have read so far....very lucid and excellent composition of thoughts...u have essentially captured the pathos of a broken heart...

....R.A.J.A.... said...


Voice said...

achha idea hai but aisa to tab karunga jab koi hogi waisi
abhi mat guess karo

khul ja
welcome... welcome
dekha kitna pakka hu main wade ka
tum to bahut se mil bhi chuki ho

mujhe to ushpe bhi comment chahiye
naam kaise disclose kar du
tumhe apna naam pata hai na

Voice said...

rishi da
thanks thanks :P
wahi to
humare smile ke peeche kitne gum chhupe hai yeh koi dekhta hi nahi... rather samjhta hi nhi hai :P

tu comment kia :O
lagta hai office me kuchh bhi kaam nahi tha tere ko
thanks btw,

why so surprised?

Banvri said...


Voice said...

katil smile :P

thanks yaar
main to aise hi tang kheech raha tha

Numero Uno said...

nice one and i totally agree with ur first para

Dog said...

Your best blog till date, the most creative yet, IMHO.

Aur saare 'beautiful ladies' pe ek saath line maar raha hai?

Voice said...

thanks :)

hi dog
who are you sir

sonik said...

Just like you find all girls incomprehensible, similarly they find all men bas@@@@s(and btw dogs are cute):P :D glad to see myself included in this list :)

Yashu.K said...

@everyone :P
bhavesh doesnt need comments in his blog anymore!!

so do visit mine n comment thr :P :D


Thanks :)

Canary said...

I thought this was a rant against women when i started reading, but thankfully it wasn't! :P

hope its ok if i just flew by for some random blog reading?

KK said...

Bhav.....Its Fav....

Ritesh Saurabh said...

"But she is not only about looks."

"She know Japanese better than Japanese and hindi (may be :D) better than me."

"From her you should expect the unexpected."

"she is yet to show the proofs; her dancing pics."

i seriously looked for some mistakes. :P :P

u started with one issue, gave two theories and ended up admiring gals. i got confused. i thought...u will give detailed anlaysis of issue rather than u wrote ur admiration. ;)

Voice said...


I saw this comment today...grr

Thanks for dropping by.

thanks dude

Voice said...

thanks for pointing the mistakes... dude
You are most welcome...

The theories were self explanatory. Sorry I left u confused but this blog was meant only for admiring the special girls i know :)

moon's muse said...

hehehehe..ur right about that analogy..we can't differentiate between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes,so must have our defenses set up at all times!
ha!dnt even bother understanding girls..just be a little nice.

Voice said...

I will try.. :)

Ritesh Saurabh said...

hope..next time u write for boys too... :P :P :P

u can see...half of comments are written by boys . lol

rain girl said...

why women tend to think that all men are ^%@#@$???

you said it - we don't know who's dangerous and who's not. better be safe than sorry.

but then, if you want to change the perception, men in general have to change. only then, women will start looking at them with more respect.

- nice template you have.

ritika said...

i just know one thing..........."GIRLS ARE SPECIAL"...thats it...this blog was really good...wen i was reading it ..i felt beautiful nd proud being a gal.........

Nimesh said...

first para had a good analysis! i can understand the jugular Venn of it :)

exotic_dew@yahoo.co.in said...

i loved d concept of dis post pretty much.. every ladki described in a unique way.. loved d read!!

Bhawna said...

i have a better title for this post.. 'The King and his Women'. :) Its a beautiful post.